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11 days ago

Beautiful place to sit and have a picnic or take a peaceful walk. Family friendly with a chalkboard wall under one of the bridges. Kids loved it! Nice little day out with family.

Fun easy hike. Lots of signs to tell you about the wildlife and foliage in the area. A short portion of the hike takes you down by the water and a giant house. Looks like there are some smaller trails to explore as well.

Such a pleasant experience

1 month ago

Great over look trail

Easy but busy. I do this one a lot with my pup during the week and you’ll see tons of people on it. It’s well kept but noisy since it’s right next to a major road. Not a hike, just a place to go for an everyday walk.

2 months ago

Very easy stroll. We missed the bugs by going in the fall but this place has eaten us alive before. This area of the greenbelt offers a great forested feel inside the city.

Nice paved walking path with added new lights. watch out for the Frisbees though. The course crosses the path several times.

3 months ago

Pros: Very accessible, borders the Spokane river, little incline Cons: Can get crowded, potential water danger on parts of trail
I have done this trail a few times through the years I have lived in the region and it is certainly a great spot to take a dog, or kids. You can fish in certain parts of the river, but it is important to recognize the dangers apparent in recreating in river water, especially at high flow in spring time. Also, Cougars have been reportedly spotted in the area, so one is wise to watch for signs that may signify animal activity.
3/5 stars

4 months ago

making it a tradition for September. Great trip to Troy & back. Awesome dinner at Sangria Grille !

Good long walk!

Beautiful views, easy

road biking
4 months ago

Well-maintained bike trail from Moscow to Troy.
Great for a there and back ride!

We walked this trail with our kids (ages 2-8) and they all enjoyed it. The trail was fully paved, so even though some of us were wearing sandals (that’s bad, I know, but we stopped on a whim

"Moderate"??? Worst is a 130' climb in 4/10 of a mile. Coming back is the same 130', but over 9/10 of a mile, so more gentle. Otherwise mostly flat.

Be wary of sight-seeing tourists and locals walking their dogs/baby strollers. I've never found the trail busy, but that might be because of the hours I ride it.

Unexpectedly beautiful scenery, lots of places to swim, paved trail to Spokane River, several other dirt trails.Loved it!

Part of the greater North Idaho Centennial Trail, it gives a nice view of the lake. It does get a little crowded and there is one hill that might stop you, but still worth the ride.

Worth the walk if you need to stretch your legs or use the bathroom but not worth a special trip. Short paved trails with informational signs.

very kid friendly nature walk

on Canyon Rim Trail

trail running
5 months ago

Paved trail, but unbelievably gorgeous views, especially at sunrise and sunset. Flat and straightforward, but such a unique experience running alongside a canyon ridge so high up. Highly recommended if you are in the area and want an easy run/bike/walk with awesome views.

The half mile loop is marked with blue painted poles. There is no clear trail. Be sure to bring leather boots, the lava will tear up shoes. There are lots of fissure to jump over, some fairly deep. This is close to my home, so I’ve been maybe 6 times, and each time it looks different. If it is clear, you’ll have nice views of the buttes and snow capped mountains (about 9 months per year). I hiked the loop June 9th this year, and the cacti were in bloom. That was a first!

Asphalt trail that wraps around and through houses in some places. It’s a great trail, but is more for biking or for locals to enjoy an evening stroll.

Super pretty, kid, stroller and dog friendly. Lots of wildflowers and great views of Henry’s Fork. Great for trail running or a family walk/bike ride with kids.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Rode this again this morning after work. The best part of this trail is once you get to the park in Troy, go across the highway and the bike path continues for another 5ish miles toward Kendrick. Beautiful scenery.

7 months ago

So bug infested and it’s really just a greenbelt paved path. There’s nothing hike like about it.

7 months ago

Nice path to ride bikes with kids on. Lots of birds & follows Indian Creek. Will be back

This trail is found at a rest stop in Idaho. If stopping off here, do a quick walk… It’ll take you 10 to 15 minutes but really it’s just a time killer while everybody else goes to the bathroom at this rest stop. I mean, it’s better than playing Solitaire on your cell phone while you’re waiting so go out and explore and learn something about lava formations.

7 months ago

We walked about 2-3 miles to Shoshone Falls. Wide paved trail. There are a few small hills to tackle. We took some great pictures of the falls.

Not a hiking trail! It’s a paved bike path with no shade. The picture on the app is not what you’ll see!

8 months ago

Very nice off-road paved bicycle trail.
Expect to see lots of joggers and cyclists.

Easy select your mileage walk when you are over visiting WSU.

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