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13 hours ago

From a somewhat novice, but enthusiastic hiker:

The driving directions provided took me right to the start of the trail on the map. I thought it was a very pretty hike overall. I have no sense of direction, so I made sure my phone was charged, so I could stick to the map. The GPS totally ate up my battery...started out at 85% and by the time I hit the spot where you move from Corral’s to Bob’s trail, my battery was down to 10%. It was a little confusing which sign went to which trail at that point and I ended up having to backtrack a bit. Not going to lie...I was a little terrified at that point and felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere...luckily, I very kind couple, who knew the trail system well looked at my map for me and told me that I was, indeed, now on Bob’s Trail, which would end at a culdesac in a subdivision. Highlands trail starts there and if I took that trail and stayed left at every opportunity, I should make it back to my starting point on the map. It almost worked...following those directions, I was almost murdered by a mountain biker, traversed up a slightly heartbreaking zigzag of trail up to the top of a ridge (which seemed never-ending enough, that it caused me to start rationing the trail mix), where I could finally see the parking lot where my car was, but could not figure out how to get to it...so I hiked down to the parking for another trailhead and hiked up/down Bogus Basin Road to the lot where my car was parked...very pretty, nice hike...slightly heartbreaking at the end....glad I wore waterproof hiking boots...would’ve twisted my ankle a few times had I not worn mids and had to cross a stream somewhere around 6 times. The climbs are not as steep as Table Rock...

04/18/2018-We started at Crestwood Court. The trail was in good shape. Two blow downs right before the Big Tree. Shortly after Big Tree the snow got very deep and numerous blow downs. We couldn’t make it to the Forrest service road to go up to the tower. Other hikers reported moose and bear on the trail past Big Tree. Still, we were able to hike 3.4 miles and gain 1,000 feet in elevation.

A calming way to end a day. I did it straight from work wearing rain boots and had no issues.

1 day ago

Great view of the city!

Kids love this hike!

3 days ago

the creek is nice and warm!

nice easy hike with great view
some blind spot on cyclist.

their is still 1-3 feet of snow on the trail most of the way. it was compact enough to stay on top of it (most the time) without falling through. I would wait at least a month if you don't want to deal with the snow.

on Cress Creek Trail

4 days ago

Very easy, to the point of being kind of boring.

4 days ago

We hiked up to the second lake, took a swim, and hiked back out. There is a shuttle from the lodge that will take you across and I think you can just hike straight up or down if you want a round trip. Check the map.

We went during beautiful wildflowers season. The path was lined with flowers in certain areas. Super beautiful.

Super quiet. We plan on doing this hike again this summer!

our family has hiked here a few times and love it. my two sons 3 and 7 do great, note we are avid hikers.

Great for kids! Short & sweet! Opportunities for more hiking if desired up & around the canyon!

was wonderful today, April 9th. good ups and downs, enough challenge mixed with some moments of decent to get your breath back. very beautiful!

very cool

6 days ago

Cool hike

My fiancé and I hiked this trail yesterday and we loved it. Even though we hit snow halfway up the mountain the view from the summit was well worth it and the dogs had a blast too!

mountain biking
7 days ago

Great path that is paved and follows the river.

The falls are great and the trail is alright. Highlight of this Greenbelt is the garden on the rock just south of the Broadway bridge.

Loved the hike! only complaint was the dog poop on the beginning of the trail. Definitely coming back though!

Great little busy spot, excellent for kids. Little park is great, plenty to see and do. A perfect young family spot.

Steep accent, sandy in places but a varied hike. There are Three trails to choose from on accent. One is to the left of the main trail access and is appreciated by those who want a leg workout since it is all sand. Once on top, you can choose to go left or right around the ring and have a different adventure either way. To the left you find many ways to trek over rocky formations, to the right is a wonderful wind bowl that is amazing to boulder around! Then there is the middle trail that gives you a closer look at the geological wonders of the Butte. I’ve hiked this trail about 20 times and it is different every time I go! I’ve taken teens and children and if they are persistent and you go slower for them it is a great adventure and easy to get to.

Excellent trails for hiking along the creek. It's really well maintained by officials and citizens alike and very clean. I didn't see a single bit of trash the entire time. The bridges are amazing and very nice. Pocatello is a gem for things like this and it's nice to explore a trail so nicely put together.

Loved this trail! It was super easy to follow, and me and my dogs really enjoyed it. We will be back soon! :)

9 days ago

Great trail!

Fun and easy family hike. Lots of places for the kiddos to explore and a little pond for them to swim when it’s hot out. There is a small stream crossing but they have laid it out so it is easy to cross without getting wet.

beautiful scenery and very easy. accessible walk. if you choose, there's a steep incline that reaches a cluster of boulders which is a great vantage point for viewing the river.

Great trail and views! Looking forward to returning on a less rainy, muddy day.

Beautiful views of the canyon and waterfall.

I love this hike! It might say 3 miles, but there are multiple trails to pick from and you can easily hike more. However, it says primarily used for hiking, I've got to disagree. I've run across more people on dirt bikes than fellow hikers, so definitely expect some. Supposedly there is supposed to be a "haunted" cabin somewhere near one the trails, however I have yet to find it, granted I haven't done much research on the location of the cabin.

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