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12 days ago

Beautiful place to sit and have a picnic or take a peaceful walk. Family friendly with a chalkboard wall under one of the bridges. Kids loved it! Nice little day out with family.

Not much of a trail for part and then no trail for the other half. Definitely don’t bring kids as they can easily slide off the very narrow trail if it is slick. It seems like most of the area for hiking is actually a frisbee golf course.

Nice hike. Lots of dog walkers.

Such a pleasant experience

Awesome!! Cold but was amazing.

3 months ago

This was such a beautiful trail! It is a gorgeous Loop and is a very easy hike. Would be great to bring your kids or dogs. So pretty will be returning soon! :)

Nice paved walking path with added new lights. watch out for the Frisbees though. The course crosses the path several times.

Nice easy trail thru the woods. It is muddy early spring, but great later in the season. Plenty of wildlife signs. Watch out for bear and moose in this area.

paddle sports
3 months ago

This is not a hiking trail. This is a canoe or kayak route. Best to do this some time between late spring and late summer. I did this in mid-August, and the water level was almost too low. Be advised that the current is strong enough that you might consider having a pickup strategy downstream, rather than trying to fight the current back.

We tackled the trail on mountain bikes with the family and it was great! The way in was challenging and rocky at times, (especially for the 9 year old) it was a great workout for sure. The enchanting woods and well kept trail transformed our Sunday afternoon into lasting family memories

on Round Lake Trail

4 months ago

Nice flat trail! Very quiet!

Nice trail with good views

5 months ago

This is a kayak/canoe/float - NOT A HIKE! Accessible May - Mid/Late July. At end of July expect to walk your raft through shallow/sandbar spots.

great trail to walk and take pictures

This was a very pleasant hike after a long drive up the Middle Fork Road. There are a lot of dirt bikes, ATV's, UTV's on the lower part of the road. Once you start to climb, they pretty much disappear. The hike first passes by Boiling Springs. The day was much too hot to stop here. There is no shade and no way to cool the hot pools. probably fantastic in cold weather! The trail follows the river and is shaded much of the way. We stopped at Moon Dipper hot springs. Our timing was just right, as we had the pools to ourselves. We heard they were very crowded earlier. The water temp was nice, but required some periodic swirling to keep it that way. Pine Burl hot spring was just around the bend, but we did not visit this time!

A walk in the woods. Not a big elevation change so there is no excuse to not go. Bring water and a light snack to enjoy when you get to the upper lake. Be alert for moose & bear, make sure to give a few claps to make yourself known from time to time. This is one of our favs in the area and a must if you’re here.

Trail is an easy 6 miles to Navigation through heavy timber. Lots of game sign along the way. Mid week there were several other campers at both Plowboy and Navigation, but there are a lot of tent sites and a few picnic tables at both camping areas. Bring 100% deet because the mosquitoes are voracious the whole way. I should also mention the lake and views are gorgeous and easily worth the trip. Due to the ease of access both by trail and by canoe/kayak don't expect seclusion.
If you are feeling adventurous, there is a trail that goes from Navigation up to the old lookout site. It's 3 miles up up up a fairly difficult trail. On a clear day the views from the old lookout site are spectacular. It's possible to camp there but bring water, or collect some back at the small tributary to Deadman creek (in June it was running swiftly with a small falls, at about 1.5 miles up). There was a fair amount of blow down in the trail and more on the less traveled 3 miles back down through the timber on the other side (also moderately difficult) which leads you to FS RD 1341 where you will find a decent camping area with plenty of water available, or continue on and hike the easy 3 road miles back to Beaver creek campground. I recommend shuttling a vehicle to that end of the trail instead of walking the road.

We hiked this heavily treed trail today and considered it to be an easy trial for the entire family, if you don’t go all the way to the Navigation camp-sites at the end of the trail. Differing mileage count among some of the hikers we met along the way. Weather was perfect for a casual day hike. We saw evidence of wildlife and laid eyes on a female pheasant with chicks. With recent rainstorms and a fair amount of muddy patches along the trail, the mosquitoes were voraciously attacking us throughout the entire hike (come prepared). Some nice views of upper Priest lake through the trees and at the Plowman camp-sites, although I’d have preferred a sub-alpine/alpine lake hike to this.

7 months ago

Nice path to ride bikes with kids on. Lots of birds & follows Indian Creek. Will be back

7 months ago

This was a great trail for us on this beautiful day in June. The daytime temp was 79 degrees and no clouds in site. A good thing considering the road out to the trailhead would be impassable in our rear-wheel drive, high clearance van in a fair amount of rain. There are a lot of rocks and uneven places to slow you down. The van was rockin'. Our last trail hike was in southern Utah with the hoards of people in the national parks so this was a welcome change from that. It looked like no one had been out there in weeks.

The trip down is steep but not bad. It looks ominous but as long as you pay attention you should be good. Once we got to the river there was a cool breeze. Big rocks in the river offer a place to soak the feet and look for wildlife. As other reviews warned, there was a lot of poison ivy. There is not much room to move around and the water was still fairly high. On the way out we did see a snake but after checking we think it was a gopher snake. All in all it was a difficult hike but very doable in 3 hours. The perfect conditions helped to with the hike and the drive in. We look forward to doing it again.

great, easy hike for family over slightly varied terrian. bugs weren't bad at all. saw an eagle and turtle. carried my 5 month old. friends 3 year-old made it the whole 1.8 mile loop and only tripped a few times. lots of people fishing. water not a bad temp. Looking forward to a return.

7 months ago

Very Nice lake to visit. There is three hiking trails and an additional biking trail. We hiked the Trapper trail. We had 2 toddlers and a 7 year old. The younger toddler needed to be carried for about half of the hike because of the rough terrain. Definitely not stroller friendly. The Trapper Trail is 1.8 miles long and the trail head says the Stewardship Trail is 3 miles. The Swamp Tromp Trail looks really short.

my wife and I did the hike during the week, and nobody else up there. easy hike for beginners. we saw lots of deer, heard elk, signs of bears.also it's more like 6 miles there from the Bear Creek trail head.

Backpacked in to Navigation campsite. Didn’t see anyone on the way except two dudes at the campsite. Saw lots of bear, elk, wolf sign but didn’t see anything. I would consider this trail a heavily traveled trail and difficulty level easy. We probably saw a few dozen people on our way out in Saturday. Granted it was memorial weekend. Beautiful area though.

Took a group of 7 on this trail before Memorial Day. Awesome hike, tons to see. The water level was really high at Plowboy so we kept going on to navigation trail. One other group was camping there. Nice outhouses and fire pits to use.
There was plenty of bear markings along the trail: fur patches, footprints, scat and a dead moose, but NO bears seen.

easy peaceful walk

I hiked this trail in May 2017 and there was still snow in some places. Due to the very snowy winter, the river was running very high and had washed out a portion of the trail. I'm not sure if it has been fixed since, but it is possible to hike up and around it safely. The hot springs on Dash Creek near the end of the trail were also washed over due to high water, but Boiling Springs near the trailhead was accessible. The trailhead shares a parking lot with Boiling Springs Campground, which is accessed by Middle Fork Road, which gets rough in some places. The scenery is very beautiful and the hike is very moderate.

8 months ago

This is the only trail I know that goes to the bottom of Bruneau Canyon. From the overlook, it is another 20 miles or so on a very rough dirt road - only high clearance vehicles should attempt it. The trail itself is mostly well-managed, although one section was washed out and required some moderate scrambling when I hiked it in August of 2017. The trail switchbacks down the east side of the canyon down to the river. Be careful around the river, as poison ivy grows abundantly. If you scramble over the rocks to your left at the bottom, you can wade into the shallow part of the river and further up the canyon. Schools of red band trout are prevalent in the warm waters.

on Round Lake Trail

8 months ago

There were a few trails available once you arrived at Round lake that weren’t a part of AllTrails maps- we ended up going farther than the map says- there are some great views and a few bridges to cross - towards the end it was a bit muddy but it wasn’t too hard to avoid- I can see it getting pretty flooded if it was raining but we were lucky to have beautiful weather! Recommend for families or a walk with your pup !

8 months ago

it was beautiful although areas were flooded so we didnt get to go all the way around the lake i plan on coming back when it dries up more

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