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16 hours ago

Went on 07/12/2018 and it was a great hike right next to Redfish Lake. Go for a hike and cool off at the lake afterwards. Wonderful views check out my posted pictures to see. Highly recommended

21 hours ago

Quick hike, not a lot of traffic, great views of the Boise forest and distant mountains!

Hiked this morning, July 15, moderate difficulty. Good shade throughout. May want to wear a pair of light pants and a good portion of the trail has thistle growing at the edge of a narrow path: I had shorts on and was poked a bit but not horribly. Few spots on the end where the steep decent along with fine gravel makes things a bit greasy. Good overall experience

This trail is ALMOST an EASY... the last .3 of a mile gets REALLY STEEP! That’s the only downside! About 60% of the trail was shaded by the trees. The creek was always babbling next to you and some of the views are stunning. ALMOST as advertised... be aware beginners that the ending may surprise you.

Beautiful hike! Pristine blue water. Amazing!

Be careful though: The poison oak is plentiful and impossible to avoid on the trail.

Overall this was a pretty hike and camp but a few warnings: the bugs were absolutely terrible and gps had a hard time getting me there. I live in Idaho Falls and two different ways, gps wanted me to turn on a road that was private property. It was a struggle but I figured it out. Parking is good and the trail is well maintained but my goodness I have never seen so many horse flies and mosquitoes and this is coming from someone that grew up on a horse farm with mosquito breeding ponds. I was covered in spray and it didn’t help. My poor dogs have blood blisters all over them from all the bites. The entire hike we were just in a swarm. It was hard to enjoy the hike. We then camped. There are really nice camping spots with tables, bear boxes, and fire pits. I lit a fire in hopes of getting rid of bugs. Nope. We ended up hiding out in the tent the rest of the evening. It was very pretty but I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone until bugs are dead.

1 day ago

Scenic trail that wasn't hard even with an overnight pack. I shared the trail with elderly and children.

The skeeters at Hub Lake are thick and hungry; otherwise a great adventure.

Beautiful hike up, crosses streams and creeks the whole way. Pretty easy hike with a good deal of shade. The view up at the lake is very pretty. Bring bug spray!

Beautiful walk. Easy, covered trail that runs by a lazy river that is trafficked by fisherman and river rafters. Two thirds in, there’s a waterfall across the river and a great spot to take a break and picnic. Bring bear spray and a camera. Gorgeous!

Beautiful views. A bit dusty and definitely not a trail but a road. Next a early start

we started the hike at 9am. we ran into a lot of mosquitos on the trail. never got to the view point cause we were getting eaten up. of course, we forgot the repellent. the trail is moderate and well maintained. i would come back and be better prepared for the mosquitoes.

My favorite hike!!! Down hill with some loose rock until you get to the lake. It is only a mile to the lake. I hike all the way around the lake and really love the views from everywhere in this hike!! Some beautiful spots to tie up a hammock and enjoy some time. The parking area is small. There is also a "bathroom"(nice outhouse) at the trailhead. I would take some bug spray with you though.

2 days ago

Amazing hike, really enjoyable.

2 days ago

I am giving this trail a 5 even though we hiked in April, so we didn't make it to the end due to too much snow for our group. The trail was beautiful along the creek, and I would agree that it is well maintained. We still encountered more people than I was expecting, so I can imagine this trail is fairly busy when the conditions are more favorable. I can't wait to do this trail in full some day.

2 days ago

This hike was pretty at the start but the trailhead was not well marked and the beginning was straight up in sand and rocks no switchbacks. After the first 2 miles the trail became overgrown and hard to follow. So many false peaks and I was a bit worried there toward the end I would run out of water (had four liters). The last 3/4 mile I couldn’t even find where the trail was...I was tired of bushwhacking struggling to find the trail and turned around. With this being one of the Grand Slam Peaks it should be marked better and maintained a little more. While the views of sunrise were gorgeous over the lake at the beginning I don’t think I would want to do this one again.

some pretty falls. not difficult. good hike. would recommend!

3 days ago

We started hiking the trail clockwise and the path was very hard to follow due to a lot of people walking through the area and making their own paths. Ended up going down one of these paths and skipping a large section of the intended trail which made the hiking more interesting, but also much more difficult. Not the best hike to do in the middle of summer as it was very hot and there is little to no shade. The best part of the hike was getting done and being able to swim in the lake, which was surprisingly but pleasantly cold.

This is a great hike for grandparents and little ones. It is pretty flat and easy. Gorgeous wildflowers and the meadow/marsh at the end was perfect for soaking feet and taking in great views of the mountains.

3 days ago

The trail was really dusty and fairly steep for the first .5 miles. The descent into the hollow was nice but nothing really to see when you get into the hollow. Butterflies were abundant so it did make the hike better.

Very pleasant hike. Several spots had amazing views. Good variety in the available views.

Amazing hike with breathtaking views! Trail is steep and hard on the knees when going down, wish I had grabbed my poles. Trail is in great shape and just a touch of snow still left in the higher elevation. The road into the trail is quite nice, you don't a high clearance vehicle to get there.

Chilly but neat. Took our month and a half old twins in wraps. Did great.

3 days ago

Amazing hike but would rate this more on the difficult side of moderate. It’s basically all uphill with no switchbacks. We only ran into 1 small group the entire hike. The lake is beautiful and very peaceful make sure to bring a book and a hammock and spend a few hours at the top. The trail to the upper part of the lake was a bit overgrown and hard to reach and once there it really wasn’t worth the trouble.

Pro tip: once you reach the trailhead you can drive a good quarter of the mile up to a small parking area. You probably need a vehicle with a bit of clearance though.

Beautiful quick hike through the forest with breath taking views at top.

Short hike to a pristine lake.

3 days ago

Quick little hike with nice views and a uniquely colored little lake.

7/11/2018 Tough hike. Less than seven miles RT and the guide book said to plan for 12 hours. What?!? I was convinced I’d do it in eight with a stretch goal of six. Humbled, it took me ten. I did lose the trail on the final push so I did some extra scrambling but “wherever you go, there you are”.

Most important thing to note in my mind is that if you climb very early in the morning, the snow bridge may be an ice bridge. There was no kicking holes in the snow and the existing boot holes were iced over and not very deep. It’s only about 25-30 steps but one slip will take you far away. Bring spikes or an ice axe. Later in the day it softens up. It was MUCH softer and easier by noontime.

I had the benefit of perfect weather and the views were amazing! i was the only person on the mountain. Two people were well behind me but they turned around at Chicken Out Ridge (which wasn’t that bad)

Great hike. Do it!

Wild flowers were great, Idaho hasn’t ever been so green. The vistas were great for the shortness of the hike. The elevation gain is all in the first half mile straight up an ATV trail. Some switch back options available. The remaining trail is a ridge line trail.

4 days ago

After having made the hike on June 12th and walking on a lot of snow, I was surprised yesterday when we hiked in to the lake and encountered no snow anywhere. The lake level was down about a foot from the month before.

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