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I gave this one because we could not get the trail because the road leading to the trail is impassable. We got our car stuck about 100 yards into the drive. Thankfully a local gentleman pulled us out. The scenery we did see on the outskirts were beautiful but unless you have snow shoes. we spent some time in Tom's Tavern in town while the car was being pulled out, wonderful people. Don't try to tackle this trail until spring.

Beautiful trail to hike. Some tight spots and if you turn you climb up a pretty steep foothill. Would do it again!

This was a fun hike even with all of the snow in mid-January. The trail was extremely well marked and has been the easiest to follow so far (10 hikes in). There isn't much of a view but if you are looking for a nice hike through the woods, this is the place. I was the only one out here on a Monday and didn't see anyone except in the parking lot. Definitely a fun one to do again.

Pretty area but the trail was difficult to follow due to multiple branches. Good parking at the trail head. Was close to town, so a nice alternative to the busier trails.

Just went with our dog. plenty of foot traffic and a bit muddy but still a lovely walk.

Great hike with a bit of an incline. Awesome views at the top! The swing that used to be there is gone, but has since been replaced. It is very high up though and I didn’t attempt to get on it. Some icy patches on the road up to parking.

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2 days ago

Awesome trail! The scenery is beautiful and great for training tough terrain.

Very steep climb, but spectacular views are your reward at the top.

Even with the up hill it's lots of fun in the winter. Awesome place to go snowshoeing and skiing. Have even seen snowboarders. Excited to see it in the summer. I'm sure it will be just as fun.

Awesome hike, although it has been a warm winter the last couple miles are still under snow. The knee deep snow definitely made it a struggle. There were plenty of deer and elk to be seen.

3 days ago

Just hike it with some snow. A lot of switchbacks. Beautiful area

Was not impressed, it was very muddy. No views and dog poop everywhere

3 days ago

Perfect hike with gorgeous blue water at the end! Worth it!

Beautiful day for taking the dog on a hike to Big Tree! Yak-traks, or any spikes/crampons would be recommend as some spots are pure ice. (going up is easy it’s the way down that traction becomes a little tricky!)

Wonderful hike. Trails are endless and you can go so much farther than the actual loop. Went and took three kids who all loved it. Would definitely go back again and explore even more.

Great trail for a quick hike. Not too muddy and light traffic during the week.

Great views and such. Went during the end of the fire season (September time) so air quality wasn't pristine but it was still good enough. The tricky part is getting to the actual falls as their isn't a direct guidance to get there as we didn't find the falls but crossed 3 streams trying to. Maybe next ime

4 days ago

Beautiful place to sit and have a picnic or take a peaceful walk. Family friendly with a chalkboard wall under one of the bridges. Kids loved it! Nice little day out with family.

5 days ago

The trail loops near the top where you’ll find a small water stream. It has great views of snake river and surroundings! I’d recommend hiking the trail in the winter time to get some great photos of the snow.

5 days ago

ive done this hike every other year since i was 4 years old and its just as good every time we go! every time i go there are no people at the lake let alone the whole trail, the fishing is great too!

this trail hikes up on a ridge. you can smell the wild flowers! amazing views. not entirely difficult, just a few breaks. end is great view!

It is beautiful out there, but there is not much to see beyond the bridge.

Great trail with beautiful scenery. Moderate hiking.

Beautiful hike with incredible views. Just enough incline going up to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Perfect for a easy hike to get outside and even better, the eagles are out this time of year!!

8 days ago

good trail to walk with your dog. could be difficult to walk if you are a senior. I've done several 2 mile loops on this Trail, steep Trail up, moderate down Trail back to the bridge. I'm in my 70s.

Great early morning hike. Not a soul on the trail from 8 to about 10:30 am. The trail started to get icy at about at about a half mile in, so micro spikes were clutch to get to the top without slipping. Didn't see any critters, just deer tracks along the path.

9 days ago

January - Mid Winter

Snow: None - Medium

This trail offers pleasant hike down to the shoreline with some beautiful views of lake Pend Oreille.

Along the trail you will find forested groves with cedars and some nice views of jutting rock faces including the final Maidens Rock at the end of the trail.

The trail is mostly flat, and has a steady incline down to the lake, making for a little bit of climb on the return trip. Nothing too strenuous or technical.

The beginning part of the trail was covered in ankle deep snow which eventually turned to ice, making navigating the trail difficult. Nearer the lake the snow\ice disappeared completely.

The main road is very accessible, even a small car could make it during the summer months. This time of year however the road is either covered in snow or ice making passage very risky.

Overall would definitely do again, look forward to giving it a try in the summer.

Very muddy and a lot of people, but beautiful view.

It's alright, but if you take your dogs just be careful of others, no one we came across there seemed to believe in leashes or understood what voice control was.

If you visit it, please don't destroy it. Please preserve it.

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