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Fun hike today! New to the area, hiked it solo. Felt super comfortable the whole time. A lot of friendly ppl on the path too.

This was a great ride. Path is well maintained and there was a nice breeze off the water. It wasnt to crowded so you did not have to worry about speed (I was on a bike).

2 days ago

This is not the trail you want to go to. Luckily we were in a truck otherwise we wouldn't have made it to the trail head. Even still this trail was not for anything other that an ATV! Do yourself a favor and search for Packsaddle Lake Trail. You access from the North and both the road and trail into the lake are much better! This one should have some description to note that access is very difficult. Once we made it to the trail head we found out we could at least drive out another way heading west so that we didn't have to travel out on the same road (still rough but 10X better). The forest service has pushed up berms along the Eastern access road to help with water run off, but you will high center your vehicle of you don't have a good bit of clearance! Please be careful if using this trail and again search for the Packsaddle Lake trailhead that accesses from the North. It will make your trip much less stressful!

good hike, the trail is narrow so watch for bikers before going around corners.

It was a fun hike! it's a gradual incline most of the way up. the directions will have you park in a dirt parking lot but the hike is acrossed the street. it starts out as a different trail then turns into skyline.

Beautiful views! Very dusty, and a lot of bees. There are a couple places where the trail splits, but just stayed on the widest trail and made it to the top no problem. The trail is basically all uphill, but not too steep.

Well maintained trail with great views.
I wish people wouldn’t cut the switchbacks though, sad!

Great hike with a lot of shade. I'm a local and have hiked Kamiak a lot. There's not much difference in "toughness" so I don't think this hike should really be considered "easy." In my opinion, an easy hike is something that someone who is not in shape at all should be able to do. There are a few service roads you can venture off on, as well. So, we turned a 5 mile hike into 6.9 miles. Great fun - just watch out for cyclists.

This was a beautiful loop, even in the middle of the summer. The creeks were dried up but still plenty to see. He cautious of the multitudes of bikes on the trail. But those we encountered were very friendly. There are a bunch of forks in the trail that give a lot of options, Bob's Trail was our favorite part of the loop, I recommend leaving this trail for the end of the hike for the surprise of beauty!

lots of very pretty scenery, the big rocks, sign, and swing were pretty neat and were a good reward for the short hike. Lots of bees, they appeared to be black bumble bees and were all over in the the side stops and at the top. the foliage was very pretty and had a few plants i hadn't seen too often.

This was a nice trail. Views alone/terrain would have been 5 stars. But there were a lot of mountain bikers. And dogs. We saw about a dozen dogs, ALL of whom were off leash. Only one owner bothered to leash, or even call her dog as we approached with our own (leashed) dog. Also, multiple people were leaving bags of dog poop on the trail.

7 days ago

The network for trails by the Cusick Creek trailhead is quite extensive, but you can see the radio towers on Kinport Peak in the distance and if you just go straight in that direction, that's the right way. From the trailhead, it looks like you are going to be hiking through grasslands, with no cover, but in fact, most of the hike is shaded in the trees. It's a steady uphill, but never that steep in any one place. The trail is a little rocky in places, but otherwise excellent and probably useable by ATVs. You can drive to the top of this summit, but the hike was very nice. It looks like you could do quite a bit of additional hiking and exploring along the ridges at the top. I imagine that the views are great, but right now you can't see so much, due to the smoke. No water or restrooms at the trailhead. I saw only 2 other hikers and the mountain bikers were all on other trails.

Flat path, very pedestrianized, and uneventful.

Easy trail to Fourth of July and Washington. We stopped at the pond and our kids scrambled up the peak there but kept going to Washington which is spectacular. Beautiful stream with wildflowers on the trail in. Don’t get tricked by the pond- keep going! Washington Lake is bigger than 4th of July and lovely.

Really nice hike with many creek crossings. I will do this again next time I take a trip to this area. Fourth of July Lake is a beautiful stop, but trail continues. It adds another 3/4 to 1 mile to go past a pond and descend to Washington Lake. Really stunning location to spend some time. Peaceful, clear water, and a nice ridge line across the lake. We didn’t take the trail any farther. Wildflowers were still blooming, especially in more lush areas by creeks. Pretty awesome microclimates. Trail is fairly wide. No insects (early-mid August).
There was a 10 mile trip in on gravel road to get to the trail head. The last 6 miles of which is an area burned by a wildfire perhaps 5 years prior.
3 horses and later, 3 dirt bikes also went up during our hike. They all passed respectfully. We saw a good number of other hikers, but it wasn’t crowded. Many were backpackers coming in from much longer treks in White Cloud. Loved the hike!

Starts with a beautiful walk in a valley and ends with a fun but tough scramble up to the falls (the route on here doesn’t include the scramble). The stretch in the woods inbetween is unspectacular.

More of a walk than a hike, but definitely worth a stop. Very peaceful and serene. The views are lovely.

10 days ago

We did this as part of the White Clouds loop backpacking. Lovely lake and hike.

10 days ago

Just wrapped up that hike. Definitely feels like alpine but there’s quite a bit of road construction going on. Needs better signage. Rustic ski resort in every sense of the word.

This is a gorgeous hike once you reach the top and in a few spots along the trail. It was extremely dusty when we went in early August!!! The dust was so bad, it made me have a coughing fit for a lot of the trip. If you’re sensitive to dust, this is not a great hike for you... at least not during the summer. I imagine it is muddy, rather than dusty in the spring. The views at the top are so worth the trek. Our dog also loved this trail... lots of water stops for her. We only saw one truck, one dirt bike, and one group of hikers while there.

11 days ago

Beautiful trail! The beginning wanders along the creek and provides shade and cool temps under the forest foliage. Plentiful waterfalls soothe ears and eyes. Later, the hike goes uphill. For those who feel tentative on hills, hiking poles might be helpful. The many interpretative signs tell the story of Ed Pulaski and western wildfires.

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11 days ago

Very pleasant morning stroll. Also in a calm safe area. No overnight camping at the trailhead however spacious.

Enjoyed the hike. A bit hazy from the smoke, but still very beautiful. Went off on the Wilson trail for a ways. Nice viewpoints from there.

I'm not really sure how the original Trail got recorded on to All Trails but I logged 15.25 miles on that same route to go up to the upper Palisades lake so I think the trail details need to be updated. Aside from that it was a great Trail beautiful views little bit longer than I had hoped but I would do it again.

Nice trail but was not as shaded as I hoped. Most of the way down was wide ski runs which felt more like road. Enjoyed it to become familiar with Bogus but not my favorite hike. Bring lots of water if hiking during the day.

12 days ago

beautiful views, lots of wildflowers! I started at dawn and managed to beat the heat and the crowd. I’d recommend going clockwise around the trail so that you end in the shade. all in all, a really great hike!

14 days ago

Hiked last Sunday. Beautiful wildflowers and trees! Some dead trees from a recent fire. The hike is steep in parts, narrow, too. The lake is gorgeous! We spent about an hour at the lake, taking photos, lunching, and enjoying this beautiful creation. There's some loose gravel in the last quarter mile or so, be careful heading up and down. Totally worth the 2 1/2 hour drive!

The area is beautiful, my only complaint is parts of the trail you have to walk over briars and tumbleweed that makes the walk not as enjoyable.

Dam closes at 9 at the entry, trail is mostly in the sun so bring plenty of water.

14 days ago

Great trail, beautiful view of the lake!

14 days ago

Great trail! It can only be accessed through a forest service road, but aside from some washboards it was well maintained and I didn’t need 4 wheel drive to get there. And we did have to back track to a different forest service road because the one on google maps was closed. Turn at Edna creek and take the 384 to 348. The trail is beautiful and the lake was a great place to spend the day.

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