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I had such an amazing afternoon at Pine Flats Hot Springs. I first walk the upper trail and found a perfect little pool. The view of the river was stunning and I relaxed in the warm water for a time. Then I ventured down the trail and walked through the river, holding against the rocks. The river current was strong in some areas and this was a little tricky and COLD! Once around the rock wall, I passed through a small portion of river again and on the other side found three lovely pools. The top pool had a small warm waterfall and was lovely. On my way back I climbed up some rocks (I still can't believe that I did that, a bit dangerous and higher than I thought. I shouldn't have looked behind me.) instead of walking through the river. On the way down from the rocks there was another pool! Amazing! A fun adventure!

10 days ago

I kind of like the place but man did I get bit by some vicious flies! It was hard to know though because I didn't really feel anything at the time. But over the next several days they got worse and even went through that oozing phase out of the middle of the bite. Damn! Pretty nice soak though once you find or adjust the water.

12 days ago

Hiked last Sunday. Beautiful wildflowers and trees! Some dead trees from a recent fire. The hike is steep in parts, narrow, too. The lake is gorgeous! We spent about an hour at the lake, taking photos, lunching, and enjoying this beautiful creation. There's some loose gravel in the last quarter mile or so, be careful heading up and down. Totally worth the 2 1/2 hour drive!

13 days ago

Great trail! It can only be accessed through a forest service road, but aside from some washboards it was well maintained and I didn’t need 4 wheel drive to get there. And we did have to back track to a different forest service road because the one on google maps was closed. Turn at Edna creek and take the 384 to 348. The trail is beautiful and the lake was a great place to spend the day.

I took my parents to these hot springs in July and had an awesome time. Very short easy hike to get to the springs which was great for the older folks. The springs are next to the river which is great for mixing the cold and hot water to get your desired temperature.

17 days ago

My 1st real hike, never seen High mountain lake before. Trailhead is hard to reach via forrest service road. Trail itself was definitely steep but quite scenic. Last half mile its all deadwood from forest fire last year. Lake was perfect temp for swim and full of fish. Downhill hike was a breeze tho!

It was such a beautiful hike and the wildflowers are still in full bloom! The dip in Jennie Lake is the icing on the cake. We will definitely be back!

19 days ago

The first mile of this hike is a little tough but it is so well worth it, the fields of flowers and the Crystal Clear Lake are spectacular.

1 month ago

This was a good hike with the sound of the stream running adjacent to the trail much of the way and pretty wildflowers. It was very warm on our hike and it made the it that much more difficult. The way up is a constant uphill grade and gave me a good workout. There were fish jumping in the beautiful lake and I was able to catch one! Quite a drive to get there but worth it IMO.

Started at Redfish heading counterclockwise, I'd recommend if you're trying to knock out some miles. The trail was rather boring for a while though. From a views standpoint grandjean on was great. If I did again I'd try to nix the leg from red fish to Stanley to grandjean it just felt like miles.

1 month ago

fairly easy grade. lots of flowers. don't use Google maps to route you to the trail head or you end up at a closed road. lake area is burned out.

Quick hike to the springs. A little buggy, but worth it for a dip.

1 month ago

Hiked this trail on the fourth of July. Wildflowers were out in abundance.

1 month ago

Nice hot springs. We hiked with our 6 kids ranging from 1-12 years old. Hot springs are 0.6 miles from parking lot according to my GPS.
Take the trail down to the river. When you get right next to the river look to the steep slope to your right. You will see some hot spring pools up high (we missed these until we were headed back to the car). These pools are pretty hot.
If you wade through the river around the bend you will find more pools that are prefect temperature and where you will find the waterfall.
I was a little disappointed to see tarps used to create the pools. I understand why they are used but they take away from the visual of the spot.
Overall all great little hike, beautiful scenery and nice hot springs. We’ll be back!

1 month ago

Great trial, I would not call it moderate if you are carrying a pack and are over 40.The last bit before reaching the lake is strenuous. The fishing was fantastic, this isn't a moderately traveled trail. More like a very popular trail. All camping spots were filled Friday night. Saturday brought several groups of day hikers and Mountain bikers. Do not get the direction to the trail head from All Trails, leads to a closed road. Turn at Edna creek and follow the signs

fun little trek. be prepared for lots of people, but if you get there early and spend the day exploring and soaking.

2 months ago

I started clock-wise out of Grandjean, wanting to do the northern-most loop. The hike was fantastic! Very scenic and lots of solitude. The three creek crossings were impossible to do without getting wet. There are logs, but they were partially submerged (and very slippery). I just put on my water shoes and braved the numbingly cold water! At about 4 miles, right after the sign to Trail Creek Lakes/Stanley Lake, I completely lost the trail due to downed trees. I spent about 1.5 hours trying to pick the trail back up, then just going cross country. I never did locate the trail, and when a thunderstorm rolled in, with hail, while I was on top of a rocky ridge, I hot-footed it back down. I returned to Grandjean campground and later that evening, did 5 miles going the opposite direction on the loop, along Baron Creek. Beautiful views and pretty level. I'll be back!

I gave it 2 stars because we have went twice for the last two years and the road has been closed. on line it states open,but they are not.

Very short, simple hike along the river from the camping parking lot. $5 day pass. The only tricky thing to navigate was climbing the slick rocks to reach different pools. The water was perfect temperature for soaking on a drizzly day last weekend. The drive from Boise is scenic and also worth a trip!

Nice Spot , Becky Z is an Idiot !!!!!!

So relaxing to be able soak with a perfect view of the mountains and some snow falling .

Light hike. Springs are nice but not the best I’ve been to in this area.

7 months ago

Did portions of the loop starting at Grandjean and went clockwise heading toward Stanley Lake then to Redfish Lake and cut over the pass to the Baron Lakes and Alpine Lake. Overall did about 32 miles in three days. Lots of tree fall along the trail especially at the pass at Baron Lake to get back to Grandjean TH, also lots of snowfields, and rock slide that obscured the trail coming down off the pass at Upper Baron Lake. But the views were stunning and awe inspiring. Definitely a hike to do if you have 3-5 days. Plenty of cold clear water everywhere along the trails we took, so bring those Aquatabs and Sawyer straws, no need to buy it in Stanley.

We were camping at pine flats 10/7/17&10/8/17. The park is walk up only meaning it’s open but not maintained. We double checked with the ranger station and they confirmed it was open, just not maintained (no trash collection, water, toilet paper).

11 months ago

Great day trip from Boise, and very quiet - I only saw a few people. The hike is pretty relentlessly uphill on the way up to the lake, which was a nice payoff. Super easy coming back down. The lake is small but lovely. Didn't see any bears but I've talked to people who did on this trail, so I'd recommend bear spray & bring an extra bottle of water.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Have been twice this summer, no sign of closure, everything's been clean and in great shape both times

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Nice hike. Flowers were beautiful. Even though there was burned areas it was a great hike. Lots of fish jumping at the lake so bring your poles.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

CLOSED! fire last year, USFS has closed the area with a $150 fine for entering.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pretty easy to find... even though I got lost. I tried following the map vs. the heavily worn trail... just keep walking and the trail will run into the first hot spring. The pools are made by various people stacking rocks. They're not permanent structures, so the locations can move. The first tub was the perfect hot tub temperature. The second could have hard boiled an egg. I've been to a lot of different hot springs, but never one overlooking a river. Pretty amazing spot. One of the prior reviews said he had to wade in the river... my guess is that was when the river was much, much lower. The pools we found were up on the cliff.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beautiful ! Love the waterfalls .
Can get super crowded.

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