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9 hours ago

If you're in the area, this is a nice quick hike. 3 stars b/c it's not as nice as I expected (and not as hard). Easy and not moderate. The Couer d'Alene area is known for its lead poisoning and to my surprise after researching it, is one of the largest superfund sites in the country. Local health / environmental advice says to wash your footwear and clothes separately after being in the area, so just keep this in mind. Sad b/c this is due to 100 years of silver mining contamination in the area.

12 hours ago

Pristine waters, breathtaking geography, a fun hike. Wear long clothing and cover your skin, the poison oak is impossible to avoid.

15 hours ago

Amazing hike! The boulder chain lakes are amazing and well worth the trip. Devils staircase is a little treacherous and I wouldn’t recommend it to people new to backpacking. Bring your camera and be prepared to take lots of photos.

Took twelve Boy Scouts up with their dads. Awesome hike.

17 hours ago

7/4/18 great hike awesome place family had a good time.God bless the USA happy birthday America!!!

the trail head Starts as a four-wheeler trail and then when you start your decent to the lake the trail disapears and it is extreamly steep to get down to the lake, my goal was to fish but due to the lack of good equipment of my partner we decided to stop before she slipped and broke something looking at this trail you would think you could make the hike in 2-3 hours but if you plan on camping and have a heavy pack (like I did) give yourself 6 hours to scale down to the lake. I'm not one to give up so I'll be back and fish this lake but know this is a hard 4 mile hike.

23 hours ago

This was a good hike with the sound of the stream running adjacent to the trail much of the way and pretty wildflowers. It was very warm on our hike and it made the it that much more difficult. The way up is a constant uphill grade and gave me a good workout. There were fish jumping in the beautiful lake and I was able to catch one! Quite a drive to get there but worth it IMO.

Started at Redfish heading counterclockwise, I'd recommend if you're trying to knock out some miles. The trail was rather boring for a while though. From a views standpoint grandjean on was great. If I did again I'd try to nix the leg from red fish to Stanley to grandjean it just felt like miles.

Went on 07/12/2018 and it was a great hike right next to Redfish Lake. Go for a hike and cool off at the lake afterwards. Wonderful views check out my posted pictures to see. Highly recommended

1 day ago

Snow has mostly melted off on the trail to Pear Lake. Just patches of it on the trail. The lake is beautiful and we could see fish swimming in it.

Amazing hike.

Rewarding summer morning hike.

Beautiful hike! Pristine blue water. Amazing!

Be careful though: The poison oak is plentiful and impossible to avoid on the trail.

on Stevens Lakes

1 day ago

Not the steepest trail I’ve ever done, but the way out is about 85% uphill. Most of the steepest parts are from about .25 to 1.25 miles into the hike. Saw multiple people hiking with their babies, so this clearly isn’t the hardest trail ever. Being pretty out of shape right now, though, the way out was pretty grueling for me.

The good news when you hit about the 1.25 mile mark is that the trail gets a lot less relentless from there (though there are a few steep spots the last third-mile before the lake; the bad news is that the trail markings almost disappear from about that point. I was convinced I was lost more than once as I eked my way through a meadow where the plants are growing over the trail, making it maybe a foot wide, crossed over some random logs in front of a waterfall, and hopped my way up a rock field. Once I reached the top of the rock field, the last third-mile of the trail was more straightforward.

The lake at the top is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the top ten coolest things I’ve ever seen. I think I actually liked the uppermost waterfall more. There’s a very steep, narrow, treacherous little path down there that you can try if you want to be adventurous.

Overall this was a pretty hike and camp but a few warnings: the bugs were absolutely terrible and gps had a hard time getting me there. I live in Idaho Falls and two different ways, gps wanted me to turn on a road that was private property. It was a struggle but I figured it out. Parking is good and the trail is well maintained but my goodness I have never seen so many horse flies and mosquitoes and this is coming from someone that grew up on a horse farm with mosquito breeding ponds. I was covered in spray and it didn’t help. My poor dogs have blood blisters all over them from all the bites. The entire hike we were just in a swarm. It was hard to enjoy the hike. We then camped. There are really nice camping spots with tables, bear boxes, and fire pits. I lit a fire in hopes of getting rid of bugs. Nope. We ended up hiding out in the tent the rest of the evening. It was very pretty but I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone until bugs are dead.

1 day ago

Scenic trail that wasn't hard even with an overnight pack. I shared the trail with elderly and children.

The skeeters at Hub Lake are thick and hungry; otherwise a great adventure.

Beautiful hike; the workout is on the way back. Would have been nice to be able to sit on a beach once we got to the water but the water level is too high right now.

Beautiful hike up, crosses streams and creeks the whole way. Pretty easy hike with a good deal of shade. The view up at the lake is very pretty. Bring bug spray!

Great Lake with beautiful views, brought my swim trunks and towel, jumped in the lake and laid out in the sun. What a perfect reward to an awesome hike. I’d say this is an easy hike. Streams and shade through most of the trail giving you plenty to look at along your hike. One of the other reviews said it looked like a “pond”. There is a summit between Fourth of July Lake and Washington Lake, with a small pond. Don’t stop there, you’ll need to keep following trail and hike down to Washington lake. Super easy and not very far. Great hike! Highly recommend.

we started the hike at 9am. we ran into a lot of mosquitos on the trail. never got to the view point cause we were getting eaten up. of course, we forgot the repellent. the trail is moderate and well maintained. i would come back and be better prepared for the mosquitoes.

My favorite hike!!! Down hill with some loose rock until you get to the lake. It is only a mile to the lake. I hike all the way around the lake and really love the views from everywhere in this hike!! Some beautiful spots to tie up a hammock and enjoy some time. The parking area is small. There is also a "bathroom"(nice outhouse) at the trailhead. I would take some bug spray with you though.

2 days ago

The uphill nature of the trail make this a great way to get a good workout in and the views are amazing all the way to the top!

Road to trailhead is closed until August 2nd.

Beautiful hike! Far from “lightly trafficked” though - got an early start and only saw folks that had backpacked up at the lake. Passed dozens and dozens of folks headed up on our way back down. Don’t forget dog leashes if you have them - leash laws enforced July 1-Labor Day Weekend. A bear crossed our path on the way up but it was more afraid of us and just took off.

3 days ago

Just a quick update on the road to Roman nose. Closed during construction on part of the way up. Until 8/2 the road by the animal conservation, just past the railroad tracks was blocked due to bridge work. Locals said there was a way to drive around to the back side but it could possibly have a gate across the road. We couldn't find it. Bummer...another day Roman nose!

3 days ago

Very fun and simple!

3 days ago

We started hiking the trail clockwise and the path was very hard to follow due to a lot of people walking through the area and making their own paths. Ended up going down one of these paths and skipping a large section of the intended trail which made the hiking more interesting, but also much more difficult. Not the best hike to do in the middle of summer as it was very hot and there is little to no shade. The best part of the hike was getting done and being able to swim in the lake, which was surprisingly but pleasantly cold.

This is a great hike for grandparents and little ones. It is pretty flat and easy. Gorgeous wildflowers and the meadow/marsh at the end was perfect for soaking feet and taking in great views of the mountains.

Beautiful lake with blue and almost turquoise waters. Snowcapped mountains behind. Wildflowers in bloom. Couple snowy areas to cross, but they are easily passable and crampons were not needed. Perfect weather. Sunny with a light breeze. My GPS watch clocked at just under 10 miles from parking lot to sitting area at Sawtooth Lake & back. Took us 4.5 hours + 1 hour at the lake. Would definitely recommend!

Dispersed campsites on road up to trailhead (get there early - fill up quickly) & pay campground at the trailhead with trash dumpster & potable water.

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