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28 days ago

AllTrails only had Pioneer Cabin via Hyndman and Long Gulch trail to Pioneer Cabin to make it a loop. This, however, is the most popular option, and vs. the loop, trust me this is difficult enough, though you'd be hard-pressed to tell considering the general fitness level of many of the locals. Regardless, this hike is amazing. The area where the cabin itself is is simply gorgeous, but there are great views once you pass the tree line as well. It's great from the beginning even, featuring a nice creek, and much larger pine trees than I've seen anywhere else nearby.

As a final note, since few people mention this and is always a concern for me since I drive a low-clearance vehicle - the dirt road is in good shape.

pretty view of whole south valley

1 month ago

Amazing trail very serene and definitely a decent distance the elevation change is minimal and minimal impact to joints in the future I believe it would be better as a mountain biking trail.

great trail lots of climbing the first five miles 1,500 ft

Made a mistake and ended up on this trail on accident. My daughter and I were supposed to be on #166 but I apparently missed that trailhead. To make a pretty long story short, I had to abandon a lot of gear on that last stretch of the trail. As much as I would like to get it back, it would be a fitting reward for anyone who would be willing or able to get out there and clean it up. Thank you and God bless

I made it back up and even got all my stuff back. This was a pretty great trail to find by mistake but beware that it is a steep one especially once you start hiking toward the peak.

2 months ago

It had the potential to be a really good trip for my daughter and myself, but things went very wrong for us. For starters there were 2 trailheads, one of which was tucked back to the right marked by a worn old wood carved sign. I suspect we picked the wrong trail to the lake. When I had mapped it out it appeared we would have almost unlimited access to the creek, but as we got out there we found access was limited and the hike was more than we bargained for. I ended up getting sick and dehydrated on the final stretch of the hike and we had to stop and sleep on the side of a mountain against a tree to keep us from rolling down, all the while I was evacuating everything in my stomach. The next morning we decided to just make it to the closest source of water (which happened to be down a false trail that leads nowhere which we discovered by accident) and then just hike out of there. Being as weak as I was and still suffering from dehydration at the least I had to make the hard decision to leave behind a large amount of my equipment on that mountain, an act I feel is just wrong as I’m a firm believer in the “leave no trace” policy. If anyone happens to find it you’re more than welcome to make use of it yourself or you can find me on Facebook if you feel it necessary. What’s important to me is that it gets cleaned up.

After doing some additional research I found that we ended up on “Pioneer Cabin via Hyndman Creek Trail,” although we never made it there. If you’re going for this trail make sure you find that wood carved sign marked “#166.”

Made it back up and met a very nice couple coming back down the trail with all of stuff.

The views are incredible. The cabin is great! We loved this hike. A definite must

We took the trail straight up and the switchbacks on our way down. The straight up trail is a great climb and has spectacular views of Hailey, but note that it has some pretty sharp rocks. The switchback trail is more like soft dirt, which was better on the dogs’ feet. If you’re going in the summer, start early to beat the heat. Then let the dogs cool off in the river when you get back to the bottom.

This trail has some spectacular views, but the switch backs to the cabin make for a gnarly hike. Bring plenty of water

It’s pretty hard/moderate! I was also carrying a baby.. i loved the views and clean path

Gorgeous hike along the creek. The mountains and peaks in the valley are awesome. And just when you question if there really is a cabin at the end of the trail there it is. Loved the art left behind by previous hikers.

Getting to the trail requires driving 12 miles of unpaved roads. When I got there, the area was very pretty, but I could barely find the trail, so I had to rely on using the GPS to guide me. And despite that the GPS was telling me that I was on the right path, many times there were no signs of the trail and I had to navigate around bushes and knee-high grasses. It made the going difficult. By the time I figured I had a hour left before reaching the summit, the GPS on my device quit. I couldn’t get it back. That was when I had to call quits and make my way down back. Challenges of steep terrains are what I expected when I came here instead of having to “bushwhack” due to poor or no trail markings.

Amazing climb. The hike to the first lake was easy. The last climb to it is real steep. The climb to the upper lake is nice. The climb from the lake to Hyndman and Old Hyndman saddle is steep and rocky. Mid June and the snow fields were soggy and knee deep. The climb to the peak from the saddle took 1hour 45 minutes. The view is worth the work! The hike down you will remind you of the steepness.

Beautiful gradual climb. Intensity grows towards the end of the trail. Great sunrise hike

Amazing views

There are 2 routes to choose from— the steep, straight out shot trail (1.8mi RT) and the meandering, switchback trail (4.8mi RT). I took the steep one and definitely an butt-kicker for the incline grade plus the elevation gain in such short of a distance. Nonetheless the view at the top is amazing and you can see the beautiful town of Hailey down below. Worth a workout for a short amount of time!

7 months ago

views from the top are stunning. it's a challenging hike but very rewarding. Great for hiking in winter as it's one of the few snowless mountains. Everywhere else you look has a lot more snow. As others have said, it is completely shadeless though, so I could see this being completely unenjoyable in the summer.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Amazing hike! Beautiful the whole way up to the meadow and it starts with a nice creek setting. Two parts up were trying, the final stretch an absolute beast but so worth it. We want to go back and make a weekend of it and ascend hyndman peak.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Monday, September 04, 2017

incredible trail. Only went to the base of the mountain. took us around 3 hours but we were ill prepared. be warned, there is a pretty massive climb towards the end. I would say just over a quarter mile of steep, sandy uphill. Approx 65 degree incline, pretty steep. This totally killed us. The whole hike is uphill nonstop, be prepared! but totally worth it. The view looking up at the peaks was amazing. vast fields and a quaint little creek. 10/10 would recommend, just be warned, I would rate this as a fairly hard climb.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

This hike pretty much blows. The views at the top are awesome, but it's totally exposed and there aren't any real views until the top. if you want to go for a more "adventurous" route up this, go out to the bench and then straight up the ridge line. It's a better workout and it's kinda fun navigating the rocks.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

This trail into Hyndman Basin is pretty easy. There is one kinda rough part but as long as you don't get lost it is very pretty and fairly easy. Also, there is no leash law. But in September be careful because the sheep go through there and there are herding dogs that can attack.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No shade, start early and carry extra water, views are just ok, wildflowers in spring.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Short but fun hike. Easy to fit in a quick hour hike to see city.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Enjoyed the trip! Took the long route rather than straight up!

Friday, April 01, 2016

It's rather steep to bike on. Hiking is nice. Two choices, switchbacks or right up the ridge. No shade.

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