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Grandjean, Idaho Map

absolutely spectacular views. it can get a little confusing once you get off the beaten path but as long as you keep the creek on your right and the mountain on your left, you'll be fine.


I did a trail run and went to the lake from Granjean trailhead and just came back the same way. I'm sure a loop would have been better (didn't plan ahead). It was scenic and good weather--late August--but a little smoky. There was a fire up there today too.

My 12yo son and I came across this trail almost by accident this week. We did the first 1.6 miles of this trail which put us at right about 1000 feet of ascent. Pretty good, gradual climb. Very little shade in that first part, though, so bring water. Due to time (and a pretty worn out dog) we turned around right as the trail became wooded.

Scenery was great. The dead trees were pretty amazing to take in. Would definitely do the whole trail again if in the area.

I did this in one day and really better to do as a backpack. It kicked my butt. I thought the views amazing and coming in from Baron made it easier. Some of the trails are really overgrown or trees in the way.

One of my all time favorite places in the Sawtooths. This hike is tough and steep but with amazing and rewarding views. The trail is not the easiest to find or follow, it is not marked. Head across the river at flat rock junction (enjoy some time sliding down the rocks here too) before finding the trail to the north.

2 months ago

it's a 8 mile hike. the first 6 of which are gradual uphill, enough to give you a work out, gradual enough to keep you going. The top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking, very beautiful, and would have been more beautiful if not for the smoke over the valleys. the trail ends far from a lake. The trail itself doesn't end, just on the app map. keep an eye out for a sign that says "Lola Lakes" because it has an arrow pointing towards the lake, (about a half mile before the end.) Towards the end of the trail is a fresh water spring coming from the rocks. its clean, cold, and fresh. absolutely safe to drink. Me and my buddy drowned a bottle each and felt just fine the next morning. The hike back, starts with a steep climb back to the peak, and its easy going from there. Have fun, stay safe and keep hydrated.

crews are working on the trails at this time...the loop was fun and the lakes are beautiful

2 months ago

This hike was SO beautiful but it was pretty tough!
It is a steady incline for about two miles. The last mile/mile and a half is a CLIMB!!! Make sure you watch the trails and record your hike. It’s hard to find your way back.

Worth it!!

Amazing trail. I started out early around 8:30 so there was no wait for a boat and it was quite chilly to start (around 50 degrees). Love the boat ride to and from. Very moderate trail with a steady set of switchbacks that lead to the lake. I wasn’t paying attention and walked past it so keep a lookout to the left after the trail levels out again. The lake is turquoise blue and refreshing for a swim. Enjoy!

Beautiful trail. Difficult climb at the end but worth the effort! Lake is spectacular!

Probably one of the most beautiful hikes in the Sawtooths. The trail itself is scenic not to mention Alpine Lake. Just hiked this with my dogs in late June; very little snow at the lake this year compared to years past. Lots of sun hiking through the canyon, make sure you wear your sunscreen!

4 months ago

Absolutely incredible trail, very well maintained and just breathtakingly beautiful in every direction. We spent two days up at Alpine lake June 13th and 14th, the weather was great and trail was clear until you reach the lake where there’s still a lot of snow, but is still very accessible.

4 months ago

Camped at the Redfish Inlet campground and day hiked this route up to Alpine Lake. From the main trailhead the markers state it's 5.7 miles up to the lake, which would make this a round trip of 11.4 miles. Gorgeous views and not too difficult until the final ascent.

Phenomenal day hike. Excellent views, scenery, well-kept dirt trail and not heavily trafficked. At one point about midway up, you are on a ridge with a drop off to Redfish Lake and a huge view of the mountains in the distance on your left and the Sawtooth's snow capped peaks looming up on your right. Plan for some time to hang out and enjoy alpine lake at the top. We did not, and didn't have much time before we had to scurry back down before it got dark. There was still plenty of snow and ice near the lake when we hiked this in early June.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

This trail includes some sections in need of some serious work. There were sections with fallen logs across the trails making it very difficult to find the trail. There is also a very large section that has been burned so there is no shade and it's difficult to find camping areas that are safe. Other sections are very beautiful!

Monday, August 21, 2017

We actually started this track as a day hike from Alpine Lake. Since we were only packing about 5 lbs and it was a 5 mile round trip, it was a really enjoyable day.

We had lunch between Upper Baron and Baron and we were the only people in the area. The shore of Upper Baron is so quiet you can hear a pin drop, while Baron has the sound of waterfall coming from the Upper lake.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The wild flowers were spectacular. The views were majestic. The trail has a lot of elevation gain but didn't feel that steep. There some relatively flat sections. However, there were many downed trees across the trail. At times, the trail would need to be located because of clusters of downed trees covering the trail. Not a well maintained trail. There were 3 10-15 foot river crossings that added some adventure. A good test of balance on the logs crossing the river.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

This hike has it all... forests, lakes, river, waterfalls, hillside of flowers blooming in very late July, sawtooth formation mountains on both sides of trail, snow views and a steady, nice gradual climb. We did not see many people. Do note, you should take a boat from the Redfish Lodge to get to the start of the trail head. We just showed up and got on a boat right away. Also got lucky that the boat arrived early on our return (4:15pm) and took us back on the spot (as opposed to waiting for 5pm). This was an all out beautiful day hike from start to finish. Bring plenty of water. We tracked it at 11.4 miles roundtrip (we did walk a bit around Alpine Lake to find a quiet spot for lunch and to soak our feet). When you get to the last of the switchbacks, look to your left to see a rock ledge; great view looking back at the valley toward Redfish Lake.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beautiful. Busy

1 month ago

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