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11 days ago

What a great place to stench the legs. The trail does have one climb section worth the rest being on the easy side. A couple of places to camp and views. On the easier side of moderate rating

What a beautiful trail. It includes all the best of Idaho, uphill with some spectacular mountain views, some downhill, and then an easy hike along the creek in a lovely deep woods. We reach the creek a few miles in, a perfect opportunity for the dogs to slake their thirst. But for the distance, I would rate this an easy hike. In late June, the trail was dry and the creek crossings easy. We enjoyed a variety of wild flowers along the way.

Loved this hike! You can run a majority of the trail! There is a beautiful meadow about 2 miles in. There was a group of people camping there, such a great spot! This is a hike that you will be glad you did!

We are from Florida and have never hiked in Idaho before. If you’re not used to hiking on steep trails, I recommend some conditioning hikes before hitting this one. The reviews that mentioned the first two miles and the last mile being the most steep are very accurate. The trail is narrow for the first two miles, and there are some soft slide spots that could send you rolling downhill if you’re not careful.

Overall, I would say the difficulty level of this trail is “moderate”, even for us flat-hiking Florida folks. The trail is very visible and well kept, making it difficult for those of us with no sense of direction to wander off. We saw many signs of elk including tracks and antler rubs on the trees. We also saw some bear scratch marks on a few trees. The forest is abundant with Swainsons Thrush, which create beautiful echoing songs through the trees. There are also ravens in the forest, and we saw and heard several.

There are people who wrote reviews stating there is nothing to see on this hike, no grand view. That is simply false. As you climb higher, there is a breathtaking view of lake CDA off the northwest side of trail. I have posted a photo of it in this App.

The trail is longer than what is listed in the description. We hit 5 miles on the GPS and still had not reached the turn around point towards the top.

If you park inside the gate of Beauty Bay Campground, there is an $8 fee payable by cash or check. If it’s not a busy day, you can park outside the gate at the three parking spots in front of the trail head, or on the side of the road, and avoid the fee.

Overall, this is a beautiful hike and a great workout. Enjoy.

horseback riding
24 days ago

this is actually a 10 mile loop trail.
I have downloaded the map.

1 month ago

Was a beautiful hike we took our dogs they came back with a few ticks but other than that would definitely go back

This would be a great trail for a first time backpacker or for an overnighter with kids. There are several really nice camp sites about 2 miles in on the north side of the meadow and a few more scattered along the next mile. Lots of fun creek crossings and beautiful old cedars. Caution, there are nettles near the log bridge and we saw a large pile of bear scat and some tracks in the mud so keep your eye out. The end of the trail has 3 large fallen trees. Fairly anticlimactic.
The road in is well maintained, and the parking lot is larger. Don't miss the "Y" to the parking lot. Maps said we'd arrived, but we were on the road above the parking lot.
All in all we had a great hike.

This trail was amazing. It was my husband and our three boys ages 2, 5, and 8. We also had our golden retriever. First half was up the mountain and down. The trees were stunning. So much wildlife. Bugs weren’t bad but we had repellent on as always. Second half was more flat with different terrain and even more breathtaking.
We finished the trail in 4 1/2 hours. My two year did awesome and enjoyed every step. We played in the creek and cooled off and found mushrooms and more.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great bike trail for the whole family!

2 months ago

First half hour was navigating the mud and millions of bugs. Got through that part which was a great leg warm up a lot up hill then it started declining fast. Once you reach the bench you will know what I am talking about why that bench is there on your way back. Haha. It will decline all the way to the creek it comes out to some really beautiful views, some really fun log crossing over the creek and then goes into thick thick forest. Which trust me will be a little tricky to navigate through at the end the trail disappears and comes back. You will come to the end with some really weird triangle that is shaped with rocks on the path for what I am guessing is for a fire “ reminded me of some weird Blair witch thing” all in all the hike is very eerie which makes it fun with anyone!! Lots of beautiful views. Me and my wife were crunched for time so on the way back started moving fast that last hill before the bench will get you haha because it’s the last part of the stretch. Animals wise “ keep in mind this isn’t your back yard” there are wildlife. Saw some snakes bugs and bear poop. We startled something big enough at the end to make the ground shake my guess a elk or moose. Other than that really great hike. Bring your Claritin if your sensitive to pollen because it’s bad right now. Didn’t bother me or wife but we were also literally eating it and not sensitive to it. All in all not bad. Didn’t expect more didn’t expect less.

2 months ago

This was the first hike on my 20 to do this summer. A great hike with a mix of peaceful sitting spots by the river and also some good uphill workouts. Loved the little streams that ran through the paths to walk through.

This hike was my wife's & I 36th wedding anniversary gift to our selves, and it did not disappoint. The lushness of the forest, the humidity, and the wetness were all food for the soul. We are from Colorado where it is dry and Rocky. This is a special place enjoy it and protect it.

An absolute beautiful hike for spring weather while everything is very green. The first couple miles really gets your heart race going since it's all an incline hike. Very dog friendly with great stopping spots for cooling down. Amazing scenery and very peaceful. We will definitely be back later into the summer.

Beautiful hike for a spring day. First part of the trail to the ridge line was very muddy so be prepared. We hit it perfectly for the Trillium bloom. Found morells and Lot's of Snails.

Pulled in the Beauty Creek campground area and crossed a shallow creek to start the trail. Highly recommend wearing yaktracks or stabilicers right now. Nice hike in the trees but was expecting more views. Would rate this hike as moderate, not hard.

It’s a good ol’ hike in the trees, not much for views along the way though.

one of my favorite trails!

8 months ago

I only went 2 miles in and turned around soon after the trail rejoins the creek. I wanted to go further, in fact the trail did everything it could to seduce me further, but real life obligations forced me to turn around. The first mile was through the woods and is a good, get-the-heart-pumping walk. I stopped at the top where the bench is and, once my breath and heart slowed, I realized it was the quietest place I had been in years. No highway noises or chainsaws or motors. It reminded me of articles where scientists are recording nature on top of mountains in Alaska because they want to document places where there is no human sound. I was the only source of any noise. Loved it.

The hike down to the creek revealed a beautiful valley where the larches on the other side peppered the evergreens with orange. Fall is definitely flexing its muscles here.

There was frost on the ground when I reached the creek and I could feel the temperature dropping as I descended. I was here on October 30th, so bring layers if you are planning on coming here in November.

I will come back with more time and maybe a tent. Drive in was fine. The last quarter mile takes some skill, but I was able to navigate it pretty well in a Corolla.

one of the most beautiful hikes in the area, easy hike!

9 months ago

Easy hike, no views at the end (it just ends out of nowhere) but beautiful creek and lots of green. Hiked up and ran down. Will definitley go back for trail running.

Trail is undergoing repairs until mid October 2017

Beautiful area! The lush greenness inside this trail is so refreshing! We went all the way to the back & did see a black bear. He didn't bother us, but would be a good idea to carry bear spray. I would recommend this trail. It's good for the soul.

horseback riding
10 months ago

Marie creek trail is a 10 mile loop trail. creek crossings, some boggy areas, some rocky areas through the canyon. some technical trail. beautiful!

Please note that the trailhead is at a campground--very clean, picnic tables and a pit toilet--that has an $8 fee per vehicle for parking.
The trail is mostly shaded so even on a hot afternoon, hiking up was not uncomfortable. Well-maintained, great views, but as has been mentioned, the trail forks near the top, which can be confusing (take the right fork).

This trail is open for the summer. It is a short stroll along the lake.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I had the place to myself. The trail is fairly basic, with some nice forest scenery and several meetings with creeks along the way. The dead end at four point something miles is not particularly interesting. The trail just disappears after climbing over a bunch of fallen trees and going a bit further. Instead of that, the 3 way trail split at just over 2 miles out (marked by a sign) is a better out-and-back destination for about a 4 to 5 mile total (instead of 8 to 9). The creek bend and crossing at that spot are interesting. My favorite things were the view of the nearby ridge early in the hike, the small meadow, the creek interactions, and the fact that this is one of few nearby hikes with zero views of manmade structures... just nature.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Great trail. The switchbacks take the steepness out of the initial climb. If you are a person that doesn't like heights, then you may not like the first 1 to 2 miles because it is very steep on the downhill side of the trail. I would say it is a more moderate rated than difficult trail.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beautiful hike! You pass the creek several times and go through an open field to continue into the forest on the other side. Gorgeous views and lots of plant life I'd never seen. Highly recommended.

trail running
Tuesday, July 04, 2017

My favorite hike in CDA nat'l forest so far! Very beautiful incline up... perfect for avid trail runners. I thought the lake views were pretty decent for such a hike. Lush green forest and anti-climactic peak. Definitely more than 9.6 round trip, if you go up to Mt CDA. Roughly 12.3mi or more if you roam around the top for lookouts. Not for people that don't like a steep ascent/descent at the beginning and end of your trail. I would personally rate this moderate.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Didn't care for this trail nearly as much as Chilco. Turned around an hour in because it was so overgrown and I was eating spiderwebs the entire time. :/ Reminded me of hiking back east where it's muggy and there's too much undergrowth. I would definitely suggest hiking up to both N Chilco and S Chilco if you want a good day hike outside of Coeur d'Alene instead of taking this trail...

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