I went on May 30th. There were about 7 cars and we were able to find a spot to park on the street. The parking on the campsite is $8 a day. There is a bathroom on the campsite. It was not too horrifying lol The hike was moderate. If you are used to hiking, it should be on the easy side. We stopped a couple of times to sip some water and the total time was less than 5hours. Some spots were rocky and narrow. Watch out for some bikers. It was easy to follow except for a couple of spots. My friend had a little trail book with a map and it was very helpful! (some trails are blocked off with trees so that you don't take the wrong way ) More you go up, there were fries and mosquitos around you!!!! But you won't get bugged as long as you are moving. the only disappointing part was there was no view at the trailhead.

3 days ago

Nice easy walking roads and trails in beautiful woods and open meadows. Some muddy areas but easy to get around. Far enough from the interstate to not be plagued with traffic noise. I went off the mapped trail and meandered all over the park. One of my favorite easy hikes.

7 days ago

Hard to navigate at times in my opinion, as there weren’t any signs to show you where to go. I had to rely on All Trails to keep on the right path. Beautiful views, pretty quiet for the most part, other than a few dirt bikers and ATVs on the shared trails. It’s pretty steep for the first 2 miles but after that it’s easy. Have fun!

The hike was good but a lot of motorcycles and bike riders tearing up the trail, that’s the only reason I gave it a 3 it’s beautiful go early it was packed by the time we got back to the trail head

Great hike! It’s mostly shady depending on when you go. Easy incline to the top where there is a stunning view of CDa Lake! Only downside is there are many dirt bikes but they are polite and slow down to pass. The trail is narrow so if you’re elderly might be a challenge. Otherwise and amazing hike with stunning views!

Not the best route markers on trail.

Really fun hike with pleasant views the first half and dense beautiful woods on the second. my app stopped recording a little over a mile of the hike so i actually went about 13.5 miles but i did explore around a bit. Most of the trail isn’t super pass friendly which was a bit of an issue for me and my very enthusiastic dog, though did not see many people on the trail. I imagine bugs to be an issue on warmer days as they were a little annoy on a cool overcast day. Finally, beware of bikers, all that i came across were very polite but like i said the trail is really narrow in some parts.

My advice. If you HAVE to hike in the Canfield area, stick to the Cave trail, Trail D, and Trail 8. Everything else is not hiker friendly. This is a multi use area so dirt bikes and mountain bikes are to be expected. You are walking through their trails, not hiking. I would personally never advise anyone to come hike here.

Great trail for stretching and working your legs a bit, especially early season. Quite steep and narrow for the first 1.5 miles, with some rock and root outcroppings to negotiate. Very little room to pass in that section, so use caution for downhill bikers brave enough to bring their bikes down it. Quite a few wildflowers now, morels are pretty picked over. Filtered views of Beauty Bay and CdA in the first 3 miles. Distance to the top is listed incorrectly. AllTrails logged me at 11.12miles, two other GPS showed 11.3 and 11.6. That is going all the way to the top. If you take the CdA overlook branch and do not go to the top, you might keep it right at 10. Trail drains and drys well after rains. A few dogs, mostly kept under control by their owners. Plenty of shade, not exposed.

Mostly for mountain biking/ dirt biking. Forestry folks were clearing out shrubbery on trail 7, lots of chainsaws and fallen shrubbery, we had to climb over it but it was only about 500 m of that trail luckily it wasn’t blocked off so we were able to complete the 7 miles.

really good hike BUT BE FOREWARNED THERES LOTS OF DIRT BIKES we had over 12 fly by us! yikes! but stunning views we liked hike 8 we did 3 and 8

This was bad ass and I’m really feeling it the next day. Thank goodness for the trail app leading me through as it wasn’t marked good and ended up being 7 miles. Found morels about 20 minutes in. Will do this one again. Views are incredible.

27 days ago

Started from mountain vista drive. Ascent was extremely steep to the summit where there is a cell tower. Took 2.5 miles and almost an hour. Made the mistake of continuing on and not returning after the summit. Trail is slow hiking and very difficult. Changed my plan to walk down the Tottens creek trail and return to my car by road. Unfortunately some mean people live there doing their part to make the world a worse place who installed a gate halfway down claiming no trespassing and video surveillance. Clearly a lie but didn’t want to risk coming into contact with crazy people. I do not recommend this trail and wouldn’t do it again. Ended on crestwood ct and walked 4 miles back via road.

1 month ago

This was a great trail to take the dogs on and see almost no one else.


This ended up being a really fun hike. There is a lot of dirt bike traffic and the trails aren’t marked very well. Definitely enjoyed the views and scenery.

Nice trail, but difficult walking in some areas Lots of motor bikes, but they were all very courteous to walkers. a variety of wildflowers. I will definitely do this again

Still a significant amount of snow up top--but doable. An okay hike with little views. I would recommend starting from the beauty creek trailhead, going to the top of Mt Coeur d'Alene, and retracing back. Not only does this help avoid the snow on the other side, it's more exciting than just walking on a service road half the time. If you love staring at poop piles and suspicious look tracks that really just belong to a dog, then this trail is for you.

We got lost on the trails as it was not marked that clearly and the maps were missing at a few checkpoints, but it was exciting and fun and the scenery was gorgeous and mysterious

It was a great trail with access to Canfield from Dalton Gardens alongside Tottens pond and up to the Big Tree Trails until the adjacent property sold and the trail was closed to through access. Such a shame since it was so lightly used by locals and now looks like some tree clearing is taking place up there.

Dog friendly and not too crowded. Ran into about five groups on the trail. There are multiple paths you can take and it's to to know where they all go. We must have taken a shorter route because it was only about 1.2 miles in the trail and then .5 miles to get back on the road.

very difficult. straight up the whole hike made own loop to get down without sliding all the way.

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