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Really enjoyed this hike the history made it even more enjoyable, the scenery was fantastic

So gorgeous!!!! Loved the hike!

It is beautiful in the fall season. We started at 8:30am on Saturday morning, and finished at 12:30pm, spending about half an hour around the cave area. Not so many people in the morning, but encountered quite many groups on our way back.

I did this trail with my dog last weekend. It is one of the most beautiful trails in the area...very esthetically pleasing. It isn't a difficult trail and would be great "date" trail or reasonable for bringing the kids. It has rich history as well. The overall area is well cared for. You would also be able to get grandma to certain areas as it starts out paved and then it is reasonable level in the beginning, so enough to allow someone with limited mobility to enjoy the scenery, fresh air, and piece of history.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail, gorgeous small waterfalls. We picked a perfect fall day! So many colors! Not hard at all, just a couple short steep areas.

Took this hike on Labor Day Weekend. Beautiful! Loved the all of the waterfalls.

19 days ago

Beautiful trail with the sound of the stream always nearby. Not being in good shape, the uphill was hard for me. I had my 12 yr. old daughter with me who had no problem. Once we arrived at the overlook, we wished we could have seen the tunnel up close. But there was no trail to the tunnel. Some people must have gone beyond the fence and made their way down to the tunnel, but probably not supposed to. We saw a few people on the trail; 15-20.

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19 days ago

This trail was fun, we were there in June , the flowers were in bloom every where.

19 days ago

Fun trail

My 11 yr old son and I hiked and loved it. The trail is beautiful the whole way up because the leaves are changing. The cave is very cold, bring a good jacket. Great hike, but definitely longer than listed here. I clocked it on my phone at just under 9 miles.

Excellant hike, beautiful foliage in the fall all the way up. The cave at the top is worth exploring, flashlight needed. Watch your footing, as ice is already forming along the stream bed.

Wonderful trail. I would highly recommend reading “The Big Burn” before you go. It gives a history of the fire that made this trail famous. It also gives a perspective of how tough those fire fighters were and what strong leadership Ed Pulaski and others provided in saving so many lives. Great hike for kids to learn about an important story of conversation and the formation of the US Forest Service.

Very pretty!

Well maintained with mile markers every quarter mile and interpretive signs along the trail

This is a dirt backroad. Not a hiking trail. No one else was out there when we went. I was interested in seeing the cave because of what I read about it. It was underwhelming. And there’s cow pies everywhere. We parked before the canal and walked to it from there to increase the mileage. I’m almost sure I’ll never venture out there again. The scenery is just dirt, some lava rock, weeds, and cows.

28 days ago

Great trail with historic informative along the way
Recommend starting early as parking spaces are limited....loved the bridges, the creek, little waterfalls, scenery and nature
Recommend this trail to anyone

We got all the way to the cave with our 3 year old and 1 year old. The wildflowers in the meadow at the top were unreal. It was a tough hike, but so worth it! The cave was so neat!

Great hike with beautiful view. We hike on September 8th so we missed the flowers bloomed but the leaves started changing colors make up for it. The cave was cold so bring along jacket. The distance on my record is over 7 Miles round trip.

Beautiful hike, beautiful day. It felt like a more-than-moderate hike, however. The last pitch to the cave is steep but WORTH every step!

1 month ago

A lovely hike. It is a moderate trail, all up hill but not horrible. You follow a beautiful creek to the top, pretty little waterfalls along the way. You can hike off the trail to see the actual tunnel, great area history. If you are into geocaching there are 10 along the way, but look at the clues before going, service is spotty.

Awesome hike! We went on September 6th so we didn’t run into much water. It was easy to get into the cave since there was not much runoff. We started our hike around 10:30 and didn’t encounter many people until we started to make our way back. Challenging going up all the switchbacks but definitely worth it!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with the creek running along it. Historical markers are interesting and it climbs a moderate amount to the top. The tunnel is down steep hill so be careful. Hard to believe they got horses in that tunnel! I have hiked this trail 3 times now and it's one of my favorites that I do whenever in Wallace.

Awesome hike and super easy! I would recommend leaving early in the morning because the trail gets very busy during the day. Might be harder with kids but doable. The cave is cold so bring a jacket!

The cave was worth it. Lots of switch backs so trail not too steep but definitely got a workout. Great views along the way but car ride to trailhead was pretty bumpy. Tracked it at 6.8 miles.

Better than I expected - but also longer than I expected. We didn't track the mileage but I agree with all saying it had to be closer to 7 or 8 miles round trip. The cave was awesome. We didn't go very far in.

The permissible hours of the Jump Creek Recreation area are STRICTLY enforced. An Owyhee County Sheriff officer said this is because of criminal and/or dangerous incidents that have occurred here in the past: accidental death, officer impersonation, attempted kidnapping, etc. Pretty scary stuff.
The current fine for trespassing off-hours is $156 and I’ve heard the judge rarely dismisses them, regardless of the reason. Several times I’ve seen an Owyhee County Sheriff truck parked above the parking lot waiting to issue tickets to anyone who lingers beyond the closing time.
I posted a pic of the hours sign. Although it is large it can be easy to miss on the drive in if you’re not looking for it.
That being said, the area is lovely during daylight, although it is popular. A lot of families, groups of teens, and young adults frequent here. Most users leave no trace, but you will likely see some litter. It’s a short, easy hike to the falls/swimming hole. Some sections of the trail are sandy and it’s easy to slip .. watch your footing.
The drive to the area is beautiful, particularly in the Spring. The falls are bigger in the Spring as well, however the trail is likely to be wet and therefore slippery so be careful.

1 month ago

Excellent and easy trial with a beautiful waterfall and small pool at the end. Dog and kid friendly. Great for a hot summer day!

Very nice hike. Definitely more than 5.5 miles. Our Apple Watch logged in 9.2 round trip. The last stretch of the hike before you get to the cave is very strenuous. Going up to cave is really cool....some people went deeper into cave, but it isn’t necessary if you dont want to. After working up a sweat from the hike you actually get cold in the cave. Views amazing.

1 month ago

Pretty cool cave. The groups are large enough that if you get in the back of the group, you have no idea what the guide is saying, and everything is said about a particular feature before you even get close enough to see what they're talking about. But I enjoyed just looking around and seeing it, even though I didn't hear the guide's interpretation and history. Would recommend this one as part of a Bear Lake trip, but no more than Bloomington Lake or Paris Ice Cave. There's enough to do up here that once is enough.

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1 month ago

Definitely a great trail. Easy for folks used to elevation, moderate or challenging for tourists. Always a great run!

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