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16 hours ago

Went on 07/12/2018 and it was a great hike right next to Redfish Lake. Go for a hike and cool off at the lake afterwards. Wonderful views check out my posted pictures to see. Highly recommended

Hiked this morning, July 15, moderate difficulty. Good shade throughout. May want to wear a pair of light pants and a good portion of the trail has thistle growing at the edge of a narrow path: I had shorts on and was poked a bit but not horribly. Few spots on the end where the steep decent along with fine gravel makes things a bit greasy. Good overall experience

23 hours ago

Snow has mostly melted off on the trail to Pear Lake. Just patches of it on the trail. The lake is beautiful and we could see fish swimming in it.

on Stevens Lakes

1 day ago

Not the steepest trail I’ve ever done, but the way out is about 85% uphill. Most of the steepest parts are from about .25 to 1.25 miles into the hike. Saw multiple people hiking with their babies, so this clearly isn’t the hardest trail ever. Being pretty out of shape right now, though, the way out was pretty grueling for me.

The good news when you hit about the 1.25 mile mark is that the trail gets a lot less relentless from there (though there are a few steep spots the last third-mile before the lake; the bad news is that the trail markings almost disappear from about that point. I was convinced I was lost more than once as I eked my way through a meadow where the plants are growing over the trail, making it maybe a foot wide, crossed over some random logs in front of a waterfall, and hopped my way up a rock field. Once I reached the top of the rock field, the last third-mile of the trail was more straightforward.

The lake at the top is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the top ten coolest things I’ve ever seen. I think I actually liked the uppermost waterfall more. There’s a very steep, narrow, treacherous little path down there that you can try if you want to be adventurous.

Overall this was a pretty hike and camp but a few warnings: the bugs were absolutely terrible and gps had a hard time getting me there. I live in Idaho Falls and two different ways, gps wanted me to turn on a road that was private property. It was a struggle but I figured it out. Parking is good and the trail is well maintained but my goodness I have never seen so many horse flies and mosquitoes and this is coming from someone that grew up on a horse farm with mosquito breeding ponds. I was covered in spray and it didn’t help. My poor dogs have blood blisters all over them from all the bites. The entire hike we were just in a swarm. It was hard to enjoy the hike. We then camped. There are really nice camping spots with tables, bear boxes, and fire pits. I lit a fire in hopes of getting rid of bugs. Nope. We ended up hiding out in the tent the rest of the evening. It was very pretty but I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone until bugs are dead.

1 day ago

Scenic trail that wasn't hard even with an overnight pack. I shared the trail with elderly and children.

The skeeters at Hub Lake are thick and hungry; otherwise a great adventure.

Beautiful hike; the workout is on the way back. Would have been nice to be able to sit on a beach once we got to the water but the water level is too high right now.

Beautiful hike up, crosses streams and creeks the whole way. Pretty easy hike with a good deal of shade. The view up at the lake is very pretty. Bring bug spray!

Beautiful walk. Easy, covered trail that runs by a lazy river that is trafficked by fisherman and river rafters. Two thirds in, there’s a waterfall across the river and a great spot to take a break and picnic. Bring bear spray and a camera. Gorgeous!

we started the hike at 9am. we ran into a lot of mosquitos on the trail. never got to the view point cause we were getting eaten up. of course, we forgot the repellent. the trail is moderate and well maintained. i would come back and be better prepared for the mosquitoes.

Road to trailhead is closed until August 2nd.

2 days ago

Just a quick update on the road to Roman nose. Closed during construction on part of the way up. Until 8/2 the road by the animal conservation, just past the railroad tracks was blocked due to bridge work. Locals said there was a way to drive around to the back side but it could possibly have a gate across the road. We couldn't find it. Bummer...another day Roman nose!

This is a great hike for grandparents and little ones. It is pretty flat and easy. Gorgeous wildflowers and the meadow/marsh at the end was perfect for soaking feet and taking in great views of the mountains.

3 days ago

Stayed 4 days last week. Nice hike in and great views at the lake. Bugs were very bad at night so bring some spray. Pass to Payette Peak was still covered in snow. Hike to the 4 lakes beyond Imogene and there were great. Overall a wonderful place to camp.

Beautiful hike. Go in the morning to avoid people.

4 days ago

Hiked to the lower lake today. Great views and friendly people along the trail. Saw 5 groups in all, which at times took away from the secluded feel. Still well worth it. I loved the waterfalls and the path through the bushes before the log bridge is a stunning setting. We went left after the bridge, and it was a serious hike. My 10yo barely made it but powered through. The lake was well worth it. Pow. Best way to describe seeing it for the first time. The water is b-a-r-e-l-y melted from the snow across the lake, but we hopped in and splashed around a bit. Saw a bit of garbage evidence from less-than-courteous campers (pack it out people!). However, this does not take away from the raw beauty of the place. The views are completely enveloping. We will come back to explore the upper lake, the trails around the lake, and to spend the night.

Went clockwise around trails perfect day hike and plane wreckage was amazing to see! Too me 4 hours with a short sandwich stop.

Beautiful and fairly easy hike. Four stars simply because I prefer trails that don't allow motorcycles on them. Bikes are ok. Views from the top were excellent. Also, nice that it is near Pocatello. Nice wildflowers and didn't see much wildlife.

4 days ago

After having made the hike on June 12th and walking on a lot of snow, I was surprised yesterday when we hiked in to the lake and encountered no snow anywhere. The lake level was down about a foot from the month before.

Great trail to take kids on, but be aware that there are numerous spots where the trail drops more or less to the river below. So keep an eye on the little ones! Take out what you take in and remember hiking courtesies... there's tons of people using this trail, so let's keep it looking as natural as possible.

6 days ago

This trail is awesome and we can’t wait to do it again. We backpacked up to the lake and stayed the night. The hike to the lake took us 2:15 to get to the lake and 1:45 to make it back. FYI, No snow in July.

Readers need to take note of the intervals of the contour lines. The intervals on the map are large and if your not aware the map can be deceiving.

There are several excellent campsites on the south side of the lake (3 established sites right on the lake and 2-3 about 50 meters off the lake). There is a beach on the south sound of the lake that is perfect for swimming. We were planning on camping on the north side but couldn’t find the trail so we stayed on the south side of the lake.

We hiked the summit west of the lake for fun. There wasn’t a trail so se just scaled the mountain for a fun day hike.

If you feel like hiking in a fishing pole in, there were a lot of fish jumping in the lake during the morning hours.

Bring bug spray!

fairly easy grade. lots of flowers. don't use Google maps to route you to the trail head or you end up at a closed road. lake area is burned out.

6 days ago

Nice maintained trail. Too much snow to make it to pear lake but I will be back.

7 days ago

Very busy trail. Hiked up to lower lake in the afternoon. Steady climb all the wa with nice views of surrounding peaks. Had expected to see more wildflowers as we had at Baker Lake that morning. Reached lake at 4pm and there was no one else there. Nice views across the lake and plenty of trout in the lake.

The first mile in by the side of the creek was very pretty. Not as many wildflowers as we had seen elsewhere. The next 3 miles to the Wilderness registration is fairly flat hiking through trees with mountain glimpses but not big views. After the registration site it is just short of 2 miles to the lake and after hiking through trees for 2 hours the whole view opens out. Spent an hour at the lake taking photos and a picnic. This was a Saturday so quite busy...many backpackers coming out having hiked up to Imogene Lake. Overall a really nice day hike.

My favorite hike around here. An easy day hike to the lower lake.

Great hike!... fire wood is scarce for overnight trips.

7 days ago

Wow, this was one of the m most beautiful destinations I have hiked to in a very long time! Myself, a friend and my 7 yo daughter made it to both lakes! We saw a mouse swim across the lower lake whwhile we were eating lunch! The upper lake was by far our favorite and we even got in for a quick and very brisk swim. Had hoped to make it to the peak, but a late start (hit trailhead at noon) made that goal for another day. Cant describe the beauty. Well worth the effort, and it required some effort. At the waterfall, we opted for the "left" trail (steps but quicker) and yep, it was steep Next time, we will head up through the rock field. Great day indeed!

Very little snow remains along ridges and summits in the area. Popular Trout lake lives up to its name! . Granite domes along the ridges have large cirques that support lakes. Lots of beetle kill in the forests. Big Fisher Lake was awesome and isolated and the summit above it offers a nice view of Pyramid and other high peaks in the region.

Beautiful day, waterfalls, lakes, good incline, shade and sun, couldnt have had a better hike today! Wondering around the lakes was worth adding the extra mileage! Mosquitos were terrible at Hazel but great campsites! This is now one of my favs!!

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