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Bonners Ferry, Idaho Map

Great little hike! The bridge from Naples is open now so you can go that way. It's pretty neat because there are three lakes and one of them is handicap accessible! Very pretty drive and it's a subalpine terrain once you get up there. LOTS of huckleberries. The road is really nice for being a dirt road I think any car could get up there.

Trail is fairly easy to follow. We got different mileage. About 2.5 miles one way. Lake is pretty. Didn't get to see the views and got some rain and sleet on the top.

We tackled the trail on mountain bikes with the family and it was great! The way in was challenging and rocky at times, (especially for the 9 year old) it was a great workout for sure. The enchanting woods and well kept trail transformed our Sunday afternoon into lasting family memories

Do not take the road from Naples, go through Bonner’s Ferry.

Awestruck by the beauty of the Selkirk Mountains. Great hike with stunning views around every new corner. You earn your dessert going down to Big Fisher Lake. Playing around the rocks at the end of the lake makes you feel like a little kid again.

13 days ago

Three beautiful lakes were the bonus, plus a few huckleberries, plus some bitter elderberries....

14 days ago


Great hike with rewarding views!!!

16 days ago

Great trails around the lakes
Roads are a bit tough but doable in our minivan
Plan on an hour from Naples
Trails are in great shape and lots of huckleberries along the way

Well worth the drive from North Spokane

on Copper Falls Trail

17 days ago

Terrific short hike to the falls. Even in September you can still enjoy the 150 ft drop off the falls. Nice interactive signs along the walk. Good for kids, no real tripping hazards so you can enjoy the walk.

I’ve hiked this trail my whole life as a kid and teen. It was fun to take my family to the rock waterslides. We took our 7 year old who hiked in and out the whole way. We took our 4 year old who needed to. E carried part of the way. The trail is totally doable for a family with little kids. There are many creeks to cross even one that’s knee deep in late August. We hike in water shoes to avoid putting hiking boots on and off. The trail head is easy to find and it’s a great easy hike to the slides and waterfall.

18 days ago

Such an amazing hike.

The road up to Roman Nose was too bad to make it to the top, so had to make a detour (thanks to Stan Peterson’s directions in another review); my sedan did make it, but I would recommend something with higher clearance. Absolutely beautiful area and one is my favorite hikes with spectacular views. Cairns lead the way once the trail gets lost in the rocks and the lakes are breathtaking. Near the trailhead on the way back, ran into a family that said they saw a bear a short ways a way and shortly after could hear it roaring nearby. Also, although it says no hunting, I do believe there were hunters getting ready to head out and did hear a few gunshots while hiking.

Loved this hike. The first 1.25 miles in to Pyramid Lake is really easy and the lake is gorgeous. Then you can hike up above it to Ball Lakes, and the view of Pyramid Lake on that trail is stunning. This part of the trail is steeper and pretty rocky. Ball Lakes look similar to Pyramid. I will definitely be back.

Amazing hike gorgeous views (even with all the smoke). Did some fishing at ball lake. would be a perfect fly fishing spot. Pyramid lake had some flat camp spots. would love to camp next time we go up.

hiked and fished,both were great. Very scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

Nice hike and was able to hike up to lower ball lake with a 1 year old and 2 month old. when we went there was a little bit of snow once we got past pyramid lake but it was easy to get by. it was a bit chilly, definitely not warm enough to jump in and swim though I can see how ball lake would be a great spot if the weather is right. saw a few backpackers that were hiking in to camp. looked like a lot of fun!!

nature trips
1 month ago

Only a mile from u.s. border!

Enjoyable trail!

This hike was amazing!!!!!!
I highly recommend this hike to anyone who wants to fish or hike two to 3miles. It was a beautiful trail. If you are looking for a good up hill trail, that is well worth walking, you just found it.

1 month ago

My husband and I backpacked into West Fork Lake this last weekend for 3 days! We camped at the lake and we also hiked up the ridge to the fire tower! Incredible views. The tower is unstable, do not climb it. It would have been cool to go up top, but the bottom steps were all torn out. Flies and mosquitoes were bad, but Sawyer bug lotion seemed to work. I think I only had two bites! So quiet and perfect up there and hope to return in the near future! Worth every moment!

1 month ago

A beautiful hike. Very easy and kid friendly. Would love to go back.

Very mellow hike with multiple lakes and beautiful views. Highly recommend

horseback riding
1 month ago

It’s a good trail but a bit tough. Your going to want an experienced horse if you are riding. Or be in shape if hiking. There is some ups and downs and both Trout Lake and Fisher Lake have steep, rocky pitches coming down into the lake, with amazing lake views.
There appeared to be a lot of fish jumping at Fisher Lake and that’s where we had our lunch, sitting on the rocks. Beautiful.
We rode in on July 28, 2018. A day trip only. I believe it’s about 5 miles to Fisher Lake.

1 month ago

Great hike. You have to hike up the logging road past the locked gate about 1.3 miles to the trailhead. Some downed trees over trail but easy to maneuver over. Still a lot of water running across the trail if you have dogs. Beautiful views. Bring bug spray!

Fun easy family hike with lots of places to splash and play.

scenic driving
1 month ago

I drove up to Roman Nose Lakes yesterday to scout it for an upcoming hike with a friend. The bridge closure is easily circumvented by going into Bonner's Ferry northbound on Highway 95 and turning left just before crossing the Kootenai River Bridge. The road goes through the old downtown section and then along the river, and finally crosses the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. Ignore several signs saying that Snow Creek Bridge is closed, as you needn't cross it going this way. When you get to the mountainside on the refuge after crossing the flats, take a left onto a dirt road and go a couple of miles until you get to the closed bridge. Snow Creek Road goes up the hill at this point and you can drive all the way to the lakes. Smoke from fires in Washington was bad down in the valley, but thinned out up high.

Just spent a couple nights of camping in area and then hiked up to Hidden Lake from trial head. It was about 1 mile to the lake and it was beautiful. Easy hike. Would love to explore more next time and hike further! Well worth it!!! Such beautiful woods! Wasn’t too busy either for Sun-Tuesday.

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike, amazing fishing, and a bazillion mosquitoes!

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