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Boise, Idaho Map

Today, I randomly picked a local hike off my AllTrails Map and it happened to be Corrals-Bob’s Trail Loop. I loved it! Parking was easy; there’s street parking across from the trailhead (on Bogus Basin rd) for about 7 vehicles and more ways to access the Loop nearby. At first glance on the App, I thought the loop was short and easy. Upon starting the hike, I was pleasantly surprised at the distance (~8.5 miles) and elevation gain (~1,500 feet). I started at Bogus Basin Rd, went through two gates and took a right onto Highlands Trail, choosing the counter-clockwise path around the Loop. Highlands Trail zig-zagged down to a culdesac and took a sharp left onto Bob’s Trail. Bob’s Trail followed a dry creek bed and climbed all the way up to Corral’s Trail. Corral’s Trail provided great views of the treasure valley and continued up to over 4,200 ft elevation before descending back and around all the way to Bogus Basin Rd, passing along Jeep Trail on the way. You have to pay attention as there are several forks in the trail along the Loop. Overall I got more than I bargained for, but I’m an experienced hiker and this hike provided a good workout. The weather was Sunny, Windy, and 53 degrees; perfect for a fast hiking pace. I was hiking solo so I finished quickly in 2 hours 20 minutes. If hiking in a group and enjoying the experience, it would likely take about 4 hours. This hike would be a totally different experience if there was water flowing through the stream beds. So I’ll surely be revisiting Corrals - Bob’s Trail Loop in April. I would suggest doing this Trail in the Spring for full effect!

The trail is very well maintained and relativly easy to climb. My 4 and 6 yr old had no issues. There are some geocahes and letterboxes on the hike to make it more fun.

Lost a pair of Maui Jim women’s flexible sunglasses brown & and polarized. Lost on Sunday 10/7/2018 in the afternoon. I was hiking with my 10year & and 7 year olds I had to make frequent stops on the south side of the long trail. I went back to look for them but could not find them. I will pay a finders fee if anyone happened to find them. Please respond on this site if located.
Thank you Stephanie

6 days ago

It’s nice trail, not too long, not too short, and easy to follow. The middle part of trail has small elevation which is perfect to combine hiking and running. If you go back the same way in, it will be around 8 miles total, but if you decide to take different path back as a loop, then it will be 11 miles and up, there are many paths ranched out from this trail.

8 days ago

Moderate hike, not easy. No shade. Uphill the whole way in, approximately 2000 ft elevation increase going in. Suggest wearing pants and hiking boots due to snakes, mormon crickets, and brush. The WMA has a roadkill pit about a 1/4 of the way in which smells pretty bad. The mine building is really cool if you like historical buildings. Heading back the peaks past Hwy 21 are gorgeous when they peak over the fog.

Great hike. Did 10 miles and enjoyed entire walk. Not very busy more bikes then hikers.

12 days ago

Relaxing trail, especially on Mondays. Few people with friendly dogs.

mountain biking
14 days ago

this trail was pretty fun, we originally started from the parking lot next to the tennis court in Avamor, an went through twisted Springs i think.
our 7 year old son, went with us, an he was such a trooper. pretty tough for him, an we had to walk a lot, but after coming to the turn to go up hill near the cattle grave yard it was up hill an the last 20 min, was practically all steep down hill grade on Burnt car. we would do it again as a family, now that my son has the confidence to conquer this trail.

15 days ago

Half day hike that consists of service roads & clean trails. Great mountain biking trails also.

Great trail! You can extend it to 19 miles if you start down Bogus Basin Rd by the Corral Trail entrance, go up the left towards Hard Guy and keep on trekking. This trail offered so many changes in scenery, fun areas to cross over creeks/rivers, and a lot of shade once we made it into the trees. It is a more difficult trail if you do the entire loop at one time but there are spots around the loop to offer some shade and resting places. For any people wanting a great change in scenery, a hard work out, and fresh air I highly recommend this loop.

Nice secluded hike for an early fall day! Be aware that the first mile of the trail has some very steep portions and I found my trekking poles indispensable both out and back.

It’s great that it’s close to Boise. It is a dirt road. Not many cars on it but a road just the same. No shade no water. We had a good time. The weather was nice. We didn’t get to the top but we got a mile from the lookout. It would be more fun to bike than hike I think.

This was a really nice hike. We meant to do the short loop, but went the long route by mistake. It wasn't terribly difficult either. I am new to Idaho and hikes are helping me recover from a heart attack. I struggled on a couple of the uphill parts, but overall it was not too hard and had some great views. Other hikers and mountain bikers were all very friendly. I'll be doing this one again.

Table Rock Trail is my go-to for friend & family hiking. I have a 10-year old & a 4-year old. As an adult, the later-part of this trail gets intense (slightly steeper incline). Still fine for the kids but they'll be trekking slower, & you can feel it in your thighs, butt, & lungs! At the top, enjoy an incredible view, a bench to rest on, lots of selfies, & drink fluids!!! Then the trip down is enjoyable & fairly easy, just be careful you take it slow (especially kiddos) or you might slip on the dirt & fall on your butt. Happy Trailing!

21 days ago

It would definitely consider this a moderate trail due to the elevation gain. The mine building is incredible.

Easy enough trail for young riders, shady too!

21 days ago

Just attempted to hike this trail with my girlfriend. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the hills were great to look at with a nice calm breeze rustling all the tall grass creating flowing waves across the hillside.

HOWEVER, we ran across a rattlesnake in the middle of the trail about 1&3/4 miles in. It was a close encounter as it caught my attention last second by hissing at me and rattling its tail violently. The snake was probably only 3-4 feet away and had already coiled up and was ready to strike with it's mouth wide open. I shrieked like a little girl and ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could. My girlfriend handled the situation much better than I did sadly..
This was not the only snake we saw on the trail, as we were heading down we saw two black snakes slithering off the trail on separate occasions.

Not a difficult hike at all and the trail is smooth, sandy at times, and clear of rocks. There were a lot of mormon crickets like others have mentioned. Would recommend wearing pants because of brush and possible snake bites.

Wonderful bike trail, we ride away from Ann Morrison Park, either direction, about every 2 weeks. We’re both retired, in our 60s, it’s a pleasurable ride. Pack a light lunch and eat down by the river

Great trail! Well kept and clean. Not many mountain bikers when I went in the later evening. We only did a portion of the trail since it was getting dark out. Would love to do the whole thing sometime.

23 days ago

Excellent hike and great scenery. The trail is well kept, well marked, and clean. The mountain bikers seemed to follow the yield rules so that was nice. Great bit of exercise up in the hills.

23 days ago

Had a good time and met some new ladies with a ladies hiking group. Mountain bikers are awful on this trail though. They don’t follow the yield rules and speed around the corners. Other than that it’s a well kept, clean trail. Not difficult, but a good bit of exercise.

Great trails with a few wooden bridges and step over barriers to keep the motorized vehicles off the trail. Beautiful scenery and a lot of the trail is under trees. Sharing the trail with bicycles and hikers but most were courteous.

23 days ago

Great way to start the day with a beautiful view of the Treasure Valley!

23 days ago

Beautiful scenery the entire trail...fall colors beginning to appear. Mostly shaded as you wind through the tall trees. Nice variety of elevation change! One long rather relentless uphill stretch close to the top, but the views make it all worthwhile! The last bit up toward the road on the way out is all uphill...I really felt it after 7 miles! Trail is easy to see, well marked. My whippet loved it, too.

Nice little hike.

Tough mainly for lack of switchbacks (!) on this trail

27 days ago

Beautiful view when you reach the top!!!

Beautiful. Amazing. Friendly people on the trail. We loved it and plan on doing it again. Bring a sandwich and have a picnic with your friends and loved ones when you reach stack rock

28 days ago

This is an easily accessible trail, close to town. The climb can be intense, but the view is worth stopping for from time to time on the way up. Be sure to take plenty of water for the trip, especially in warmer weather.

Went in September, it was such a site to see. There is two ways in from bogus basin, left is a dirt road (faster) the other was a paved road. 4x4s can go left and don't recommend cars going left. App says kid friendly, my daughter who is 4 couldn't finish. If going in September bring cold weather clothes. Boise can be 90 and up there can be in the 5Os. 5 bucks to park your vehicle up there. Enjoy the amazing views to the north. Have fun

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