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12 hours ago

Great little hike

Quick hike, not a lot of traffic, great views of the Boise forest and distant mountains!

Rewarding summer morning hike.

2 days ago

The uphill nature of the trail make this a great way to get a good workout in and the views are amazing all the way to the top!

2 days ago

Amazing hike, really enjoyable.

3 days ago

This hike was pretty at the start but the trailhead was not well marked and the beginning was straight up in sand and rocks no switchbacks. After the first 2 miles the trail became overgrown and hard to follow. So many false peaks and I was a bit worried there toward the end I would run out of water (had four liters). The last 3/4 mile I couldn’t even find where the trail was...I was tired of bushwhacking struggling to find the trail and turned around. With this being one of the Grand Slam Peaks it should be marked better and maintained a little more. While the views of sunrise were gorgeous over the lake at the beginning I don’t think I would want to do this one again.

beautiful trail

It's a small beautiful hike with lots of wild flowers during the spring. Some parts of the trail are deeply rutted however, could use some maintenance.

9 days ago

The views are amazing. The hike is rated correctly and very low foot traffic. There are a lot of mountain bikers on the trail. Watch your footing, there are a lot of roots.

Great trail for walking the dog!

15 days ago

Great views on this hike with pretty easy incline/decline. (Much less than hiking Table Rock). Lots of trail options so the advice on grabbing a trail map was perfect! The first bit had quite a few Mt Bikers but everyone was respectful and shared the trails well! It took us about 3 hours to complete, we are normally fairly slow hikers :)

16 days ago

Nice trail with some steep sections and loose sand. Great vibes of Boise.

Good place to take the kids for a quick hike or if you are just getting them into hiking. Our kids easily did it at 4 and 5 years. There is no shade, but since it only takes about 45 minutes it's not a problem.

19 days ago

on Shafer Butte Loop

21 days ago

didn't do the entire trail, but well worth the trip.

on Table Rock Trail

22 days ago

I suppose the rating really is subjective based on what each individual is searching for. If what you’re looking for is untouched nature and peace and quiet, you’ll not really find this here. It’s HIGHLY trafficked as one of the most popular and easy to access trails and you’ll see some graffiti on the rocks. The hike is uphill all the way but not very strenuous; you’ll see people of all ages on the trail. You’ll also see a lot of dogs. Unfortunately, not everyone complies with the requirement for a leash so be prepared for that IF your dog is reactive or if you’re not a fan of dogs. We take ours on a leash and they do well! It is HOT at this time of year so make sure you bring plenty of water. There is one area where there were a few trees providing shade but that’s the exception and not the rule; that’s one of the stops we made for a dog water break. No trekking poles required.

The trail is composed of finely packed dirt for the majority of the way and the end yields a pretty epic view of Boise. All-in-all, if you’re looking for a quick work out or short hike, this meets that intent.

Beautiful day, wildflowers still in bloom. Started at 7:30 perfect hiking temperature. Only a few hikers but several mountain bikers were on the trails.

Kids made it up an back, though we had to take a couple breaks. Mormon crickets everywhere. Saw a bull snake.

on Cervidae Peak

23 days ago

The Trailhead was a little difficult to locate. As you take a right onto East Spring Shores Rd. from HWY 21, keep your eyes open for the 2 mile marker. If you park at the Marina, you haven’t gone far enough. Continue just a little bit, you’ll see the 2 mike marker and then a dirt parking lot on the right (or north river bank). Today, the “gate” was closed so we assumed that wasn’t the proper Trailhead. It was! You’ll follow the dirt road until it dead ends; look to the left, there’s a VERY NARROW route through some brush. Once you pass that, it’s mostly a dirt route you follow. While the hike was challenging, it was doable. We (a group of 3 in our 30s) did not take poles because we’ve never really experienced a need for it in our hiking adventures. They REALLY would have come in handy on the way down those steep slopes of gravel and sand; it’s non-negotiable next time I go! The “mormon crickets” were out in full force and there aren’t many blooming wildflowers out at this time of year.

None the less, it was a great work out with very beautiful views. Make sure to leave a note in the little black tub at the peak for others to enjoy and get an early start. We began around 9:30 a.m. and the majority of hikers were finishing their trek. We only saw 1 more group attempting to summit on our descent.

Others have addressed it already but there is no shade so bring lots of water! Also, due to the slippery slopes, I don’t recommend bringing a dog who isn’t well trained on a leash (if on a leash) because they’re likely to pull you to your death (my pup would)!

mountain biking
23 days ago

Awesome ride,

24 days ago

Went out with family to this hike. It was 80 degrees with a slight breeze. Perfect hike and something great to do in a weekend. Not too crowded Either. Beautiful views. It is uphill the whole way and then downhill all the way back. No shade really. Bring water. Nothing too strenuous. A lot of younger kids on trials , so kid friendly. Dogs welcomed too.

Good cardio, but lots of cicadas jumping around (and at you!). Might just be the time of year. Will probably go back in the Fall!

Coyotes reported on trail June 2018. Be careful with your dogs. Fish and wildlife think there is a den there with pups. When gown, probably less of a problem.

on Lucky Peak Loop Trail

26 days ago

excellent trail. little traffic. about 1km elevation gain.

Good, clean fun. A solid trail.

Great neighborhood backyard hike

Hiked this trail today with our 11 year old twins. Beautiful hike and so worth it. Pretty easy though we did have to take a couple ‘breaks’ for our child but it was lovely! Saw all ages conquering the hike! We did the longest trail we could find.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail for the very first time today. I am a beginner hiker so the trail was pretty decent and my 6 year old had an amazing time as well. I learned is there are different trails to take to get to the top of table rock and that was cool.

Great trail, easy to follow. Not too much steep incline or decline, so the length isn’t so bad. Took us about 3 hours including a couple pauses and a stop to eat. We saw lots of flowers, and many interesting critters (mostly of the bug variety, but also some lizards, small mammals, and a couple of snakes, including a rattler). Most of the trail is along a burbling brook, which is very pleasant sounding, though it’s fairly covered in vegetation, so you don’t see much of the water. When you get to the loop, going right will avoid a steep incline, go left if you’d rather do more incline and avoid a steep decline.

This *would* have been a 4-Star hike — beautiful views, very few other people along the trail, lots of shade in the first 1/3, a nice breeze in the last 2/3. HOWEVER, be warned — most of the trail is overrun with Mormon crickets. 3/4 of the hike I couldn’t take two steps without four of them flying at me. Of course, they’re just trying to get out of your way, but they were everywhere. I wish I could have enjoyed more of the lovely views, but unfortunately I spent most of my time looking down at my feet to avoid them hopping and crawling across the trail. Under other circumstances, it’s a lovely hike. Saw some beautiful wildflowers (lots of lupine), a few different types of lizards, lots of birds, butterflies, and a few hobo (?) spiders. Would have been a nice outing, but the crickets and some of the steep descents slowed me down quite a bit — you might consider taking the trail clockwise if you have bad knees/balance like me.

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