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Very cool hike!

trail running
13 hours ago

Good time, located between mile post 17 & 18 on hwy 21, and pass the 2 mile marker on spring shores. Hiked/ran, we summited in 42 minutes and down an 32. Direct uphill the whole way up

14 hours ago

Great hike, challenging at parts and hot during the day. Bring plenty of water for your dog as there's no shade once you're on the trail. At the end of the hike, jump in the lake by following the trail near where you parked!

This is a good trail that will make you work at times. some steep stuff especially near the top. A great view of the Treasure Valley from the top. Lots of people taking their dogs for a workout but the trail is plenty wide most of the way.

Great in the winter for cross country skiing.
Great in the summer for getting out of Boise's heat.

Make sure you go in the morning as there’s no shelter from the sun on this steep trail

I love this trail!!! Beautiful, and challenging!

Challenging but the view is pleasant throughout entirety of the hike!!

7 days ago

A great short, steep hike (about 1+ hrs up and 1 hr down). Views are wonderful, trail is pretty good with a couple spots rutted out. Flower and foliage are coming in strong during the middle of May. Great time to be out and about!

It was the perfect hike this past Saturday. The sun was shining, the Sheep were grazing on the hill side. A few rocky areas but it was great! our dogs loved it too... tho I picked 1 tick off of my Dane later that evening.

7 days ago

Fun little hike. I used to do it all the time when I lived in Boise. Not a lot of shade in the summer though so early or lake hour recommended and lots of water with that desert heat. I posted views and am sharing my blog post because I hiked it after it burnt down a few years ago and the photos are unique! (https://www.brisul.com/blog//2016/07/table-rock-fire-in-boise.html)

There were a some wild flowers near the trail, a few colorful songbirds, a couple small lizards, and even a distant coyote. Walking near the stream was nice and the view from the top was worth the 6.3 miles. If you stay to the right when you get to the loop it's a more gradual incline going up and you can come down on the steeper section.

Prior to June 1 the trailhead is closed and you will have to add some uphill to your hike from the Shafer Butte gate on Bogus Basin Road up to the trailhead. I went 2 more miles down the road and went in the backway on trail 198 Gorgeous! There is still a little snow, 3rd weekend in May. Wild flowers are just starting to bloom. The granite sand can be very slippery so choose your footwear carefully. I saw a Toyota Prius and a Honda Accord on the road. I took my Ford Taurus, and I made it in and out, but I DO NOT recommend it! I fear she shall never be the same.

Very close to the river so my dog could hop in to cool down!

Beautiful green foothills alongside the creek which added a great sound. The incline to start the loop was a fantastic workout.

11 days ago

These trails are a great way to familiarize yourself with Bogus Basin, whether you're planning on returning for more hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, or skiing. The views are awesome, there are wildflowers along the entire route, the ascents and descents aren't too steep, and the air is fresh. I will be hiking this trail several times once Bogus opens for summer activity.

14 days ago

Definitely a challenging but rewarding hike. Can’t wait to do it again!

Super beautiful right now, a good 4 mile stretch of straight incline to get you huffin and puffin. On the loop back down, the 8th st motorcycle trail is pretty rutted out and steep, so a little sketchy to hike down, AND this “route” is somehow not accurate. We “missed” a turn off femrite patrol to watchmans because it doesn’t actually exist. Ended up just taking watchmans the other direction when it actually converged with femrite, then going left on three bears trail back to Shaw mtn road and walking a short distance back up the road to the original trail head

This trail kicked my ass last summer. It didn't help that my buddy and I started hiking at 4:30pm, assuming the 95 degree temperature would drop. It didn't. It took us six hours to complete the loop, but I'm very slow up the steep sections. Still, a very scenic foothills trail and a great workout.

17 days ago

Pretty view of the Boise River canyon coming out of Lucky Peak Dam. Great place to watch the sunset too.

17 days ago

Great trail. The lupine on the northeast face were absolutely amazing when I hiked it in July 2017.

19 days ago

One of my all time favorite hikes.

20 days ago

Well beatin tail makes it easy in nice weather. Bring lots of water and use sunscreen, 0% shade. Remember to pack out some trash you find up there!

Tough, but rewarding when summit.

Nice and easy. Shade areas with streams for dogs.

23 days ago

Great hike - pretty views. It gets challenging in the heat but doable. Would hike again especially earlier in the morning.

love this trail took creastline back and got lost but what an amazing trail.

24 days ago

The hardest hikes have the best views. Worth it.

27 days ago

Nice trail, fairly steep but not terrible, killer 360 degree views at the top and not a lot of traffic. All components to a great hike in my book. Really liked this hike!

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