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Fun trail! Took my 1.5 year old in a pack for most of the trail. There are quite a few bikers but everyone I’ve ever met is kind and it’s not a big deal to share the trail. Pretty views of Boise and the foothills!

Today, I randomly picked a local hike off my AllTrails Map and it happened to be Corrals-Bob’s Trail Loop. I loved it! Parking was easy; there’s street parking across from the trailhead (on Bogus Basin rd) for about 7 vehicles and more ways to access the Loop nearby. At first glance on the App, I thought the loop was short and easy. Upon starting the hike, I was pleasantly surprised at the distance (~8.5 miles) and elevation gain (~1,500 feet). I started at Bogus Basin Rd, went through two gates and took a right onto Highlands Trail, choosing the counter-clockwise path around the Loop. Highlands Trail zig-zagged down to a culdesac and took a sharp left onto Bob’s Trail. Bob’s Trail followed a dry creek bed and climbed all the way up to Corral’s Trail. Corral’s Trail provided great views of the treasure valley and continued up to over 4,200 ft elevation before descending back and around all the way to Bogus Basin Rd, passing along Jeep Trail on the way. You have to pay attention as there are several forks in the trail along the Loop. Overall I got more than I bargained for, but I’m an experienced hiker and this hike provided a good workout. The weather was Sunny, Windy, and 53 degrees; perfect for a fast hiking pace. I was hiking solo so I finished quickly in 2 hours 20 minutes. If hiking in a group and enjoying the experience, it would likely take about 4 hours. This hike would be a totally different experience if there was water flowing through the stream beds. So I’ll surely be revisiting Corrals - Bob’s Trail Loop in April. I would suggest doing this Trail in the Spring for full effect!

Great hike. Did 10 miles and enjoyed entire walk. Not very busy more bikes then hikers.

16 days ago

Relaxing trail, especially on Mondays. Few people with friendly dogs.

Great trail! You can extend it to 19 miles if you start down Bogus Basin Rd by the Corral Trail entrance, go up the left towards Hard Guy and keep on trekking. This trail offered so many changes in scenery, fun areas to cross over creeks/rivers, and a lot of shade once we made it into the trees. It is a more difficult trail if you do the entire loop at one time but there are spots around the loop to offer some shade and resting places. For any people wanting a great change in scenery, a hard work out, and fresh air I highly recommend this loop.

It’s great that it’s close to Boise. It is a dirt road. Not many cars on it but a road just the same. No shade no water. We had a good time. The weather was nice. We didn’t get to the top but we got a mile from the lookout. It would be more fun to bike than hike I think.

Easy enough trail for young riders, shady too!

Great trail! Well kept and clean. Not many mountain bikers when I went in the later evening. We only did a portion of the trail since it was getting dark out. Would love to do the whole thing sometime.

Tough mainly for lack of switchbacks (!) on this trail

This is definitely a trail that has elevation gain! If the temperature isn’t too high, it’s a good workout, especially if you’re older like me! Nice views of the southern Boise area and nice for a change from the more popular hike up Tablerock.

We're beginners and only did 2 hours but it was enjoyable with nice views. Quiet and peaceful, only a couple cars drove by us. Saw 3 deer trek up the hill next to us which was cool. Simple trail was easy to follow and walk up for us and my dog. Couple of steep parts but nothing crazy. Hope to make it to the top someday!

Great hike in the mountains.

Starting at Camel’s back (tennis courts) it is a very nice 6 mile loop! If there was any shade trees this trail would get all five stars!

trail running
2 months ago

I love this trail in the spring and fall! The views from the junction out across the valley are beautiful. The Shingle Creek drainage is quite a bit steeper than Dry Creek, and mountain bikes have worn the trail into a V, so it's a fairly technical downhill run.

My roommate and I just did this today. went up Dry Gulch and down Shingle. Awesome terrain and scenery change on the way up. Goes from plains desert to lush greenery to high altitude pine forest. Go early morning this time of year! Mormon Crickets we're in full force on the way back around 11:00am. The whole hike took a little over 4 hours.

This was a beautiful loop, even in the middle of the summer. The creeks were dried up but still plenty to see. He cautious of the multitudes of bikes on the trail. But those we encountered were very friendly. There are a bunch of forks in the trail that give a lot of options, Bob's Trail was our favorite part of the loop, I recommend leaving this trail for the end of the hike for the surprise of beauty!

2 months ago

Nice trail with beautiful views, but way too many bikers on it for comfort. It seemed like every five minutes we had to move to the side to let someone pass.

2 months ago

Just wrapped up that hike. Definitely feels like alpine but there’s quite a bit of road construction going on. Needs better signage. Rustic ski resort in every sense of the word.

My dog absolutely loved walking the trail and so did I!!

Caution!! Not as “Easy” as they rate. Good trail for hiking bad trail for biking. Huge boulders.

3 months ago

Rewarding summer morning hike.

3 months ago

The uphill nature of the trail make this a great way to get a good workout in and the views are amazing all the way to the top!

beautiful trail

3 months ago

A couple of friends and I hiked this trail in late June and it was a nice workout. Some portions were steep enough to really make you work and others, not. You’ll have a wide range of views from a river in the distance, to mountains, to evergreen trees at the peak. We had a close encounter with an elk in a beautiful meadow area; in the distance you could see another female elk with 2 calves. There’s a trailhead with parking available. It’s not a hard trail and just what the doctor ordered to “get away from it all”.

3 months ago

bit of a climb going up but not hard. beautuful rock formation on top. nice quick hike.

The trail has a different name if you’re following the map.
There is no shade for people and relatives boring.
I think might be better off just doing the table rock hike.
I’ll try again in the spring and fall.

3 months ago

Kids made it up an back, though we had to take a couple breaks. Mormon crickets everywhere. Saw a bull snake.

on Cervidae Peak

3 months ago

The Trailhead was a little difficult to locate. As you take a right onto East Spring Shores Rd. from HWY 21, keep your eyes open for the 2 mile marker. If you park at the Marina, you haven’t gone far enough. Continue just a little bit, you’ll see the 2 mike marker and then a dirt parking lot on the right (or north river bank). Today, the “gate” was closed so we assumed that wasn’t the proper Trailhead. It was! You’ll follow the dirt road until it dead ends; look to the left, there’s a VERY NARROW route through some brush. Once you pass that, it’s mostly a dirt route you follow. While the hike was challenging, it was doable. We (a group of 3 in our 30s) did not take poles because we’ve never really experienced a need for it in our hiking adventures. They REALLY would have come in handy on the way down those steep slopes of gravel and sand; it’s non-negotiable next time I go! The “mormon crickets” were out in full force and there aren’t many blooming wildflowers out at this time of year.

None the less, it was a great work out with very beautiful views. Make sure to leave a note in the little black tub at the peak for others to enjoy and get an early start. We began around 9:30 a.m. and the majority of hikers were finishing their trek. We only saw 1 more group attempting to summit on our descent.

Others have addressed it already but there is no shade so bring lots of water! Also, due to the slippery slopes, I don’t recommend bringing a dog who isn’t well trained on a leash (if on a leash) because they’re likely to pull you to your death (my pup would)!

Good, clean fun. A solid trail.

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