We hiked this trail on May 9th around noon. My hiking goal is to enjoy the beauty in nature, and this trail didn't disappoint. The weather was amazingly perfect. Although parts of the trail were not pretty (some man-made drainage ponds and a lot of tree clearing activity with it's residual debrise), there were so many great views to make up for it that overall I really enjoyed this hike. I would say 2/3rds of it was beautiful! We stayed on the left side of the loop and went a bit beyond the trail marker that pointed to the right side of the loop. Instead of turning right at the marker to begin the loop back, we went up the path another 1/4 mile which offered some of the best views. There were rock formations plopped here and there that would be fun to explore. There were delicate flowers in bloom: yellow and purple. We didn't find the North side of the loop on the way back. We planned to go counter clockwise as you look at the trail map, but rather made it more of an out and back hike. With all the logging debrise we couldn't see the loop part very clearly, so we took the same route back. It is moderate and will get your heart pumping on some of the inclines. You can see for miles in certain areas and the views are stellar:. Stack Rocks one way, bogus another and I think even the Cascade mtn range as you get to the trail end and look through the trees to the right. The trail's description says moderately traffic, but I'd say not a lot of traffic. We met only one other set of hikers and about 6 groups of bikers on our hour and a half hike, which is not bad on a Saturday morning where other trail head parking lots were overflowing. Overall a great hike for the senses: visual treat, engages the cardio system, and the Divine pine smell, all enjoyed on a hike with few other bikers and hikers, so that you felt like you were out on your own, away from it all ....that solitude we relish...which is a fabulous feeling!

Quite a few bugs around the sewage plant, but other than that, beautiful day out. The trail was fairly easy, few people to watch out for and not run over. Overall, a great bike ride and plenty of spots to stop and fish or have a little snack.


Can’t hike here, have to have/rent snowshoes. It’s pretty but not what I expected, you’re not surrounded by trees like you are on other hiking trails in this area. It’s more of a walk than a hike. It was nice :) just different

10 months ago

Many options for your every day hiker, some easy and one around 10 miles. Grab a beer after your hike

Easy, pretty and next to the River

11 months ago

I’ve hiked the hell out of Bogus. It never disappoints. I did 17+ miles one day up there. This place, truly, is whatever you make it. Short day hike? No problem. Wanna disappear for 3 days? You can do it. Lots of seasonal streams, and a few year-round springs. Not uncommon to see deer and elk.

Fun, easy cross country ski and hiking trail. Beautiful views and lots of wild flowers.

Nice! Beautiful walk along the river with plenty of places to stop.

As noted, this is an easy walk along the river. It's scenic, and full of distractions. There's a park bathroom and drinking fountain along the way.

Flat path, very pedestrianized, and uneventful.

Thu Aug 09 2018

Just wrapped up that hike. Definitely feels like alpine but there’s quite a bit of road construction going on. Needs better signage. Rustic ski resort in every sense of the word.

Mon Jun 04 2018

Was going for Mores Loop but road blocked. Super short with nice spot for picnic or camping at top of loop. You can cut straight to Pioneer Lodge from this loop, so that made for a bit nicer view and hike. If you just need to get out of your vehicle and move for 20-30 minutes this is a good lil hike

Thu May 10 2018

My first time snowshoeing was on this trail and it was great. I would recommend for others looking to try snowshoeing.

Sun Mar 25 2018

Gorgeous. Went up to theNordic Lodge and snowshoed Streamside Trail. I think we got lost because that was a steep decline and a killer uphill return!

Sun Mar 25 2018

Snowshoed this yesterday. Loved it.

Thu Mar 15 2018

Was unable to access the trail in mid March. Not a year round trail for on foot. You can rent snow shoes or do cross country skiing but the trail is unmaintained for winter climates.

Great dog walking path!

I love the green belt! It's shaded and follows the Boise river so it's not as hot. There are eateries all along the way. Easy walking for little kids.

Mon Aug 28 2017

awesome hike!

Fri Aug 25 2017

A nice trail. Start at the stack rock trailhead and then follow the eastside trail after you make it through the entrance exam. The last 2-3 miles is on the main road...if this was all trail I'd have rated it quite a bit higher.

Tue Jul 11 2017

It was a fun hike, but definitely a long one! Can't wait to do the 11mi loop again!

Beautiful trail for biking, walking, jogging for all ages. Lots to see and look at. Places to fish and swim and enjoy a snack. Can't get enough of this gorgeous trail.

Went today and was nervous after reading the Memorial Day snow post! But wow it is almost completely clear

Hiked Around the Mountain on Memorial Day 2017. First 1/2 dry and lovely. 2nd 1/2 was 90% still covered in 3-4 or more inches of snow. Made for a great workout. It was beautiful but we are tired now!

Very relaxing and beautiful walk.

mountain biking
Fri Nov 04 2016

trails in great shape due to recent rain. not dusty. had grand time and had trail all to myself! big tractors doing work on mountain along with big brush piles burning. the fire was super nice as I was able to warm my cold fingers and toes. awesome ride.

Sun Oct 16 2016

Pretty, but it's closed right now , unfortunately we didn't see the signs they were knocked down so 20 minutes in the trailed ended due to logging activity . Sad :(

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