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Great midday stop for brief walk with dog on a road trip across country. Off leash time for dog was nice. Had lunch on the sandy beach. Very few people in mid week.

One of the most scenic walks you can take. It's an easy trail, but when you are lucky enough to be the only humans out there (before & after the summer tourist season), it is peaceful, and so beautiful! We enjoy watching for eagles.

Steeper than I expected. One for people who like the stair machines at the gym. But not too long. Beautiful Autumn colors. Beware of the three "ankle turner" rock fields near the top. First about 150 meters in length, the other two shorter. Forget looking at the scenery when traversing these rock fields. You have to watch where you step. Trail easy to follow, even through the rocks. Yesterday was cold and drizzly, so the summit was in the clouds, therefore, no views.

The view wow

The view at the top is amazing! Mountains as far as the eye can see! My kids have done this trail three times with me, it’s uphill but not terribly bad.

Beautiful trail. Steep sections but totally do able. Views are amazing.

1 month ago

nice area, nice flora. cool hemlock forest. grade was a little steep, though; more switchbacks would have welcome. worth doing, though!

Great Hike, smoky this time of year, definitely a decent uphill grade almost all the way in. Be sure you take the last 1/4 mile up the riprap to the summit to the old lookout location for the best views. Too bad we haven’t had much moisture the past month, the huckleberry bushes are extensive but the berries never grew enough.

More of a walk than a hike, but definitely worth a stop. Very peaceful and serene. The views are lovely.

Great trail with an amazing view!

Did both North and South today, 8/4/18. Easy to find. Great trail with some good steep ups and downs. Hornets and yellow jackets were plentiful. No water on the trail, I brought 2L should have brought 3. Took about 5.5 hours total (includes 20-25 minuteish to stop and pick huckleberries) and clocked 11ish miles total.

8/4/18- Trail was easy to follow and well maintained. Beautiful Views!!

Worth the time and effort. Our 3 year old knocked it out like a champ. A slow champ, but still a champ. Don’t let the scree at the top keep you from checking the last .25 mile out.

2 months ago

Hiked in mid July. Temperature was mid to upper 80's. The temperature definitely dropped at the summit, with a great breeze that made it comfortable. This trail is very woodsy. Be warned: it is an uphill climb the entire way. We calculated 2 miles to the first lookout with fire pits and views. You'll want to take a brief rest before climbing to the summit. From there, it's .35 miles to the summit. This last piece has lots of shale and very rocky conditions. But the views from the top are incredible. Definitely a workout, but worth the effort.

beautiful well maintained trail, and gorgeous views from the peak. windy and cool, I suggest an extra layer for the top. will definitely hike again!

Fun hike for the family. Took my 7 yr old and 9 yr old 2 weeks ago. It was about all they could handle (uphill to the peak) but the view was worth it. Hardly any snow left.

3 months ago

It's a steep trail but so very worth the view. I've been on a lot of hikes in some cool areas and this remains my favorite.

Bring a light jacket for the top, it's very windy at the top. Leave plenty of time so you don't have to rush up or rush the view. You have to wait until around June for all the snow to be gone. I went today and there's beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

3 months ago

This is a great hike and fairly easy - it's June 2018 we just hiked the North peak and I'm 8 months pregnant so you can do it too! Great views, snow is all gone and there's a camping spot at the false peak that you can stay at if you want. Going slow it took us about 1.5 hrs to get to the peak where the old lookout used to be.

Beautiful trail! Very well maintained to the North peak. This was my second time to the North peak and first time to the South peak. Both have great views but the North peak has more of the 360° views. There are a few fallen trees over the trail to the South peak but nothing difficult to deal with. The only snow I saw was at the very top of the South peak. No snow near any of the trail.

Done this many times. The view is always terrific.

4 months ago

Great, scenic hike! It is somewhat hard but the climb is gradual with only one steeper part and the trail is very open.

Amazing views from north AND south peak. I’m really glad I decided to go all the way to south peak! Definitely sore the day after but gorgeous hike throughout. The coordinates took me directly to the trailhead on my gps. Service road to get there was in good condition. Do this one!

4 months ago

Hiked today... no snow on the trail at all, but there is some snow at the top

4 months ago

Better views from the North summit.

As of 5/16/18 this trail was passable but the last 1/3 mile had patchy, melting snow. Very slippery so take your time. Orange tags hang on trees so you can follow those once you hit snowpack and lead you up the mountain. I found a remote to a dog training collar-- it was in perfect condition so I left it at the trailhead.

Well marked and easy to follow trail with a decent climb from the trailhead up to the North peak. Still plenty of snow up top, but the trail is easily followed and the snow is generally well packed easy to navigate. Nice views North, west, and east.

5 months ago

Pros: Accessible, summit is partially free of trees, potential 360 degree view, trail is not strenuous Cons: Popular, Access road can be heavily tracked, potential for lightning storms
I have been up the Park and Hike trail to the North Peak (there are two Chilco peaks) quite a few times. As previous reviewers have mentioned, the access road, walking trail, and peak itself can have snow cover into early summer. Until the region has had several weeks of hot weather (usually July) assume there may be snow. The walking trail to the north peak is easy to do for fit hikers, as it involves a good amount of switch-backs. The top of North Chilco mountain is treeless, and consists of some decent amount of scree, so this allows for good views of the surrounding area, but the south and east are heavily forested and mountainous. The trail continues, for those that want to pursue it, to south Chilco peak, and dips down from the North Peak, across a saddle-back, and then up to the South Peak, which can also be accessed by a trailhead to the south of the Peak, but is further out on a forest road than the trailhead for North Chilco mountain. The trail system as a whole is a good option for those seeking an accessible , low-surprises trail in the Kootenai County region.

5 months ago

As of 5/11/18 this trail is passable but still covered in deep hard packed snow. The summit is also completely covered in snow, no trail is visible the last 1/4 miles. If your familiar with this hike, getting up is slow and seems to go on forever as it's all uphill but not too hard.
The road in currently it's clear except for one spot near the trail head. If you have a 4x4 you should be ok. If you have a Subaru Outback you won't be. I pulled a very nice gal out of the snow who later climbed the mountain trail with me. No cell service, make sure you have a shovel or tow strap.
In the summer months this trail is packed with local hikers.

nature trips
5 months ago

We actually started at the shoreline and finished with the forested area- both were easy to maneuver but there were many intersecting trails which made it difficult to navigate without the app or a map. Our 2 year old loved walking the forested path, the shoreline was a bit uneven for her so she was carried. A great view of the bay and wildflowers along the way, we’ll do this one again for a family stroll !

Definitely an easy trail, very disappointed however for it was extremely boring and for a while you are walking next to a road.

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