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Fun trail close to town. It's pretty steep, but the scenery at the top is nice. Some bouldering near the old lookout tower is a nice change of pace

22 days ago

Hiked 2 days ago. A few inches of snow was on trail for the last mile or so to the summit. I had yak trax just in case but didn’t need them The rest had icy spots & frost. No problem getting to trailhead or driving on Forest road with my Honda CR-V. Chilco is one of my favorite trails in the area!

trail running
23 days ago

A good trail for a constant chill uphill run. As stated before views aren’t that great, but it’s pretty good for a medium length run. Even at a pretty relaxed pace you should be able to complete in 4 hours. Couple downed trees on the trail and the last 2 miles is snowy. Doesn’t seem like you need to worry about mountain bikers shuttling the trail this time of year.

Very steep hike and the trail is well maintained. The top section thru the shale rock is challenging but rewarded with an unobstructed 360 view at the top.

1 month ago

Very well maintained trail and not too steep but better suited for mountain biking. The view is somewhat obstructed by trees and a very good workout. I would suggest Chilco for hiking and in close proximity.

Great for training with a weighted pack. Not to far, great elevation gain and well maintained trail!!!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, the Tamaracks are splendidly golden this time of year and the view of lake Pend Orielle from the summit is spectacular. That being said, I cannot overstate the fact that this hike is RELENTLESSLY UPHILL. There are very few spots where the path levels out and those moments are few and far between, so for that reason alone I would bump this up from moderate to hard. I’m in pretty decent shape and it was a struggle, definitely a thigh-burner!

Amazing views of Lake Pend Orielle. Best view I have ever seen.

Great midday stop for brief walk with dog on a road trip across country. Off leash time for dog was nice. Had lunch on the sandy beach. Very few people in mid week.

One of the most scenic walks you can take. It's an easy trail, but when you are lucky enough to be the only humans out there (before & after the summer tourist season), it is peaceful, and so beautiful! We enjoy watching for eagles.

Steeper than I expected. One for people who like the stair machines at the gym. But not too long. Beautiful Autumn colors. Beware of the three "ankle turner" rock fields near the top. First about 150 meters in length, the other two shorter. Forget looking at the scenery when traversing these rock fields. You have to watch where you step. Trail easy to follow, even through the rocks. Yesterday was cold and drizzly, so the summit was in the clouds, therefore, no views.

The view wow

The view at the top is amazing! Mountains as far as the eye can see! My kids have done this trail three times with me, it’s uphill but not terribly bad.

Beautiful trail. Steep sections but totally do able. Views are amazing.

This was easily accessed from highpoint trail. Scout trail goes out an opposite direction adding unnecessary length. Just a note scout trail is Bernard peak trail. This was lengthy. Clocking in at 17.4 miles. Little steep at first then a easily done moderate gain after that. Several nice views along the way. About 2/3 the way you hit your final view point then turn back to start some switch backs. After this final view point there is nothing to see. At the very top are the remnants of the old fire tower. But nothing else. Trees obstruct all views at the top. I’d stop at the last view point unless you need a work out. Do note you can easily drive to the peak as well. The road has been cleared for vehicle travel. With
Easy accessibility comes the broken glass, trash, and shell casings at the top. Highly disappointing.

3 months ago

nice area, nice flora. cool hemlock forest. grade was a little steep, though; more switchbacks would have welcome. worth doing, though!

Great Hike, smoky this time of year, definitely a decent uphill grade almost all the way in. Be sure you take the last 1/4 mile up the riprap to the summit to the old lookout location for the best views. Too bad we haven’t had much moisture the past month, the huckleberry bushes are extensive but the berries never grew enough.

More of a walk than a hike, but definitely worth a stop. Very peaceful and serene. The views are lovely.

Great trail with an amazing view!

Did both North and South today, 8/4/18. Easy to find. Great trail with some good steep ups and downs. Hornets and yellow jackets were plentiful. No water on the trail, I brought 2L should have brought 3. Took about 5.5 hours total (includes 20-25 minuteish to stop and pick huckleberries) and clocked 11ish miles total.

8/4/18- Trail was easy to follow and well maintained. Beautiful Views!!

Worth the time and effort. Our 3 year old knocked it out like a champ. A slow champ, but still a champ. Don’t let the scree at the top keep you from checking the last .25 mile out.

4 months ago

Hiked in mid July. Temperature was mid to upper 80's. The temperature definitely dropped at the summit, with a great breeze that made it comfortable. This trail is very woodsy. Be warned: it is an uphill climb the entire way. We calculated 2 miles to the first lookout with fire pits and views. You'll want to take a brief rest before climbing to the summit. From there, it's .35 miles to the summit. This last piece has lots of shale and very rocky conditions. But the views from the top are incredible. Definitely a workout, but worth the effort.

Good hill climb the entire way up

The trail was lovely and nice and shaded most of the way, however, the views were a little disappointing with no real clear ones at the top. So overall... good trail/good workout, but less than ideal views for the distance.

The review below by Tessa is completley accurate. Had originally planned just the Bernard Peak loop but decided to do this one to add some mileage and elevation :) Bring more water than you think you'll need as the streams are drying up. The length is definitley what makes this rate as hard. 4 hours up (with some off trail adventuring) and 3.5 down. Not a lot of views but a great hike.

Grueling but gorgeous!

beautiful well maintained trail, and gorgeous views from the peak. windy and cool, I suggest an extra layer for the top. will definitely hike again!

Fun hike for the family. Took my 7 yr old and 9 yr old 2 weeks ago. It was about all they could handle (uphill to the peak) but the view was worth it. Hardly any snow left.

5 months ago

It's a steep trail but so very worth the view. I've been on a lot of hikes in some cool areas and this remains my favorite.

Bring a light jacket for the top, it's very windy at the top. Leave plenty of time so you don't have to rush up or rush the view. You have to wait until around June for all the snow to be gone. I went today and there's beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

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