Easy walk with an amazing view of the falls. Enjoy!

no shade
17 hours ago

Some of the poles are easy to find but some are more difficult, they really need to fix them up. Other than that, it’s such a fun, unique hike. It’s only a mile but definitely feels longer since it’s so hot and some of the lava rock is difficult to scale.

1 day ago

We’ve been hiking Tubbs Hill for nearly 30 years. As always it doesn’t disappoint for the views. It was nice to see the volunteers out picking up litter.

Beautiful! It is easy walk to the falls from the parking lot. I would suggest following the path to the left to see the different viewpoints without the crowds.

Beautiful views... not much of a hike. Just a nice little stroll. But definitely worth checking out. Can get busy on the weekends/holidays with tourists however. And during the summer you do need to pay the fee to get into the park. Or just walk down there from the other side of the canyon rim trail.

4 days ago

Very nice and generally easy to follow main trail, and the lake views were particularly amazing at sunset. This area deserves its popularity, though fair warning that masks and distancing aren’t really a thing here! I recommend bringing at least a bandana for protection and courtesy.

4 days ago

nice hike

5 days ago

6/30/20 - great access and in my opinion a must for all fitness levels to enjoy DT and take in the views.

6 days ago

A nice paved trail along the canyon. Have walked/jogged/biked it numerous times from the end by Elevation Restaurant all the way to Shoshone Falls. Overall, its super easy and not much elevation change until you are going down/up at the Shoshone Falls end. It is mostly in direct sunlight, so it can get hot. But also it can get very windy up on the rim. Highly recommend this trail for a easy stroll or bike ride with some amazing views.

Nice short easy trail with good signage along the way explaining ecological features of area. Much better than what was there when I did a school field trip to the area in the early 80's. Back then you followed a narrow cinder trail through the area. All I remember from that trip is that my shoes were shredded by the end of the walk & I suffered from heat stroke after walking along black lava in 90° weather. Much more pleasant now!

7 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Best on week days, if you would prefer quietness. Bring your swimsuit because there are many spots where you can stop and make a jump in the lake. Also, you may spend the day on the beach, so bring some snacks. It’s fun for you and your family, or with your spouse or girlfriend. Bring your dog if you would like. Enjoy your day, and think of the Maker and Designer of such glorious beauty. Chérif.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a hike, but a walk. A very nice walk though. It can be broken down into segments as short as 1 mile which makes it nice.

9 days ago

Beautiful, easy, short hike with a lot of rocky outcrops to walk over to, stand on and gaze over the lake.

The lake is gorgeous, but the trail is too close to the road for my taste, the formal trail ends at places and then you’re just riding on the road shoulder: yikes. Not one single person warned when passing. I do feel pretty good making it up that hill without stopping though lol! I will find other trails next time.

10 days ago

Fun hike with lots of beautiful views. The side trails are worth the detour!

13 days ago

Mixed it up. Took Summit Trail option, and connected with Fire road for a nice trail run.

14 days ago

Easy trail with some good views of the lake.

Fun place to rollerblade. Some hills

it was good walking in till we see a snake

16 days ago

Nice walking “hike”, great views of the lake.

Super great for a quick wow moment. The falls are beautiful and super easy to get to.

19 days ago

Always a favorite!

21 days ago

Great park to walk around!

might see a Radle Snake, guess that would be the highlight, we just wanted to stretch our legs... Pretty cactus flowers to see as well....

22 days ago

Touristy trail. Always highly trafficked on nice days. Beautiful beaches along the hike. It’s nice when you are able to get one to yourself!

24 days ago

Trail is marked wheelchair friendly. Lies. I was going to take my stroller and that would have been impossible over some of the larger rocks on the paths and climbs. Super glad someone warned us. Beautiful scenery. Easy trail for my kiddos. Def a popular trail!

over grown
24 days ago

Trails were overgrown and rough in spots. Overall nice park, very busy

road biking
no shade
29 days ago

Switchback section from Shoshone Falls Park to the rim trail (and back to visitor center) should be described as 'hard'. Unless you're in great shape you'll be walking your bike up this section...otherwise this is a well-maintained, interesting paved pathway.

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