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our yearly trek! waterfall canyon is also definitely worth the extra push.

Dogs are ok on leash.

2 days ago

One of favorite alpine lakes. It made for one epic snowshoe. Be prepared for technical shoeing, cold conditions and predators.

Easy to get to. Great scenery. Less than an hour walk.

3 days ago

It’s a pretty neat little loop- you are essentially walking to the top of a giant hill and then making your way back down. We went in December for some brief road trip relief. It was a little muddy bc of the melting snow but was very enjoyable. I felt a little like the grinch overlooking Whoville because the hill overlooks the surrounding snow covered neighborhoods, which are adorable to drive through.

This is a review for WINTER at Stack Rock. This is an incredibly gorgeous and very challenging hike in wintertime. Going with my dog, I was a little concerned about the thousand foot elevation change and 8-mile round trip, but luckily I had snow shoes, and my dog brought a good attitude. I crossed paths with another group of who all had poles, and I’d say we both probably struggled equally with our different equipment. The steep uphills are no treat at any point, but that last incline to the top was simply brutal. However, I got out unscathed and probably weighing quite a bit less. Gorgeous vistas and silent as could be. Worth it if you are experienced and well prepared! Probably not best for deep season, but after a couple snowfalls, it was great.

Such a pleasant experience

Nice winter hike along a creek.

Think the only think I didn’t like was the movement from one side of the road to the other, not to descriptive on the route, but once you find the other side it’s great.

Great late fall hike. No one else on the trail on a cold, sleety day! Saw several deer just hanging out, too!!!

5 days ago

Hiked 12/7/2018 a bit of snow on the trail, but not too bad. My husband and I were able to complete the trail in tennis shoes. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail which was nice.

Perfect 2 hour hike with great views

6 days ago

Amazing area, good first backpacking trip hike/ location!

I first did this 4 months ago and returned to check out this area with some snow cover. Unfortunately it was too warm and the trail was more mud than snow. Hike was still very nice. Solitude, peace and quiet, great forest and meadow make this stroll very pleasant.

I had to turn around a couple miles from the trail, too much snow and even with a Jeep pretty dangerous, almost slid off the trail a couple times haha. But the views on the logging road on the way up were gorgeous and I would recommend the drive up, as safely as possible til you have to turn around

This trail is a beautiful trail, particularly in the snow. The trail is not marked at all and we nearly did not find the trailhead, it was only a passing runner who pointed it out to us, otherwise we would not have found it. Also, about halfway through the trail we ran into a fork in the trail and were unsure which way to go. Thankfully the map on this app help guide us the rest of the way. The lack of trail markers was a bit annoying, but the beauty of the mountain forest makes the trail worth hiking.

trail running
11 days ago

Run this trail often- reaching out to find anyone who might have drawn hearts in the dirt on Polecat Loop 11/29/2018. Please comment here or DM me on Instagram @bestyrsofmylife

I am offering a reward! $$$

Anyone that knows, this would be a big help to me! Trying to clear my name!!!!!

Thanks and Happy Trails :-)

12 days ago

Great over look trail

12 days ago

Great family hike

great hike with quarter mile markers to encourage the kids along.

Fun trail close to town. It's pretty steep, but the scenery at the top is nice. Some bouldering near the old lookout tower is a nice change of pace

14 days ago

Nice trail. Good views from the summit.

15 days ago

Backpacked up in this area back in July and enjoyed some lovely weather and beautiful scenery. A hike up Granite Peak and another up Tripod Peak added some stunning views. Blue Lake itself was very busy, but that's to be expected. We only hiked through there, so it may have quieted down.

Nice trip! Really nice trip! Hiked counter clockwise to toxaway lake the first day. The second day we took a day trip up sand mountain pass, over to Imogene and Edith lakes. Got back to camp faster than expected so fished on toxaway all afternoon and spent our second night there. Day 3 headed to Alice lake and wow! There are two sites that are towards the end of the lake and they are worth getting there early! Amazing! Swam for a while then fished all evening. We all caught nice size Brooke’s. Day 4 out was a bit longer than expected but a nice finish to the trip

Went in late August and weather was pretty chilly, mid 30s at night

Did this hike on Thanksgiving (Nov 22, 2018). Very easy hike. It was overcast the entire time, which was nice because the entire hike was through a burn area with zero shade. No snow on the ground at all, just dense clay/mud the entire time. The hot springs at the end were clearly visible as we approached, and you could see the steam over the last hill, and they are clearly marked by a big wooden fence that was constructed around them in a circle.

Air temperature was probably about at freezing point, and the springs were very warm. The hottest pool was a little too hot initially but there's a big plastic pipe that you can use to redirect the water flow from the cold river into the pool. Lots of thick cyanobacteria / algae on the rocks where the hot water emerges, but the pool was clean enough to sit in. Stayed for about an hour, didn't see anyone else the entire time we were there. Overall it took about an hour to hike in and about half an hour to hike back to the trailhead.

There was definitely wildcat scat on the trail, but I'm not sure if it was from a mountain lion or just a bobcat. Also saw some pretty big paw prints in the mud that looked fresh. Be on the lookout for forest cats.

I absolutely love the beginning of the hike, the way the trees fall over the straights like an abandoned blvd in a movie. The hike itself Seel little direct sunlight and that keeps temps perfect. Did a quick hike this November with the intent of camping but limited spaces available, would have gone to the upper lake but friends backed out. Will try again!

This trail was definitely beautiful the view was unfortunately covered in fog. Went on 11/25 and the higher we got, the more snow there was half way there was a foot of snow on the trail and fog as thick as seeing 5ft in front of you. It would have been absolutely gorgeous and I would of gave it five stars if the fog hadn’t covered our views.

Gps takes you the wrong path. A park ranger told us how to get to the peak. If you go by gps it takes you to a mud/rock road full of potholes and a big puddle we couldn’t cross and came back I think it was when gps told us to turn right that took us off track. The real road to the trail is also an unofficial road but at least it has less potholes and its easier to drive in.

Made it to the top, but it was tough. I would rate this one hard. Seen lots of Deer and a Coyote. Garmin says 3000 ft elevation and it was about 11 miles round trip.

Super easy hike in, but the springs were either way too hot or way too cold. It was a little challenging to find a comfortable spot to sit for long. Otherwise, it’s a nice little spring.

Easy hike in, and the pools were nice. It was pretty shallow and lukewarm, but overall it was not bad.

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