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An awesome trail. Continued on to SW Hunter ( Leavitt peak). 10.28 mile loop. Well worth it.

19 minutes ago

Great for hiking. The trail is very sandy and some parts have small bark. Good shoes are needed. Wonderful view of the valley on the upper North rim.

There are roaming dogs from the homes near the upper rim that do not clean up after their dogs. Reminder to keep your dog on a leash and take the poop bag to the garbage.

Should start earlier on these beautiful sunny days, but great hike.

Absolutely beautiful trail! We kept going to Bradley lake, but Taggart Lake was so much better. After hiking over and past gorgeous flowing streams, we made it to this spectacular lake. The water was crystal clear and there was a huge boulder on which to sit. We spent time with our feet in the water, which our kids (11 and 8) loved! This trail is a must see.

This is an awesome hike and accurately rated. There are a sufficient amount of signs to keep you on the correct path; as there are other trails that intersect. The waterfall is a wonderful achievement to get when you make it to the top. The trail actually continues all the way back to copper mountain, but most people stop at the waterfall. I would recommend this trail to almost anyone, only the last 20 minutes are rock scramble.

I took the dogs here last week, and there was a stream with pretty high water crossing the path about 5 minutes into the hike. I didn't want to risk it, so we just wandered around the area, which has some really cool old mines. I'm going to try again later in the summer or fall, and hopefully the water won't be so high.

38 minutes ago

Great hike! If you do the loop, make sure you hang a right instead of left on the back side.

54 minutes ago

So much fun took my daughters and nephews
Great for kids, ages 10 months, 5 years, 7 years and 9 years

55 minutes ago

If you follow the entire trail, the total distance is 14 miles. We hiked it on 6/21/17 for a total distance of 11 miles there and back (we wandered around the summits a bit too). We made it to North Chilco Peak, which is about two miles in, through South Chilco Peak, about 5 miles in, before turning around. The views from North Chilco are better, in my opinion, but there's nothing quite like bagging two summits in one hike! Especially with sister peaks:) If you want a shorter hike, it is well worth it to hike the 2 miles up to North Chilco, the view is incredible there. We ran into a surprising amount of people on this hike, about 5 or 6 groups. The flowers are beautiful right now, especially the bear grass, but there is more bear grass on the North Chilco side vs the South Chilco side. The first two miles are definitely the steepest, but if you power through it, the views are well worth it. Note: do not confuse the first lookout point with North Chilco Peak (I did that the first couple times I hiked this and I'm so irritated at myself!) The first lookout point is beautiful, but keep going a little ways and you'll see a sign that says North Chilco is 1/4 mile away. Follow the sign up and you will be rewarded with an incredible 360 view. Happy hiking!

1 hour ago

Lots of horse droppings. It's also sandy until you get to the canyon.

Easy hike that treats you with an incredible view of the falls. The trail is never strenuous and is a great trip if you don't have all day!

Perfect choice for a short, moderate day hike. It was just as everyone described...1st half is where the elevation is mostly gained, and then the path nearly flattens out until the final water crossing just before the falls. All along the path, the trail has great signage, but be on the lookout for the very small sign directing hikers up to the falls; there was a group of resting hikers standing rights in front of it and we missed it on the first pass (but used the GPS on this app to reroute us...great feature!)! On a non-holiday, Wednesday afternoon, the trail was relatively well-traveled with many family groups, singles, and couples.

The only issue we had was actually getting to the trail! At first, we used the GPS link on this site, and it took us off route. I"m very sure this could've been user error :0, and found the trail when I used the written directions that some kind person linked on the topo map on Alltrails.


1 hour ago