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Me and my crew couldn't have asked for a better place to backpack and camp. Although the hike in with 30lb packs was rough for us since we hadn't don't any training prior to our trek, we made it in, found our spot and survived next to the pools for a good 3 days. The views were immaculate and there was plenty of good places to hide in the shade. The pools were beautiful and there was plenty of water for us to swim and filter. If you're going to do this hike and make it an overnight, make sure you have at least a gallon of water on you and a water filtration system.

11 hours ago

Beautiful trail. Not to difficult even if you’re out of shape. A few good hill climbs, but overall gorgeous and very fun

11 hours ago

Amazing hike, I really liked it. I'd say do fairytale and this loop. This is NOT a hard hike, moderate. Bryce viewpoint is great, and going down there is equally cool. Worth it!

Hard going! First half straightforward, second half difficult route finding, mostly breaking trail and frequent thigh-high snow. Snowshoes would help a lot! At least there are now two sets of tracks to follow...

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12 hours ago

Dogs off leash on every visit to this park. My horse and i were attacked by a Pitbull off leash, and many friends with horses have also been attacked, as have their own dogs. The dog park fence is too low, dogs jump out and attack. If this wasn't bad enough.... the water in the lake is toxic, full of bacterial. Just a puncture wound inn this water can have deadly consequence, and has. The frisbee golf course is a terrifying thing, but the model planes, drones, and parasailers with fans strapped to their backs takes the prize as for what unglues the best of horses. Oh, and don't ride on the bridges, they're old, narrow, and unkempt.

13 hours ago

Nice hike.. Did a one night backpack, didn’t see any wildlife but there was plenty of sign surrounding meadow. Woke to a couple inches of fresh snow and fog around the peaks. Beautiful.

13 hours ago

We got poured on, which doesn't bother us. Trail was muddy but very manageable, but it is very narrow and steep drop offs in some places so be mindful when it's wet. I was surprised by the amount of people we saw. The last part of the road going in was pretty pot-holed so all the traffic was a bit of a shock. It's a spectacular hike though and the waterfall is huge. So loud sometimes you don't realize it until you get a bit away.

14 hours ago

Nice uphill climb and easy wide trail. Love the waterfalls and creek. Great walk. Lots of bikers.

straight good point too hike

I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't always so fucking crowded

Love the Pudd! Go here religiously. So beautiful and peaceful. One time I saw a dude taking pics of some hot slut on a sports car. It was my favorite random thing that ever happened there! Lol

it's just ok. I mean if you just want to putz around. it's pretty and you can always go down to the swing at the creek.

Beautiful from start to finish... trail were free of snow to Green Lake..
great hike for all ages with lots of river views,,

14 hours ago

Beautfiul Views

It was a fun adventure. I love taking photos off trail, looking for unique points of interest. I got a lot of great little photos on here. https://instagram.com/p/Bh-am7Fnd6z/

Great as a trail run, if a little steep to run on the way up.

Fairly easy trail with great views. I took a detour up the rocky hill of the Little Thompson Overlook Trail and hiked back down onto Eagle Wind for an added challenge. This ended up being a 5.8 mile hike. We saw a lot of deer today (4/19/18).

16 hours ago

Beautiful views. If you enjoy grasslands and hogbacks you’ll enjoy it. I usually like trails with some tree cover, so I went on a cool cloudy day and it was perfect! A few mountain bikers and hikers. Everyone was refreshingly friendly!

great views along trail. A little difficult, but worth it all the way up and down stopping A lot to talk to other hikers

Very nice trail, one of the better ones I've been on. Great views and a couple nice water features. Trail maintainers have done a great job, you can tell they are actively to working to repair the few washed out bridges and blow downs from the flooding this winter/spring. I started at the trail head at the Visitors Center and went south. Next time I will go north 1st and get the hilly section done with fresh legs. The road walking was a little unnerving, but only lasts a short while. Trail was very well blazed, would be tough to get lost.


really good hike and great views while you hike.

nice history and view

A fun day hike! Challenging enough to make you feel good when you reach the car but easy enough that my 12 year old was able to do it as his first ever hike. Variety of terrain and great views. Definitely would do it again!

My family loves this short hike, and has done it many times. It’s easiest to do clockwise. Trail is hard to find in some spots, but nothing that would get you lost. We have taken horses too. Worth giving a try if in the area.

A challenge for trail running. A good hike. Very green during April. I had heard from another hiker there are rattlesnakes out so be careful at the top where the tall grass is.

20 hours ago

Great rock formations and the dogwoods are blooming so the woods are really beautiful. Lots of water running and beautiful views from the bluffs. Nice little hill to start out, but the rest of the trail is easy.

Enjoyable hike - great scenery

As everyone else has noted, it is so muddy, but so much fun. Even though it was hot, I made sure to wear a water resistant long sleeve layer to fend off mosquitoes as they are everywhere! This hike is technical, so bring some trail running shoes or hiking shoes with some sort of rubber grippy part on the bottom. You will get muddy and wet, so maybe step into some mud to start your hike off right!

Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you choose to jump in the swimming hole :) If you want to take pictures of the waterfall, I recommend bringing a wide angle or fish eye lens to really capture it!

21 hours ago

Great hike! There's a lot of incline both ways, but the view at the top of the mountain is worth it. There is also no shade so make sure you load up on sunscreen and wear a hat.

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