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8 hours ago

Very muddy , but other then that really liked this hike very pretty . Took my 9 year old and 7 year old and they did really good with this hike

We have just done it today. 12/10. It was absolutely doable by a 2wd car.
The view was great but the waves were too big for going far into the water.

11 hours ago

For those who like rock scrambling with some challenge, try starting from Hakimo Rd via the water supply access road. There is also a puka along the ridge. Some parts require some contouring and some parts require cliff face rock scrambling. We did a 3.4 mile loop via the highway since we dont have two cars.

12 hours ago

Very hard, but so worth it! You can go at your own pace and when you stop to take a break there is a gorgeous view behind you the entire time. Tricky footing sometimes so keep your hands free! Expect lots of squatting and climbing and the occasional use of hands if you’re clumsy like me. There’s a really great sense of accomplishment at the end!

Relatively easy because it is well paved. Entirely uphill. Very crowded with two way traffic. The biggest issue is that the crowds are mostly tourists who all have different ideas about what side of the trail to be on, how close to be, how much of the trail is ok to fan out on, and how fast to go. There is a stretch of the trail that goes through a cave, which, if you’re the kind of person who gets claustrophobic in elevators, might be a little uncomfortable. Lots of stairs and the viewing platform is very narrow and crowded. View at the top is totally worth it!

Trail is fun n exciting. Best to go in da morning wen the sun is up. We went around 1 n I gotta say going on a wet day made it fun and dark.also best to put your own marking. On da way back from the falls we fallowed a different path that was marked n it lead us to a game trail instead.

Hey Jeremy, my Instagram handle is @kris__benson (2 underscores). DM me — we’re planning on starting around 7 AM tomorrow dec -10th as well.

trail running
17 hours ago

Beautiful run and views. First half was a hike with more runnable parts the second half. Downhill was a great technical test. Got up in 40 min and down in 25 min. Recommend starting before sunrise to avoid being in sun. I started at 6:30am

Young life lost the day we were planning to visit. Not worth it, at least in the winter when the tide is high and extremely dangerous. Be smart and be safe if you do hike it. Never turn your back to the ocean.

1.5 rating
This hike was a big dissapointment for my friend and I. The terrain is difficult, mostly sandy and on a constant incline. We were also very frustrated as the advertised distance was not accurate, in total to reach the summit, we hiked for 13km rather than 9. We followed the trail and did not take any detours. This could have been an issue had we run out of water.
Once we figured out that the distance was not accurate, we pushed through as we were promised gorgeous views. In complete honesty, the views at the top were not what we expected. Not to mention that the summit is a sacred area and hikers are discouraged to complete the hike. After hiking 13km, this was extremely disappointing.
We completed the hike in 6.5 hours (the average is 8) and although we made good time, we would have much preferred to spend our day at the beach.

we truly wish that we felt differently about this hike but we would not recommend to our friends.

Crowded and touristy, but still a classic. I like to go in the late afternoon when most of the tours are gone.

21 hours ago

12/9/2018-We were originally going to visit Kamananui Valley to see the streams but there wasn’t any stalls available by 0800 so we headed over to Waimano instead and started around 0810. A fence was recently put in place so there’s not as much parking along the road, but not too bad for parallel stalls. Only came across a pair of hikers the whole time. The lower trail was muddy as expected but it was nice to be out and about. It was especially nice because it wasn’t too hot so you could feel the cool breeze coming from the stream!

what a great hike! incredible views! wear proper shoes!!!

The loop is open, but the dam is CLOSED.
Nice mahogany forests, but no vistas and, did I say, Muddy?

an easy but muddy trail. beautiful waterfall at the end after a wonderful jungle like trail. saw many folks with inadequate footwear...this trail has muddy slippery spots! please dress properly and keep an easy hike fun.

beautiful half day hike.

incredible views along entire hike. good elevation gain, a little slippery at spots, wear good hiking shoes with tread. would not recommend to do hike in or after big rain

Great little trail. Beach is beautiful and not very crowded. Short hike down hill on the way there. A bit muddy, but possible for all ages at a steady pace.
Keep in mind when going to the rocks, that when the tide is high, the water is over them and not safe to travel. Be sure not to be over there when the tide comes in. Safety first.

If you want a hike that gives you views of the ocean and coast and not terribly touristy or hard, this is it.

* Steep from the get go. Bring actual footwear with grip
* Gets windy, people lost hats and shades. I almost did
* Past the second pill box is really overgrown. Bring a machete a wear long pants.

I went to the fourth "pill box" at the 1 mile mark is tiny compared to the first 3. (#1 is by itself, 2 and 3 are together) and after that the trail is really overgrown. I saw some folks ahead of me really struggling so I turned back as I didn't have a machete, or long pants.

Even though this hike is a must see for Honolulu/Oahu it's not much of a "hike" good elevation and workout with a view, that's it.

* WAY too touristy. Lots of folks who have no business going up will be there. No trail etiquette in the slightest
* Paved all the way up. Badly at that. Times were you will trip and fall
* If you're a hiker, take the "hard" route when it comes up. Stairs to get the blood flowing.
* Views are great. Crowded. Tourist spot in tight quarters.

This hike is mostly stairs other then the very beginning and the very top. It can get a bit muddy and is definitely not for someone who doesn't hike/workout regularly. I hike and workout regularly and it winded me.

*Mostly "Stairs" made from an old rail. So not even and not spaced like you would want.
*Gets muddy and slippery after a storm
* Lots of stairs in disrepair and the state should definitely charge for this hike so they can maintain
* The views are amazing. Especially at sunset

Theres a "Safe Bypass" that this group is pushing about halfway up to save the stairs. I hope they get this word out more.
Notes on the bypass as I took it on so if you plan to here you go
*It has rained so very slippery
*Very steep so you'll be on your butt on the way down
*Overgrown and narrow. I'm 6 foot. Lots of ducking and getting caught/scraped (wearing shorts)

Great "off the beaten path" spot for cliff jumping.

Absolutely gorgeous views. Relatively flat hike/walk, but you definitely need to pay attention to where your walking with the uneven rocks.

It was raining and windy, but the views were totally worth it. The trail can be slippery when wet so would recommend good shoes.

short but extremely scenic

Trying to do this hike on Monday December 10th if anyone is planning on going. As of now I’m going alone going to start around 7am

Great views of Waimea canyon! The waterfall is a little bit small but overall, great hike!

Visited today (12/8) and several “do not pass” signs and a tall fence line the road. Did not attempt but could see several others that had managed to climb down.

It’s more of a walk as others have stated. There is a $10.00 entrance fee. There are times parking can be challenging because it gets crowded. If you can wait it out, the breathtaking views and picturesque background is completely worth the $10.00.

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