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Hawaii Map

Simply the best views imaginable. most people we saw going down had flip flops on, would recommend proper shoes. the trail is right on the ridge in many places so if you aren't a sure-footed hiker maybe just stay at the lookout where the trail begins.

Pretty good hike but the view at the end was money!!!!

The view at the end was great. I wouldn’t recommend going after heavy/moderate rain as the trail can be super slimy in parts all over the hike. Heading down after it rains is near impossible. And bring bug spray. As it turns out, mosquitos aren’t very nice.

Absolutely amazing...can be dangerous if not careful but the view at the top was worth it!

Using this app was a life saver otherwise very confusing trail.

Well worth it!

Like other users wrote, a “moderate” rating is a bit too high for this trail, as it is mostly flat and not super technical. However, seeing as though this trail takes you along the cliffs and ocean, you can easily make it anything from moderate to deadly depending on your skill level and stupidity.

The trail is not well marked but we found the user trails all generally ended up in the right place and you can easily make course adjustments for a better view or easier terrain depending on preference. As long as you are “generally” headed east/north on the way out or west/south on return you’ll get there.

The part by the golf course is a bit lame but quick; otherwise mostly spectacular coast and mountain / valley views the whole time. Keep an eye out for sea life along the way, and peak into the tide pools if accessible to find hidden surprises. Don’t forget to explore the cave area and spend some time looking at the tortoises just on the other side of the footbridge. Past the footbridge I’d recommend staying on the beach around the point instead of following the trail - the trail takes you down a utility road and the beach is ultimately more scenic. We were fortunate enough to see a mother monk seal and her two day old pup on the beach this way - never would have seen that on the trail!

Overall, a nice low-key hike. Not challenging or technical but don’t wear sandals or flip flops. Being mostly exposed wear a hat and bring lots of water. Pick a spot on the cliffs after the beach for lunch and continue on or turn back.

12 hours ago

Hiked today 4/22 at 9am. Street parking was easy and safe. Expect mud and to get your shoes and shorts muddy. The trail comes to a y as your start to decent towards the water. If you go right, You'll end up downstream and will have to hike up 1/4 mile to the falls. We jumped off the lower pool cliff into a 10ft pool. Upper falls was beautiful! We joined two other parties during the hike and had fun. Mahalo.

Great easy hike with lovely views of the ocean for most of it, lots of good wind even at 12 noon.

Very fun and challenging hike, you will feel like a baby deer walking down it though!

Amazing flowers and plants. Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful views at the top and the military history is neat. Had a guy feint from heat at the top who had to be flown out by helicopter. Not a long hike but stay hydrated with the heat and stairs.

This trail should be rated moderate. It is wet and rocky the whole way. The falls are pretty but not too much to see on the way to them. Extremely crowded.

Beautiful views of the ocean as you like . Cool lighthouse and view at the top. fairly crowded but that is typical of most trails in Oahu.

Easy for the first half getting harder for the other half. But when u reach the top is feel so great

Pretty easy but fun. Nice view and beautiful beach for sigh seeing

Hiked yesterday. Perfect family friendly trail for hikers of nearly all levels. Brought two babies in front pack. Slight hill to get the cardio going but nothing too difficult or very long. Beautiful mountain and forest views. The waterfall was raging and beautiful. We stopped and took photos and it only took us about 2 hours. Great way to acclimate to the Hawaiian heat and temperatures without getting overtired or too hot.

Beautiful views at the top. With the recent rains be prepared for the clay to be slippery.

Great short hike, it is listed as easy but I went after a rain which I think it makes it more moderate of a hike, don’t be afraid of getting muddy.

18 hours ago

if you are out of shape this hike will kill you lol

18 hours ago

It's muddy and steep some spots you are climbing down the cliff. But it is not extremely dangerous. I took my 6 yrs old daughter and she did it with a little bit of help. It's worth the hike. I wouldn't recomend it for younger kids. FYI you can not swim in it so don't bother bringing swimming suits. Go at your own risk, since there's plenty of signs saying so and you are literally jumping a fence.

18 hours ago

Use 4WD! We drove it in a car, and the potholes were very difficult to maneuver. Too risky without 4WD. We did the redwood and plum trails to make a full loop. There were several downed trees across the paths that required you to crawl over, under, or around. Be cautious because the ground is soft on the edges of the paths. It’s a touch climb back up the plum trail. Not for the faint of heart. I wore my heart monitor because I’m an avid runner and I track my rates, and I was in the red for many parts of the way up - had to take it very slow. Beautiful hike on a clear day, but I would not want to drive the dirt road if it rains.

19 hours ago

4/22/2018-Started hiking around 0730 and encountered 7 groups/solo hikers. (There was a pair of hikers with 8 dogs with them; the dogs seemed pretty friendly.) Trail was a little muddy but the weather held up and is shaded most of the way. Most of the tunnels were filled with water so I don’t imagine people will be trekking through those anytime soon. Noticed there was another trail at the end point that seems to head down into the valley but will explore that on another day.

Nice waterfall! Easy hike.

Did this hike 21 April 2018 with some friends took us 7 hours it was rainy and muddy and being very careful along the crater ridgeline. A lot of people did not continue on to the crater they just did waterfalls and turned around. Which in my honest opinion is more sketchy to climb down those waterfalls than to continue around the crater. This hike is not a easy hike so I would not recommend small children or the elderly. They are some sketchy areas for sure. But we all had a big smile on our faces when we completed the hike and was grateful and humble to come out in one piece!!!

Nice views, but dis only half of it since there are no signs and it is not maintained and at one point we had no clue where to go. We ended up simply enjoying the black sand beach on the north side of the loop.

1 day ago

Awesome hike!

4.2 mile out and back. Great workout at the end. Some stairs but no ropes. Some washed out steps due to last heavy rains. Bring water, snacks, micro spikes and rain gear. Shorts ok as trail in great shape.

easy hike with very clear paths. don't wear thongs,flip-flops

I did this when I first got here. There’s better views out there that involve an actual hike

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