Drove up the first ranchland section in my 4WD Pilot (not lifted), a bit hairy in sections (rocks & drops) but almost made it till the forest line, had to park before the last hill due to mud. Started the hike at the red gate around 1pm (couldn't start earlier due to my schedule, but wish I had). Weather was cloudy/foggy the whole time with light rain. Took about an hour from the gate to go around 3/4 mile on the main trail to the windy ridge line. I was walking carefully so as not to step in the mud puddles in the trail, but it gives you an idea of how much time it can take to navigate the trail carefully. When I got to the ridge, I followed a trail to the right (east) along the ridge, and as I was following trail markers on trees, I spend another hour and a half or so traveling just over a mile or so (This section of the trail is less muddy), and found myself back near the start! The mist is so thick here it Is hard to keep going the direction you want. And when I returned following markers on the path I had taken, I noticed how many trails spurs there are with markers. Got back to my vehicle just after 5pm. It was quicker going back, as I didn't care so much about getting muddy. Slipped into one mud spot that was up past my knee (yes, 2 ft. deep). With all that said, the forest here is beautiful, and unlike anything I'd seen while living on this island the last 30+ years. Will come back and make it to the summits next time, now that I have more of my bearings. Only attempt this trail if you enjoy suffering, and if you do, it will be worth it!