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Waimea, Hawaii Map

Nice interpretive nature trail. Very easy. Many trees to identify.

Late afternoon walk to the tree line. Got there at sunset and back to the truck just before dark. Nice views.

This hike was the last one I did during my trip to Kauai. I will say the Black Pipe portion of this trail is pretty mediocre, but the rest of it is incredible. If you're up for some exercise, this is the way you should experience Waimea Canyon. It becomes much more impressive and magical the farther you get away from the overly crowded lookouts. Also, Waipoo Falls at the end is amazing. Totally worth the effort. Check out my blog post for more on this hike!


pile of rocks......Pretty boring.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Would say easy versus the moderate as shown. Nice way to spend an hour and a half or so in the sunshine.

1 month ago

This trail is not that bad. Pretty cool views, some good uphills too. The only problem with this map are the two spots that overlap each other. They got us pretty lost because they are not accurate. Hike down the "paved" trail until you see the second, yellow warning gate. Turn left and follow the old abandoned highway until you get to another warning fence. Just before it there will be a washed out part of the highway on the right and a steep trail up covered in red mud with another warning sign- take it. It may have a lot of debris but it clears up just over the hill. Follow that trail until you see a trail head for Kaunala trail on your left(there will be a tan tree growing out over the dropoff on your right). Follow this trail for quite some time and it will take you back to that original "paved" road. Safe travels!

2 months ago

Definitely a bush whack. We were looking for a view of the Napali and we got just that. Not an easy hike. Round trip took us 5.5 hours. The end view was incredible but not as majestic as we would've hoped. Wear leg protection as the brush hurts. We wouldn't do the hike again, where as we would do the awaawapuhi again.

Don't get me wrong - this was a great hike. However, somewhere along the way I believed there would be a great view from the top but that reward was elusive due to the low tree canopy, even though the weather was clear. The abrupt change about half way up from hiking pastureland to the moist forest bog was welcome and intriguing. The trail was muddy, however, and I found myself going knee deep in it a few times. Something better than the running shoes I was wearing would be advised. Despite being marked with flagging, it seemed easy to lose the trail, especially when searching for firm footing. Not a risk really of getting seriously lost, but if you lost the trail it could be a long and uncomfortable hike out.

3 months ago

Love it, so beautiful. There is actually two great spots for amazing views, but you have to find the short little off shoots for both of them that lead to clearings to see out over the valley, they are both kind of hidden. I used to Run this trail every morning when I loved in Pupukea, absolutly perfect for a nice 45 minute run, never gains or loses elevation to much. Do not let the gate and warning signs at the entrance scare you, it is accessible to the public, though during the week you might run into some military exercises on the pupukea range, and it is also a very popular hug hunting location. Like all other trail-head's on Oahu, don't park here with a rental car, you have a high chance of getting broken into. Make you car look like a North Shore car, beat up with lots of stickers, and they will leave you alone :)

4 months ago