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Fantastic hike! I started at Makapu'u and yes there's signs everywhere that say no hiking. There was an unmarked cop car at the entrance to the parking lot. I just walked across the street from the parking lot to the beginning of the hike and never looked back. It instantly goes uphill with you climbing mixture of rocks and sloped meadow. Once you get to the top of the first hill, you basically begin a ridge hike. it's undulating, narrow and windy. 1 hour in, you get to the puka. You could stop the and go back if you would like.

I continued. There are two jump off points (wooden platforms) along the way. One of them covers up the old Dead Mans Catwalk. The ridge continues on, past a private property area with antennas and stuff. There are cameras mounted. there is also a cool stairway to nowhere on the south side. A few peaks later, you get to where there's two big power poles. that's where you go down.

The descent is rocky, but not too crazy or difficult. just watch your step. not all the rocks are solid, some crumble underneath you. TEST BEFORE YOU STEP! The trail ends at Manawaiola St. There's a fence being built. It's a neighborhood, so don't be an asshole or disruptive.

5.7 miles, 4.5 hours.

Closed, illegal trail with two fences in front.

got cited coming down and heading to makapu'u lookout. it's a petty misdemeanor. trespassing 2nd, so fines up to $2500 and 30 days in jail. not worth the risk, the land owners (kamehameha schools) are cracking down to prevent injury/death liability on their land.

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

1 month ago

Not a hike to bring dogs on unless you have a backpack for them. A lot of scrambling but awesome views!

Usually just take this trail to the puka. Its on private land. Good shoes, water and a hat is recommended, it does get really windy at times. Once you get the the top of the first climb it kind of flattens out for a bit then you will get into some ups and down hills. Its a 1.15 miles from the start and took me approx 1hr to reach the puka. Once you are on the trail witch is easy to follow look for the telephone poles, you will pass by to the right of it from that point it is approx. 20-25 minutes from there. After the telephone pole you will be climbing down a little steepness, its not bad but you will be using both hands. All total about 2.3 miles. Just take your time and be safe.

So i crashed my racing drone at the hole in the mountain and had to hike up to get it...scotts slippers, loose surf shorts and a tank top lol...i am considered a little overweight and boy this trail took a toll on me. Super nice views on the way there and the trail is fairly easy to follow. All in all i was able to retrieve my drone and make it back down before sundown

3 months ago


A little hard sticking to the trail but just make sure you see the water/road when walking up and down. Definitely watch your step too when walking on the rocks; the loose ones will get you! Great for a sunrise hike and you can park in the lot for the lighthouse trail.

3 months ago

Beautiful views and definitely closer to hard on the moderate spectrum but SO WORTH IT. I talked to the police officer that was there who I assumed was watching to catch people trespassing just to make sure I didn’t get detained or anything and he said the land is DLNR owned so out of his jurisdiction to enforce. So if you see state vehicles there I’d just go back another time.

Lost the trail a couple times so use GPS. Bring a hat it was super sunny. Only made it to Puka and back which took us 3 hours but we stopped for lots of photos

Very easy to lose the trail. Great views though. Also, I don’t think the distance is correct.

I loved this trail!! It was wide paths for my 3 year old to run around on. Nothing crazy a very nice long long walk through the woods. A little buggy so bring spray but just a simple and easy walk!!!

Did this with a large crew of people, organized parking cars ahead of time in Waimanalo. I was a little wary of the trail b/c I have a moderate fear of heights but ain't no thang - there are no steep drops if you stick to the main trail. It's pretty well defined the whole way, fun to mountain goat your way up to the top. Make sure you bring sunscreen bc you're exposed pretty much the whole time to the hot hot bright sun. A guy did this trail in a kilt, no shirt and... he was lobster red when we saw him at the end. Yikes. Those of us who slathered ourselves with sunscreen and wore hats were fine. Lots of ups/down, I would rate this trail as on the harder end of moderate but not advanced. Bring plenty water, wear long pants so you don't get scraped on the thorny plants that thrive in the desert-like terrain and climate.

The hike and trail are great. We got a little bit lost in the brush at one point on the way down and got kind of scraped up. Cops sit in the parking lot at the overlook. They were there when we arrived but didn’t say anything to us. They were also there when we got back but we walked down and they didn’t stop us.

the trail is ill defined. However it is good advice to be adherent to the cliff, otherwise you will get into a very dense bushy trail.

Absolutely beautiful trail with stunning views of the city, islands, lighthouse, and sea life park. I did the entire hike one-way and loved the challenge of all the ups and downs but it was certainly difficult. Be prepared for lots of verticals FOR REAL, and I would recommend wearing long pants since the trail is very overgrown in a lot of areas. There were so many neat photo opportunities as stated by the other reviews like the hang gliding spots. I got lost a couple times from the main trail, but didn’t mind because I’d always find my way back and I’d discover little hidden treasures along the way. There’s also quite a change of scenery if you hike the whole way with peaceful pine forests and some beautiful small wildflower fields.

Would definitely recommend, just pack plenty of water and have a buddy since there were some very steep drop offs (which probably could have been avoided, but where’s the fun in that?). Also the neighborhood you end up in is a little sketchy so be aware of that. Oh and there was a cop in the lighthouse parking lot too when I went but he didn’t say anything (didn’t necessarily notice me though either).

Easy walk around the gardens, lots to look at. No epic views like most of the hikes, but still pretty none the less. Tons of flora and fauna and mostly labelled for educational purposes

We left in early morning to hike the trail from Makapu'u to Waimanalo. We the best intentions and are in great shape, but dude this trail is KILLER! The views are neck-breakingly fantastic and you are constantly stopping for pictures, so it makes it a lot longer than planned. We made it about a mile past the puka, ran out of water and had to turn around. Dang it was hot!!! When you are on the ridge it's much better cause of the breeze. When I do it again I'm taking a large hydration pack. Saw some goats on the cliff. That was cool.

We started out from the Makapuu parking lot where people park to hike Makapuu trail. As I parked I noticed a police officer sitting in a SUV in the Makapuu Lookout parking lot. They were parked as we ascended the trail and were still there when we returned but did not say anything to us. The trail is as described in others reviews. Follow the fence up the hill. A short way up there is a gate in the fence go through it and follow up. You will see the trail from here. The first 15 minutes were ascending, If you are not used to a steep incline you may find it tiring. The biggest challenge we found with the trail was it is over grown because of all the rain we had lately. In some areas it was totally over grown and was difficult to follow but thanks to GPS on Alltrails we were able to stay on track. It was not too difficult as the trail follows the ridge. It took us approximately 1 hour and 15 or 20 minutes to reach the Puka. It was immediately after we went down the ridge and back up again. This is as far as we went. The ocean views are outstanding. We live in the islands and believe these are some of the most beautiful views there are. I would recommend wearing leg coverings on this hike. There is a lot of brush you will pass through and some of it is thorny. Bring lots of water, there is little cover and lots of sun on this trail.

6 months ago

Super easy walk. Signage tells you about the plants. Awesome cactus/aloe section. Takes less than an hour.

Hard to find and many times unsure if you're actually on a trail. However, it's worth the view.

Make sure you come in spring. Other than that, great trail. DONT COME AFTER IT RAINS!!! You can also check out my video on YOUTUBE——> “Aloha State of Mind” for more clips!!!!

Puka was pretty small but the views are magnificent! Stayed by the ridge the whole time. started at the right side of the fence coming from the Makapu'u Lookout parking lot.

A favorite now for botanical garden hikes. It's got the distance, the variety, and the uniqueness of the interior crater.

Awesome trail for a quick workout. Lots of loose rocks so wear shoes with traction. Exactly 1.9 miles around the full loop according to my Apple Watch. Fun to jog around and try to beat your best time.

Definitely one of my top favorites...

One of the best hikes on Oahu hands down, the views are spectacular! Just be aware to go early to avoid law enforcement at the trailhead and also to get the jump on the sun! It gets super hot up there very quickly and there is no shade! Sunscreen and water a must.

Educational, beautiful, diverse - one of the best botanical gardens I've seen. And it's free. I visit it every time I am in Honolulu

I loved this trail. Fantastic views of the islands and beach, could even see sharks swimming in the sea life park. Good workout 3.5 hours up and back inc lunch at the top.

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