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Loved it. Did this hike with my 34!year old daughter and 14 year old granddaughter. First part was the hardest. Great views

2 days ago

A nice quick walk with incredible views before we left for the airport. Actually the drive to the park is very scenic as well.

No mud to deal with so the hike went fairly smoothly. Amazing views all along the trail. The last hill is definitely a challenge when you think it's all over.
A definite must do hike on Maui.

Sept.21, 2018
Trail starts at the fork just look for brush entrance on the curve of the road. Park by metal building on side of the where construction going on. Hike took us almost an hour to go up, it’s very steep almost 60 degree incline and 80 degree on top parts. It’s difficult and not got small kids or dogs. We started hike at 9:50am came back to car at 11:50am. Views r amazing once you reach cross keep on going. B careful of sharp drop off on side of trail. Enjoy the view but don’t get lightheaded and fall - I doubt anyone can recover a body from that cliff.
All in all very challenging hike, amazing nature. Lots of beautiful flowers and plants. Forest looks almost haunted.
Climbing up is very hard but going down is much harder. Do not go there after 3pm. Iao Valley always rains after 3. This is very dangerous trail if it’s wet.

There is an upper and a lower “secret” (closed) trail. People who speak of a river are on the lower. The upper is quite wooded. But you become grateful for the trees as you get into the muckier trail conditions! This would be why these trails are CLOSED. Most hikers are not equipped for this type of hike physically, let alone equipment-wise while on vacation. I’ve been on much better hikes with great views. This one only has a good view at the end. We hiked 1+20 one way, and the conditions just got worse and worse. We were there after a good stretch of non-heavy rain weather (Iao Valley is naturally in a geographic location that gets over 380 inches of rain per year, so barely a day goes by without rain there) and the trail was still quite slippery and dangerous.
If you still go- bring water, food, bug spray, and poles if you have them. Yak tracks would have been great! You will be filthy from the knees down, so be prepared to get dirty and your shoes will need cleaned. Please don’t wear slippers (flip flops) on this trail. The trail is closed because of too many rescues- do don’t be “that guy/gal”. (-: Turn back before you get in trouble!

Very short and easy! Mountain views are great!

8 days ago

This is an amazing hike. Two + miles straight up but the scenery of waterfalls, ocean and lush tropical flowers is SO worth it!!!

Great trail! Amazing views

This is a fun trail, can get slippery, the views are spectacular. We got to cool off in the rushing river, it was tough in a few places, take your time, take water and snacks.

The GPD says you’re there but you’re at the parking lot and there’s no trailhead in sight. The parking attendant said there is no trail, just the scenic walk. Parking there was $5, nice views but no trail.

14 days ago

This hike was so beautiful and rewarding. When I went, it was cloudy and slippery. We were in the clouds and couldn’t see out from the summit at all. But the views along the way we’re stunning. It looks like a tropical Pacific Northwest while you’re walking through the trees. Then you’re in the mountains and it’s magical. It is definitely moderate, with a couple of really steep spots. I would recommend hiking shoes/gear. This was well worth the drive and trek!

This was a fun moderately technical and strenuous hike with awesome views. It can get very windy near the top. There are two interesting educational boards near the windmill that explain the geography and how a windmill works, unfortunately both are very faded. Since others warned about car break-ins, I parked in a beachside lot just to the north of the trailhead. I figured parking in full sight of the highway might make the car a less attractive target. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this strategy since no one else parked there and you must cross a busy highway to reach the trailhead.

19 days ago

Worth the short hike. Easy overall.

Great time! A bit muddy so I'm glad I brought my poles. I'm clumsy though - they aren't required!

great hike; done it several times; go early in the morning, lots of fog and rain in the afternoon hours.

We started this trail in the morning, before clouds set in. We walked to the top of the stairs and entered the “closed trail” area. There are a few slippery spots, but with appropriate shoes it is not a “hard” trail. We went a little less than half a mile in because it started to get a little muddy and we forgot our bug spray, not due to difficulty. Does have some elevation, not sure that I would bring children up this trail. Would definitely do again for the views!

Great hike, need solid hiking shoes for some rocky parts of the trail, really worth the view !

I'm in love with this trail. I've been here twice. I'd recommend to go there when it's dry, but muddy/wet is a challenge too. I had a great experience. Amazing view! So beautiful!

As stated in several other comments, you walk all the way to the top of the stairs and cross behind the sign that says the trail is closed. You then proceed to go uphill for what seemed like forever.. but it did eventually plateua out. the scenery along the way was decent. Mostly within the trees, we saw a couple small lizards but otherwise it was just a hike through overgrown nature. Due to time restraints (2 hours to get in and out) we did not make it to the end.. but it was a cloudy day so I'm not certain we would have been able to see much anyways. not a ton of mud for our hike. Very fun and would definitely recommend it to those who can handle uphill climbing.

trail running
1 month ago

Great ocean view. It can be done in 2 hours with a walk/run.

1 month ago

Part of the trail was washed out. It took a little exploring to find the trail again, but at the tip was beautiful. Forewarned you will get muddy. There is also a way down to the river and the walk back along the river is beautiful. There are numerous places to jump in and see the natural pools.

very pretty trail. good time had by all.

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes anywhere in the world. Have done it many times. Go early, go often.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful trail - so many lookouts and great views. Feels like you can see the whole island. This was a real highlight of my trip and I greatly recommend it to anyone visiting. The trail was not too difficult and my whole family was able to do it. We finished in a bit more than two hours and took lots of time to take pictures and look at the view. There are picnic tables at the top also so you could bring lunch and eat there.

I really enjoyed this hike. It’s straight uphill, but the scenery and plants are beautiful all the way up. Maybe I missed something, but it didn’t seem to be a loop, just up and back. I’ll do it all over again if I get a chance!

1 month ago

This is a great little spot. While not a real hike (don’t expect to get your steps in here) it’s certainly a great return on the investment. Being our last day in Maui, and having 6 hours to kill before our flight, the family and I was looking for something quick and easy we could see without destroying our “going home” clothes. This was it. The whole think took less than 30 minutes and the needle was a fantastic site. The whole path is paved and the most strenuous part is the 40 or so stairs to the top lookout site.

The gate opens at 7am. I headed out ready to start the hike at dawn which was 5:45am, so had to wait til 7. Didn’t see that info anywhere on here, but saw some wild bunnies, a giant snail, and a nice sunrise while I was waiting. The trail is very nice. The mountains around you are green and lush. You get great views across Kahului and the ridge. Waterfalls are visible in the distance, but no water near the trail. It rains often over there, so expect the trail to be slippery in some places.

1 month ago

Very nice hike. Very muddy and cloudy when I went. Pretty good workout. Bring a walking stick very slippery on the way down.

2 months ago

We really loved the hike! In our opinion, the most beautiful in Maui. It’s all the way up the hill, good cardio and legs workout, but the views and the landscape worth it.
Some tips:
• there are two parking lots, drive to the nearest parking to the trail and just wait for a spot!
• get there early! Clouds move fast..at noon they usually cover the trail and you can’t take advantage of the views (one of the most espectacular things on this trail)
• bring a lot of water
• use hiking shoes..it’s really moody

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