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There is an upper and a lower “secret” (closed) trail. People who speak of a river are on the lower. The upper is quite wooded. But you become grateful for the trees as you get into the muckier trail conditions! This would be why these trails are CLOSED. Most hikers are not equipped for this type of hike physically, let alone equipment-wise while on vacation. I’ve been on much better hikes with great views. This one only has a good view at the end. We hiked 1+20 one way, and the conditions just got worse and worse. We were there after a good stretch of non-heavy rain weather (Iao Valley is naturally in a geographic location that gets over 380 inches of rain per year, so barely a day goes by without rain there) and the trail was still quite slippery and dangerous.
If you still go- bring water, food, bug spray, and poles if you have them. Yak tracks would have been great! You will be filthy from the knees down, so be prepared to get dirty and your shoes will need cleaned. Please don’t wear slippers (flip flops) on this trail. The trail is closed because of too many rescues- do don’t be “that guy/gal”. (-: Turn back before you get in trouble!