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Tough hike but beautiful

Another fun and beautiful hike. I started the hike at around 1pm and finished at 3:30ish. I also hiked Waihe'es Ridge Trail (amazing) before Lahaina Pali on the same day. Careful at Ukemahame Trailhead (West). A person had their car broken into as I arrived and a police officer was assisting. Apparently this is a prime spot for thieves since it is off the old highway. Difficult to find trailhead. If coming from West side, it's to the left and before the tunnel. If coming from airport (East), then it's past the tunnels at the first pullover spot with trees. The trail is easy to navigate and the signage is adequate. Like others have said, you're hiking along a mountainside that's exposed to the sun. Bring sunscreen and water. This is a great hike when you can't go on the Northside (like Waihe'es Ridge Trail). I found enough places to rest with either the shade or cool winds. I like the terrain. You'll be climbing on large and medium-size rocks and along winding ridges. Great ocean views and really cool end spot. Once you see the windmills on the hike, know your another .5 mile or so from the finish. Once you finish, you're nearly underneath the Windmills and there's a gravel road they use for maintenance, etc.. Apparently you can keep going and complete the East side but I hear the West- side of the hike is more scenic. Plus I had to finish at where I started (Ukumehame West Trailhead).

3 days ago

Really fun trail and has beautiful views. Went on morning hike and it was raining the entire hike up. No views on the way up. Just rain and clouds, but the hike was still fun! Very slippery b/c much of the ground is either red clay, rock or both. It can also be very muddy. The path can be both straight or winding; uphill and downhill; muddy and rocky. My downhill trek had more views because the clouds were dispersing. I almost ran back to the top, but the summit still had no visibility. Heading downhill in the wet conditions was tough. Take your time and be careful because some parts are narrow. Was able to see the waterfalls and river on my descent. Beautiful hike with benches at vista points along the way.

Such an amazing hike, right after a couple of days of rain the landscape transforms into nice grassy slopes! The uulei is still growing strong, and I found 6 more Aalii growing on the Mauka side of the Kaalaina gulch! And the views are so relaxing!!

Definitely need to get an early start. Great views but essentially no cover; lots of sun exposure. Bring extra water and snacks just in case. Steady climb, but nothing too steep. Be wary of stepping on a loose rock.

I am a 23 year old male. Pretty active and don’t hike normally. It took me one hour 15 minutes to get up to the top coming from the west side. The first 30-45 is stepping rock to rock, climbing in certain spots. The second half is a little smoother more trails less rocks and incline. The way down took me hour 25. Keep in mind I did his solo so I didn’t have anyone to slow me down. I started at 8am, spent 20 mins at the top and was back by 11am. I read some views before that kinda made me reconsider going but here’s what you should know. For the most part it’s big rocks you’re stepping on. Some sections has very loose rock. Some parts get extremely narrow but for the most part it’s smooth. There’s like 2 sketchy ridges with big drop offs but I never once felt scared or worried. Some spots you have to almost climb up. The weather was super hot for the first 45 and cools off a bit at top. There are more shade spots than you think and I went on day that was 79 and sunny. I brought 2 water bottles and a Gatorade and that was plenty. Also I wore nike skateboarding shoes and that wasn’t an issue. It’s not an easy hike that’s for sure but if you take your time and make sure you have your next two steps planned it will go smoothly. That being said my legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.

Beautiful trail. I would not consider this an "easy" trail by any means though. I would recommend you go after a few dry days. Otherwise, it's extremely muddy and slippery. Don't worry about muddy shoes because in maybe 5 minutes you will clean them with the 13ish creek crossings. Highly recommend a good hiking stick. We found a Bamboo stick at the first creek crossing that helped tremendously. You will get ate up by mosquitos as well. A good time though.

Muddy and slippery, that’s the reason why it’s closed officially. But still worth going if you don’t mind getting dirty shoes. You can wash them in the river at the end. Great view over the Valley.

Wow wow wow! A must in Maui. Breathtaking, humbling views. We went on some pretty cool hikes on the island but this was the most amazing. It is more challenging but very doable for many fitness levels. Wear good shoes though!

9 days ago

Amazing views! Great way to see the ridge line of the mountains. You’ll see long range views of a waterfall and the coastline as well. It’s about a 1,600 foot elevation gain, prepare to sweat, but the views are worth it. I would wear hiking boots as well. The trail is very slick.


Not easy by any means. You do cross the creek about 13 times. Rocks are slippery and you definitely want shoes that are meant for water. My two kids did it and had fun but they hike a lot, I wouldn’t say it’s “kid friendly” for kids that don’t hike on a regular basis and my kids did have a couple of falls. It was also very unclear where to go to get to the waterfall. The trail is confusing. Definitely some pretty areas but not my favorite hike ever.

The views were amazing. Definitely not for beginners. Bring lots of water because the shade is sparse and it does get hot. Go early in the morning.

We went in early October, started on the trail around 7 AM and it was still a little warm heading up however there's a nice breeze. It was very cool to be under the turbines. I recommend bringing at least one Walkingstick if you have one because it's Rocky and coming down it's nice to have The Walkingstick to lean on. Beautiful views great morning hike

Awesome views!

18 days ago

This is a great option to do before you head to the airport. It’s not very long and views are beautiful. However if you’re looking for a hike, this is not a hike you can do it in 15 minutes and it’s not strenuous at all

Great trail even for my second visit I enjoyed the trail. As other reviews mention, proper foot wear is important as is can get a bit muddy after some rain. At a decent pace it's about an hour to the top with great views along the way. Don't be disappointed if you reach the top and are surrounded by clouds, the trip is well worth it as you are likely to meet great people along the way as my fiancee and I did this go around. Mahalo, Beto.

Excellent hike with excellent views! Bring your water and a camera.

These tide pools are so cool! I would suggest going during low tide just to be safe. There are warnings at the top which are a little uneasy to read but just be smart when you're down there and that's why I'd suggest low tide. We were able to swim in a large pool that was well over our heads and felt safe since no waves were crashing over the rocks at the time. The hike is rocky so I would suggest closed toes shoes plus, the rocks are slippery at the bottom due to moss and being under water part of the time. Water shoes would be ideal. The hike down isn't terribly steep but you will be hiking in full sun so dress accordingly!

Awesome trail! Very lush and incredible scenery at every turn. Can’t wait to do it again.

22 days ago

Great hike. Views were amazing. Too bad the clouds rolled in when we hit the top. Accurately rated as moderate. Took us 2 hours. Great workout too.

So easy to get too!

This trail has everything you do not want in a trail: 100% exposure to sun, non-special trail, non-interesting views. Only interesting thing that we experienced on the trail was walking in the clouds.

25 days ago

Great trail! The start is a steep incline on a paved sidewalk.... A few feet afterwards you go through a trail gate and the real hike begins. There were some spots where the incline was steep but nothing too slippery or difficult. There are spots with seats or outlooks to rest. Make sure you have water for hydration.

25 days ago

Gorgeous views! Can’t wait to do it again!

Loved it. Did this hike with my 34!year old daughter and 14 year old granddaughter. First part was the hardest. Great views

29 days ago

A nice quick walk with incredible views before we left for the airport. Actually the drive to the park is very scenic as well.

1 month ago

No mud to deal with so the hike went fairly smoothly. Amazing views all along the trail. The last hill is definitely a challenge when you think it's all over.
A definite must do hike on Maui.

Sept.21, 2018
Trail starts at the fork just look for brush entrance on the curve of the road. Park by metal building on side of the where construction going on. Hike took us almost an hour to go up, it’s very steep almost 60 degree incline and 80 degree on top parts. It’s difficult and not got small kids or dogs. We started hike at 9:50am came back to car at 11:50am. Views r amazing once you reach cross keep on going. B careful of sharp drop off on side of trail. Enjoy the view but don’t get lightheaded and fall - I doubt anyone can recover a body from that cliff.
All in all very challenging hike, amazing nature. Lots of beautiful flowers and plants. Forest looks almost haunted.
Climbing up is very hard but going down is much harder. Do not go there after 3pm. Iao Valley always rains after 3. This is very dangerous trail if it’s wet.

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