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on Olivine Pools Trail

3 days ago

Not much of a hike but cool views.

Looking for a good workout with some beautiful views as a reward? This is your hike. Great cardio hike. I felt the hike up was safer, but much harder physically. The hike down was a bit dicey as there were many dead leaves and small sticks on the steep trail. You tended to slide as you descended. I wouldn’t hike this trail in the rain.

Beautiful trail BUT. It’s NOT EASY!

Because of the flooding this trail could be easy if you bring the right shoes. I was false under the impression that this is “easy” so I wore my tennis shoes. I broke my leg in 3 places(shattered ankle) on the way back and had to be carried out by fire department to finally have surgery and a leg full of metal.

This app says La Parouse bay is moderate ... I do that in flip flops. ... if they are rating it compared to exertion of energy then yes, this is easy. There are rocks to climb, slippery streams to cross, loose dirt and boulders on a trail nest to a 5+ foot drop.

I would definitely do this trail again .... after I heal ... but DEFINITELY in the right shoes next time.

25 days ago

Great trail. The trailhead is right at the turn in the road and is not marked. Park before the turn uphill near the construction site. The first half of the trial is straight up hill. It is quite the workout but really shaded and the view is amazing when you get to the top. The trail ends at the Maui preserve and there is no entrance allowed as there is a fence protecting the park.

1 month ago

Great place to go on a cloudy day! Not much of a hike, but a great place to walk around and take in the amazing views!

Lots of rock hopping and beautiful stream, rocks everywhere, climby trail, does require some agility. Definitely a moderately difficult trail. The waterfall at the end is the big payoff- swimmable but too shallow to jump in!

Was amazing BEAUTIFUL and full of history

on Iao Needle Trail

1 month ago

not really "hiking". It's just climbing stairs and walking. It's a good view though. The secret trail is much better and more rewarding.

Not all closed, portions of the garden are open and the cultural areas are nice. The Banyan tree out front was stupendous!

1 month ago

Love the valley! Pay close attention to the needle as the arch bridge may be hard to see pending weather conditions.

Would love to explore the area for trails but lots of restrictions for safety reasons.

Great views of the valley and needle with the awesome arch bridge but unable to hike the path due to overgrowth and restrictions.

Pay attention to signage, respect the lands!

1 month ago

So to get to this trail you walk to the top of the lookout and climb over a fence. That’s when the mudsliding adventure begins.

You will probably want to bring rainproof gear that fully covers your body, solid hiking shoes, and poles or sticks. We had everything but the latter and it was quite a struggle but we managed to survive by grabbing the many tree trunks just off the edge of the path. That’s possible because the trail is overgrown and unmaintained, and often rainy which makes it extremely muddy and the rocks often treacherous. It felt much longer than 2.5 miles to be honest.

The “hard” hikes on Haleakala might be long but the combination of factors above made this feel much more dangerous. There are comparatively fewer hikers going up this trail and the fact that you’re in the middle of a jungle means it’s going to be hard to get help if you’re not properly prepared and something goes wrong.

The scenery - for the most part you are in semi-dense tropical forest with some interesting trees, flowers, fruits, and birds. There are a couple of sneak peeks of the Iao Valley along the way but when you get to the end the view is stunning. It can be very cloudy however so this view isn’t really guaranteed.

The trail starts at the topmost lookout point for the Iao Valley Needle, just behind the fence at the sign ‘Trail is closed’. Yes, it’s technically closed but despite the sign lots of people hiked it when we where there. The trail is narrow at some parts, slick and muddy after rain but the view at the end is absolutely worth it! Shoes with a good profile are definitely helpful for the slippery parts. It took us 50min one way.

The trail is closed. Basically it’s just a lookout area which is beautiful with nice views, but you can only really hike a little down the river off the maintained area right now and it’s muddy and slick. The “secret” trail was not accessible.

Wanted to go further but it was slick and the weather was unpredictable.

Beautiful! Not a hike however!

This was an easy little walk and made easier because we had hiking shoes. Many folks go down just in open toed shoes. It was fairly busy and we went all the way down and sat in the pools despite lots of warnings to stay away. It’s fun. Enjoy. Do it.

It was refreshingly simple, yet extremely scenic!!! With stunning views of Lao Valley and Kahului Bay, I'll be sure to go frequently: at one point, you can even see the opposing bays of Kahului & Kihei.

A must see

This trail is technically closed right now. Out and back through forested ravine. Avoid on rainy days.

Just the right amount of scrambling to make this hike super fun.

Awesome hike! Not sure it should be rated as Easy, but I was told there was a recent flash flood that changed or blocked parts of the trail, so maybe that’s why it was a challenge. 13 crossings is an accurate description, wear good tread and plan on crossing the stream frequently. The bamboo forest and waterfalls are spectacular. The drive out Rt 340 to get there was fun too..

Rainy off and on and very muddy but the views were worth the trek.

Nice views, but the trails I came here for are closed off due to storm damage in 2016. Looks like there are people working there, perhaps to try to fix it, but they gave no estimate of when trails would reopen.

The GPS track showed for this trail is not the Kaplilau Ridge Trail to Wailuku Cross. It is showing the Ioa Valley Tableland Trail.

The description for this track states it as the Wailuku Cross ridge trail. It is not correct, as the GPS track shown is the Iao Valley Tableland trail, which starts behind the gazebo lookout point.

4 months ago

I believe the 'secret' hike they are talking about is the Iao Tableland Trail. One has to hop over the railings at the gazebo point, and follow a feint trail to the back wall of Iao. From there you have a spectacular 360 view of Iao valley and towards Wailuku.


Great hike. Not well marked but just look for well travelled areas on the banks of the river. challenging at times but the bamboo forest and the waterfalls make it worth it!

this was a neat hike but we were too safe to walk down to be on the level as the pools. Winds were crazy and the scenery was out of this world.

Not much of a hike, just walk way and stairs. The view of the needle and surrounding canyon walls is amazing though, especially later in the day when the sun is going down behind the mountain walls.

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