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Wailua, Hawaii Map

Beautiful, totally enjoyed this hike in combination with kayaking, crossing a river and getting totally wet, and seeing waterfalls.

Great combo of Kayaking, hiking and lunch at a beautiful waterfall!

Loved this trail. Pretty easy other than the vast amounts of mud. Worth the hike!

Great hike! You must kayak to get there and keep in mind it’s Muddy and takes about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall, you must traverse a river!

Definitely worth the hike and kayak

This trail is a good combination between canoe and walk, the river is quiet in canoe, after 45 minutes, you have to walk in the jungle to reach an amazing falls, don’t forget your see shoes, a very good adventure

We rented a kayak and leisurely found our way to the trail head. Yes, there were a lot of other people but you don't seem to mind. The hike in was not long or a challenge. But, if you are not in at least average shape it will not be easy. Don't bother with shoes (but bring them if you are not accustom to hiking barefoot). The mud covers half the mile hike.

The waterfall is worth it. This is a don't miss here on the island. The pool is refreshing. You MUST swim in and get in under the falls. While seeing it is worth the hike, being under it is "feeling" it. Big difference.

Beautiful waterfall! It wasn’t nearly as crowded as we expected, could be that we went on a Sunday. We had the entire waterfall to ourselves at one point, with Only 1-2 other groups the rest of the time. The mile hike from the river to the falls is extremely muddy & slippery - be prepared to get very dirty!

paddle sports
3 months ago

The river is an interesting trek. You can take a boat tour (boring) or kayak/paddle up the river (much more fun). The Falls are cool as well as the Fern grotto.

Major disclaimer: the "secret falls" are not so secret lol. This is a very popular tour destination. I decided to do stand up paddle boarding instead of kayaking, it was a perfect length for a beginner. The trees on the sides of the river make for super calm, pleasant conditions. The hike was quite crowded, even after a heavy rain that made the trail muddy; I did the trail barefoot and just hopped right into the mud. I had a blast, but this is definitely not the trail for those who don't want to get dirty. The falls were very pretty but nothing spectacular and there was a nice pool at the base to rinse off after the hike. This would be a good tour for a family, but might be too crowded/underwhelming for those who want something off the beaten path.

Beautiful hike and the waterfall. We went with the tour guide and kayaks, highly recommended to use both. Our teenagers and 10yr old loved it

Great day paddle/hike into the island on the East side of Kauai. This area isn't as rainy as the Northern side around the Na'Pali Coast area but its still pretty wet. Rainy season is December so plan accordingly. It is very highly trafficked so expect to see a good amount of people en route to the waterfall and back. The top of the hike at the waterfall can get crowded as well but if you're patient the large groups will leave together and you can spend some time at the waterfall, swim, get photos, etc...

Kauai gets hit with an average of 460 inches of rain every year so be prepared for damp if not wet and muddy conditions when hiking. Plan and bring old clothes/shoes that can get dirty and enjoy the experience! We hiked this in July and had mostly dry conditions on the trail with some muddy parts towards the end and around the waterfall. There is one large river crossing that has a fairly strong current and is about 2.5 ft deep at the deepest. There is a rope to hold on too but it can still be difficult as there are usually multiple people on the rope at one time.

We chose to go unguided with paddle boards as they were more readily available last-minute than the rental kayaks. We didn't have any issues finding our way as the guided tours are all over and you can just follow them. Be prepared to spend about 45 minutes paddling in and 60-90 minutes paddling out as the wind becomes a factor. There is no current on the river. For those of you wanting a list of what to bring/wear I recommend shoes or water-shoes, not flip-flops (Keen, Teva, etc...) for both paddling and hiking, a hat, wear swimwear and bring a pair of dry clothes to leave in the car. Finally bring some snacks and a camelback with water otherwise various members of your party will probably end up hangry and thirsty on the way back.

As always take necessary precautions when hiking anywhere new - do your research before hiking. Flash flooding seems to be the biggest danger on these trails aside from the typical hiking perils so just be cautions and have fun!

Incredibly dramatic and stunning! We went with a tour. Be careful if you go after a rainfall. Flash floods occur quickly.
Must do!

One of my favourite quick hikes in Kauai. So beautiful!

Paddling on the Wailua River was nice but I would not do it again considering the slippery and muddy trails, crossing the tributary with a rope, the crowds at the falls plus the costs of renting the kayak with a guide.

Out and back two mile kayak trip was nice. 1 mile out and back hike to the falls was VERY muddy (ie slippery) and not easy for a 69-year-old MS patient. You cross one fairly rapid river and two streams.. lots of rocks and tree roots. Nevertheless, it was well worth the effort. The falls were truly spectacular.

Mud, mud, mud. Won't be back.

Nice day trip but don’t go after it’s rained - way too muddy. Seen too many people and kids slip and fall. Lots of tour groups so secret falls was a bit crowded. Being able to kayak on the Wailua River was pretty awesome!

This was one of the best hikes we’ve been on in Kauai. We used Wailua River Kayaks and would highly recommend them. We were the first ones down the river and the paddle up was really nice.... we were also the first ones to the falls so we were able to get some really nice photos. It’s definitely worth doing first thing in the morning because the rivers gets pretty crowded.

Trail head only accessible by kayaking or paddle boarding there first! Best to go early morning when the river isn’t congested. It was a bit muddy so wear sandals with ankle straps or water shoes. There’s a part where you need to cross a river that can go up maybe thigh high. Use of bug spray is also recommended!

9 months ago

leave super early and experience the water looking like glass. very peaceful and quiet truly breathtaking

We have done this hike a few times...loved it every time. We went 2 days ago and it was very muddy and slick. Bring shoes or water socks to get wet and dirty. Beautiful scenery and falls at the end. The trail head is only accessible by kayak/paddle board.

The whole family had a great time kayaking and hiking the trail. "Embrace the mud" is the motto of the hike. Swimming in Secret Falls was great.

Save yourself some time and trouble, do more research than I did. You can’t access this trail without a kayak or paddle board. The trailhead is about 2mi up river from the indicator on this app. Only giving low rating because I don’t have a way to access the trail.

All the mud so be prepared that your shoes will be stepping in huge mud puddles but it made it fun and the fall is worth it when you swim at the end!

11 months ago

Did the 2 mile kayak, 1 mike hike to falls. Very cool at the falls. Wear the right shoes because it will be muddy.

I did this one on a SUP and it was amazing. Water shoes definitely make it easier and pretty level the whole way. The boards get slick with so many people walking on them so be careful. The falls at the end is amazing.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Very lovely kayak in to the trail (we were lucky and had great weather - very little wind), then a slick but fairly easy walk in to the falls. We arrived at the falls by 9:30am, so it wasn’t too busy. A few random rain showers added to the slippery trail, but that’s to be expected.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Easy hike after a moderate kayak paddle with great falls you can swim under at the end!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Incredible experience!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This is one of my favorites!
We went on Monday and it was quite muddy but that jus made for more adventure!
The way back it started pouring rain, it was crazy and awesome at the same time! We laughed our way back down the river.
I highly recommend this trail! When you get to that waterfall and get to swim in it... just wow!

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