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Is there even a trail? The forest is badly marked and full of crossing paths. It’s muddy, wet, easy to get lost, and you’ll end up frustrated looking for your own way through the thicket back onto the grassland. At any rate, I think the track shown here is way off. The first part on the ”off-road road” is pretty boring, but for sure you can have a hiking workout there.

Enjoyed this trail as it was exactly what I was looking for after relaxing at the beach a couple days, nice views and a good workout. It is strenuous at times uphill climb that will keep your heart pumping. The only downside is the trail is somewhat poorly marked which is not a big deal if you have this app.

Awesome hike! Go on a clear sunny day for amazing views. You can even see a herd of cows if you get up high enough.

30 days ago

moderate hike on good track. signage for plants put out by local group. nice view of Maui and big island coastline.

Beauty... 'Consumed' by the clouds. ❤

Did this on Sept 11, 2018 fortunately got some cloud cover as it can be hot. The first mile or so is on an old road and nothing special. Then you ascend through grazing land. I was nervous I'd encounter a bull, but saw now cattle at all, just a few goats who are running wild there. The road was largely dug up some folks told me it is wild boar. Beautiful green grassland and a moderate climb with a rewarding view at the top and cool breezes. There are a couple of benches there and I contmplated the amazing beauty of this island and actually had tears in my eyes. I began my hike at 8:15 ad was at the top a bit before 10. Do it!

Really really rough lava. Not for the faint of heart or balance challenged. We took the trail down to the beach and went around the long way (past the private homes) to the ponds. nice cooling off in the fresh water pond beyond the golden pond.

This trail wasn’t there and we went all the way up to the top of a mountain

A nice afternoon hike. Take your time a little, the elevation gain will slow you down a little. The first part on the road isn’t particularly pretty, but the O’hia trail cutoff is really nice. I recommend that detour to get some natural Hawaii sightseeing.

The route shown on the main map is not correct. I will suggest mine to replace this.

3 months ago

Great hike close to Kona and Waimea. Gave it four instead of five stars because of the long walk on paved road. Second half is up through green grass, sheep and goats. Beautiful views even on a hazy day!

4 months ago

This is about a 7.5 mile out and back from the sign in area. There is an outhouse at the sign in area.

4 months ago

The map shown is just one of the lower trails. This one is a loop.

There are hunters and ATV use in this area as well as hiking.

While the roads a fairly good the rules require four wheel drive.

beautiful views from the top, lots of animals, goats, cows, sheeps. little lonely but then you can enjoy only the nature sounds.

Drove up the first ranchland section in my 4WD Pilot (not lifted), a bit hairy in sections (rocks & drops) but almost made it till the forest line, had to park before the last hill due to mud. Started the hike at the red gate around 1pm (couldn't start earlier due to my schedule, but wish I had). Weather was cloudy/foggy the whole time with light rain. Took about an hour from the gate to go around 3/4 mile on the main trail to the windy ridge line. I was walking carefully so as not to step in the mud puddles in the trail, but it gives you an idea of how much time it can take to navigate the trail carefully. When I got to the ridge, I followed a trail to the right (east) along the ridge, and as I was following trail markers on trees, I spend another hour and a half or so traveling just over a mile or so (This section of the trail is less muddy), and found myself back near the start! The mist is so thick here it Is hard to keep going the direction you want. And when I returned following markers on the path I had taken, I noticed how many trails spurs there are with markers. Got back to my vehicle just after 5pm. It was quicker going back, as I didn't care so much about getting muddy. Slipped into one mud spot that was up past my knee (yes, 2 ft. deep). With all that said, the forest here is beautiful, and unlike anything I'd seen while living on this island the last 30+ years. Will come back and make it to the summits next time, now that I have more of my bearings. Only attempt this trail if you enjoy suffering, and if you do, it will be worth it!

If you are at Waikoloa or Kona and looking for some exercise, you found it. A nice 30 minute drive up the hill to the trailhead, and you’ll be in for a good workout with beautiful views. Start early and you’ll be treated to the constant sound of birds singing. You will likely see cattle, wild goats, and sheep, as well as lots of birds along the way. A relatively easy trail/doubletrack road with 1800ft in elevation gain over 3.5 miles. This out-and-back is 7 miles overall. As previous reviews stated, you can take the Ohia trail approx .5 miles from the parking lot on your right. The Ohia trail adds interest and shade cover on this singletrack section. Pay attention as the Ohia intersects a straight gravel road that you do not cross, but go left onto and continue straight up the hill. Up and back took us 3 hrs and we earned a well deserved beer and lunch at Kona Brewing afterwards Great morning exercise and workout!

Cool trails with lots of wildlife to be seen.

Lagoon is a little cold but refreshing after the hike. lots of sea turtles basking.

Turtle sanctuary!!!!

We made the mistake of taking the road up. I recommend the Ohia trail instead. Not great signage so best to know where you are going in advance. Quite the puffer in spots. Even though I gave it 3 stars my husband would give it 4. I just didn’t think the scenery was worth the 2000 ft of elevation.

We took the Ohia side trail (entrance about 1/2 mile up the paved trail) which had plenty of shade and lots of diversity, rather than all up hill. Unless your goal is just to get to the top, I highly recommend this side trail. FYI, we crossed over the first dirt road we came to and turned left at the second dirt road. Stay to your left with the houses on your right and follow the dirt road. After the Ohia Trail rejoins the main trail, it becomes more and more steep. Then when you round the cinder cone, it really is steep. but that's the last push to the top. The views are spectacular. The signage on the trail is minimal. There is a porta-john at the parking area and half way up the trail. The gate at the entrance is automatic now. We passed the first building (with the porta-john) and drove to the second building to park. The hike only lacked one element, a waterfall, and thus only gets 4 Stars. Otherwise a great hike!

We saw lots of O'hia trees, sheep, cows, golden finches and goats along this scenic trail. The trail does not stop it's ascension for 3.5 miles, but there are benches along the way to rest. Absolutely no shade to be found along the way. The trail gets steeper in the grasslands but is never technical, a child could do it. When you reach the farm buildings, stay left and head upwards, do not proceed down or right. You'll see the gate up ahead leading to the grasslands. Follow the grass road back and around up between the two pu'u and then left up to the highest point. Two benches are at the very top, along with a gorgeous panoramic view, even on a cloudy day.

This was a beautiful hike. We only ran into a few people on the trail. If you want a secluded private hike this is for you. the trail was easy. We saw lots of turtles and goats. the views were just beautiful.

This trail is hot and dry with little refuge from the sun, but well worth the journey. We have not ventured south once at the beach, but have explored the north side several times. Take your time and stop to watch the activity in and out of the man-made channel where the turtles come and go to rest in the ponds. Follow the path through the lava to get to the brilliant blue water in the lagoon. Take a dip in the shallow beach area, but do not disturb the turtles and leave no trace- pack out what you’ve packed in. This is a pristine environment which needs to be kept the way it is.
Can be done in flip flops but I recommend a good runner, at least until you get to the beach.

7 months ago

Challenging walk on lave trail

Didn’t walk all the way down the coast, but loved the coast at the end of this “hike”. Flat and easy to find, the beach was nice and the best part... not crowded! We walked down a quarter mile and found a lovely spot to hang a hammock. Really nice that almost no one was there. Saw a sea turtle chilling on the sand, mongooses, and a lot of goats.

7 months ago

this is a very rocky trail next to the golf course. Pretty but interesting if not used to lava rock walking.

Easy trail to beautiful bay to the north. Southern part of the trail along the beach and lava rocks leads to Queens Bath and secluded black sand beaches.

Hike into ocean was easy. Once at ocean views a re spectacular. Turn right and head to lagoon. Stunning views. Depth up to chest for safe swimming and relax. Lots of Honu too. Worth it.

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