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Top things to know:
1) You need a permit to get to the trailhead. You can get it online at: https://trails.ehawaii.gov
2) You'll need IDs for everyone in your party to get through the military gate.
3) The hike is beautiful, but the end of the trail isn't worth going to (unless you are just looking for exercise). Instead stop at an eroded bluff just before you pass through the first metal hog gate. GPS: 21.55143, -158.22098
4) The track listed here isn't the topo line on Gaia GPS, but the trail is well marked from the parking area and easy to follow.


The hike is a great workout! About 3 miles uphill but so worth the views. Children might have a difficult time with this hike unless you take them in a stroller. Bring snacks so you can picnic at the campground. It’s very peaceful there.

Awesome views and great shrimp trucks!

1 month ago

A short hike up to a favorite rappelling spot above Camp Kaena.

1 month ago

The trailhead is located across from Camp Erdman YMCA, Mokuleia. The first portion is actually an evacuation trail called MRP Evacuation Trail. The latter portion entails some climbing, rock scrambling, and more climbing. I rated it difficult mostly because it involves some rope climbing.

did yhis 2 years ago, i was 61, not in great shape but I made it to the submit.

nice challenge, a few of the switch backs are really steep but take them slow and rest.

once at the top the view is more than worth it. i recommend bringing a pole the walk down can be brutal on the knees.

trail running
1 month ago

Incredible trail with views of both the west and north shores. View my recording on 16 August 2018 if you would like to make this trail a loop.

Don’t waste your time walking this long ass service road! Get a permit drive up and check out the upper trails that way! It kicked my ass though not gonna lie. Some nice views but to me not worth the hike. This is great for training and cardio. Wouldn’t do it again. This is a long one people! Bring plenty of water and snacks/food. I may seem harsh but I was hungry the whole way....lol. Honestly though okay to skip it. It’s A road for the majority of it!

Not recommended on a hot day if you're not in fairly good shape. Bring sunscreen!! Great cardio as 3.2 miles is uphill and decent views of parts of North Shore along the way.

Yes, the route on the official trail map is actually Mokuleia Access Road. To get to Mokuleia Trail, you have to walk along the access road until you reach Peacock Flats campground. Turn into the campground and follow the dirt road until you see the Na Ala Hele sign Mokuleia Trail. The Mokuleia trail will pass a fence gate, Pahole shelter, and at the end, you will reach another fenceline post that is unmaintained.


Great trail for kids who love to hike it’s paved nice hike for our sons who are 7,9 they loved it got a little steep but we all kept moving not too much complaints from our kids.

Well, I'm not going to cancel my membership, but John's comments immediately below are correct. This trail is improperly identified on AllTrails and that's been mentioned several times in the past. I'm very familiar with this area. The first 3.5 miles shown is a paved road called the Mokule'ia Fire Access Road, which is closed to public vehicles, but is used by DLNR employees to maintain the game reserve and park at the top of the plateau.. At the Peacock Flats campsite the paved road splits into several dirt roads, one of which turns south and begins the actual Mokule'ia Trail.

But what is shown as the red line on the AllTrails map is only the first 2.5 miles of the paved Mokule'ia access road. (The red line just stops in the middle of nowhere.) The real Mokule'ia Trail begins about a mile farther, near where you can see two structures on the campsite.

AllTrails seems to have had a lot of difficulty with this area of Hawaii, in the past also confusing the Kuaokala Fire Access Road with the Kuaokala Trail (yes, they're completely distinct) and confusing the Peacock Flats camp site with the Peacock Flats Trail & 4WD road and also with the Mokule'ia Fire Access Road.

It would be great if somebody at AllTrails devoted an afternoon to sort all this out. Thanks.

wrong designation: it isn't "mukulaia trail", but only part of mukulaia trail access road ( this road is even longer)!!!

by this example of your inaccuracy, I decide not to buy your service.

Nice run uphill. My dog likes it!

Trailhead was easy to find. The first .5 mile a flat walk walk, then it starts climbing a fairly step grade. It was a good work out, but I’d couldn’t see much. Did I mention it poured on me from mile marker 1.5 to the top and all the way back. I’d still give it four stars.

Went to check out the trail April 1st 2018 and the a bug gate is locked with a private property sign out front. Looks like the trail is no longer accessible.

6 months ago

Actually stayed on the marked trail and not this one. The map at the top shows 2 trails. Numbered 1 & 2. This hike is number 2 and it looked like the trailhead was down the road where the sign says 4x4 vehicles only.

Awesome views. Be aware that, after a certain point, the All Trails route does not coincide with The Hiker’s Guide to Oahu. If you try to overlap maps, you may get turned around.

This is a paved road which gives access to camp grounds up above. It starts out fairly flat and then gives your quads quite the work out towards the end. Some nice views of the north shore valleys

PPS -- the "Dirt Every Day" episode is available for streaming on Netflix. If you want to see what this trail is really like, it's a really great episode.

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8 months ago

PS -- this trail is in actuality a challenging, very eroded 4WD road. There are several YouTube videos showing offroaders struggling with some extremely tough terrain and there's even a "Hawaii" episode of the TV series "Dirt Every Day" that is dedicated to a drive through this trail.
Please don't confuse this with the paved Mokule'ia Access Road or with other trails around the Peacock Flats campsite. This one connects the Keaokala Access Road (also known as the Keaokala Firebreak Road) to a right-of-way that connects Farrington Hwy to one of the palis just east of Dillingham Airport.
Again, this is a monster of a 4WD road (don't even think about doing it with one vehicle) and a long, but great day hike.

It is a paved road up the mountain. Most over shadowed by trees. Not terribly interesting.

Started from the dillingham side and worked our way up the steep 3 mile incline to Peacock flats. The hike is on a hard paved road the whole way up and does have a few nice views of the North Shore. Bring lots of water and wear comfortable clothing.

Thank you to whomever at Alltrails updated this page with the correct map.

This is an obscure trail that is on few maps, but is nonetheless well worth exploring. I've only made it halfway so far, but hope to do the entire trail soon. What I've seen is in very good shape and offers many spectacular and unusual views of the North Shore between the Mokule'ia and Kealia trails.

If you start from the Peacock Flats campsite, proceed west to the intersection with the coincident Kuaokala Access Road. Follow the KAR about 1.5-1.7 miles, then turn right, leaving the KAR at a T intersection marked only by a small 4WD sign (a profile of a jeep). From this point, you'll follow a winding, challenging red-dirt 4WD road that crosses multiple ridges around Ke'eke'eke down to a field behind Dillingham Airport and Paradise Skydiving. From there it's about a mile walk back to Farrington Highway.
This road is do-able by mountain bike & 4WD, but would be extremely difficult, if not dangerous, if not perfectly dry.
I'll update this review with a description of the 2-3.5 mile span when we complete the entire trail. FWIW, that part is described as very tough going in the few sources I've found.

scenic driving
Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Always beautiful, always jammed with traffic

Monday, July 10, 2017

Beautiful views the whole way. Great out and back. We saw 2 other people the whole time. Make sure you print your pass/permit before you go. I recommend it for couples, me and my wife did it on our honeymoon.

scenic driving
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beautiful views. Great drive that never gets boring, no matter how many times you drive it. But traffic can be frustrating due to extreme congestion. Constructions are frequent and take forever, further slowing down the flow of traffic.

Google will bring you to a Trailhead for a beach but not the trail. Go past Dillingham and several beaches.

scenic driving
Saturday, May 13, 2017

love this drive, except for the traffic - chose a good time and it will be fabulous

Excellent trail, don't do what I did, carrying 46 lbs going up to Peacocks Flat for originally 2-night camping. But on the way down, with 32 lbs was wonderful. Next time, I'll go with a small backpack and do a long day hike starting with this trail.

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