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Wahiawa, Hawaii Map

finding the first descent was the hardest part. good swimming hole at the bottom.

Do not take kids on this trail!! The fire that roared through here has made it dangerous. Hundreds of down trees and many more to follow. Plus land slides. Trail was about 4.8 miles according to mine and my girlfriends GPS. It is a very slow trail. Lots of steep elevation changes make it difficult. River crossings depends on rain fall, but be prepared to get your feet wet. There are pink markers to help guide the way, most where helpful, but you could very easily get turned around if you don’t pay attention. Views are ok, different then most hikes. We had to follow All Trails tracks in the beginning to find the right trail. Basically stay left of the military fence and head straight down. The trail isn’t very apparent at first. Download the trail to help guide you. Good luck!!

Great option for a difficult trail near Wahiawa/Mililani. Not the best marked route, so recommend starting earlier in the day to ensure maximum daylight.

This trail is only open on certain weekends when the weapons ranges are closed. The Army issues notices ahead of time, and I jumped at the chance to hike it!
It was so worth it! There are two points where the views are gorgeous! There is a rocky ledge that’s easy enough to climb out on for cool pictures, but be very careful if it has rained recently. The path and rocks can get pretty slippery.
I took my dog and she had a pretty easy go of it. There were a few benches and plenty of areas to rest at.

Beautiful! But wear lots of bug spray, they are terrible.

Nice trail, muddy at times, but cool scenic trek through the ewa weather forest.

Steep beginning especially fun with a Labrador Retriever on the way down. A few forks along the route, the main trail well marked. No problem for children & seniors.

clean trail. nice quick hike. steep start then evens out, once you reach the park bench,you will get amazing views.

1 month ago

Great hike, muddy and a fun drive to get there. Directions in this app were not correct.. just follow the directions in your permit to get to the gates.

Well designed and refreshing. Lots of different plants and trees from the Rainbow trees to cinnamon, vanilla, etc.

2 months ago

It's a very pretty trail! it's marked fairly well, but you have to keep an eye out for the markers. like other comments said take Calforina Ave. park along the street.. once you walk along the water tower by the paper trees, make a left and go down.. if you go right, it's along military training grounds.. after about a 3/4th mile or so there will be a tree with pink ties at a 4 way cross, take the trail right going up to continue along and up the ridge where it opens up so beautifully and gets more airy. we took our 5 year daughter and Tula our son we turned around about 1.5 miles into it, but could see where you go down and cross the stream . very pretty trail!! If you're use to hiking this trail is great, it can be a little changelling at times crossing under trees and ridge lines. don't really recommend toddlers, or just plan not to complete it all or take a while..

This is a very easy hike. It shouldn't be rated as hard. This is a perfect hike for non hikers or people who wanna get into hiking. My kiddos did great on the hike (4 years old,9 years old)
Dogs are allowed just please keep them on a leash and pick up after them if they have go be potty. Happy trails and have fun on this hike.

I don’t know why this trail is rated as hard. It is by far one of the easiest hikes I have ever done. I wouldn’t even consider it a “hike” it’s just a spot to walk out to a bench and over look the west side of the island. The view is nice though.

Love the views, both sides....got some slippery spots with a light rain that was happening. Stairs and signage are great. Next time going back will be sunset.

Easy and kid friendly

BEAUTIFUL place to go for a walk/hike. Easy to navigate and great for all age groups. It's actually a lot bigger than you think it's going to be. The upper paths are great for older people and younger kids (if you need to use a stroller) the lower paths are good for hiking and more adventurous adults or older kids. If you plan to go on the lower paths, make sure to wear proper shoes because there are a lot of sharp rocks. Bring lots of bug spray because the mosquitos are crazy here.

absolutely beautiful!

4 months ago

Great hike, a little muddy, but no ropes!

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