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15 hours ago

Great workout to start the day and beautiful place to watch the sun rise!

The starting point shown on this map is actually the Thurston Lava Tube 30 minute parking lot. You should park instead at the Kilauea Iki parking lot you will encounter before you get to that parking lot, and you can see it in the AllTrails map. We went counterclockwise instead, and it was a fine hike. Beautiful transition from rainforest to rugged rock and the smoother crater floor. Warm steam vents at the bottom were fascinating. Go through the Thurston Lava Tube at the end to appreciate the magnitude of what goes on underground in a volcano.

great views every step of the trail, beware that they close the gate at 7 pm
a fact that I did not know, I have arrived there at 4pm just on time.
totally recommend this trial

Awesome beautiful trail. The waterfall was big and beautiful. Varied hiking terrain, wonderful views, very cool different type of trees. The trail is well maintained in terms of no underbrush however it is very very muddy. Expect to get muddy and you will be fine! We used hiking poles to help with the slippery muddy trail and we super glad we had them with us! We used the ropes to hike down to the bottom of the falls. Overall a wonderful hike..would do this one again!

23 hours ago

I highly doubt that the ones who say this trail is "moderate" "easy" or "kid-friendly" actually got to the ridge. The first 5 miles is quite relaxing. The last 2 is difficult, dangerous and time consuming but well worth it. Someone died on this trail a few years back. #YOLO

Well me and my daughter failed... we tried to make it. Started way to late. Definitely need to be more prepared. Also better map... didn’t think we went the right way. Any tips or suggestions??? Much needed for next time.

Doing the stairs next week hopefully! Already done it once, but looking for someone to lead a few of us! Message me on IG for date & time B___morse

Good place to hike. Can get really slippery so make sure you have good hiking shoes on!!

The trail is very easy, and it is a beautiful and significant National Park. Of great interest to us was snorkeling in Honauau Bay, located just north of the trail. One of the most beautiful places to snorkel on the island.

Very nice hike with an amazing view. It is not as difficult as rated. Although there are some airy spots on the ridge, nothing is too challenging, and the trail is easy to follow.

Beautiful, weather changes quickly! Hiked out with maybe 10ft visibility.

1 day ago

Easy hike with bamboo trees, captain cook pines, and stream with waterfall. Kid and pet friendly.

A bit difficult to find the start. Ignore the gps and head lookers right. Then cross the barrier that says the hike is closed (very popular hike- a lot of people crossing the barrier (just a rope). Rocks really look like teeth. beware of rogue waves and stay off the wet rocks... there were a few significant waves that someone standing in the wrong place would not have enjoyed.

So great!

Beautiful trees, you have to walk through the water at the beginning. The trail gets pretty muddy in spots, bring bug spray and wipes to wipe your hands if you need too. Our family had a great time!

Incredibly crowded trail with tourists. Impossible to go your own pace. The trail is mostly paved and has long sections in tunnels and up stairs. The views at the top were decent, but still very disappointing for such a famous hike.

I dared the rain with this one because it’s been on my list for a while now—it was incredibly muddy and slippery, but the views were stunning at every point! I happen to really enjoy challenging climbs, too. It’s a straight uphill climb that’s very clearly marked from previous hikers. However, I would recommend this only for the experienced or brave because it becomes exponentially harder with any sort of rainfall. There are strong root systems, rocks, and two sets of rope to help with the climb. The descent turns into more of a controlled mudslide, though.
Park at the fish pond just past the trailhead. There will be two entrances, but go into the one with a concrete bench and memorial. Be prepared to come out extremely dirty! The oceanfront makes it easy to wash off.

Bit muddy. Not bad. On the easier side of moderate. Took my dog and a friend who’s beginner hiker. Smooth sailing.

Not really a hike, more of a moderate intensity uphill walk. Still very enjoyable. There are several points at which you can walk off the paved path and climb to the cliff face. The views are incredible. Saw some blowholes as well. No whale sightings unfortunately. Once you reach the lighthouse you’ll see an unpaved path that will take you up to the pillboxes. Cool views from there as well.

Nice view while hiking. A bit tricky to navigate around the solar panels but after the panels the path was pretty decent. Only negative was the trail just simply ends- with no great view. The great views were during the hike- not at the end. Took the kids (14,12,10,4) all did good but because it gets steep- had to carry the 4 year old. Also needed to pack more water- had 4L and we finished all of it (and wish we had more).

nature trips
2 days ago

15 is too much money for this hike! It should be free

Enjoyable and picturesque trail to hike. Took us about 2.5 hours to complete, and the final trek up the steep grade took about 30 minutes. The stream outlet was in the center of the beach and water was flowing fast at least one foot deep and about 20 feet across as it was a rainy day, so be careful if you decide to ford it. We recovered afterwards at Big Island Brewhaus in Waimea and enjoyed an award-winning local brew with homestyle pub meal.

2 days ago

Reached the end of the hike after about 1.5hrs of sliding through the mud. There were some fun spots along the trail but mostly downhill the whole way there. The view at the end is absolutely incredible. The fog rolled in and out of the valley between the trail and the ocean which made for some great pictures. There's a better view by climbing across a narrow pass of rocks with large cliffs on either side. I'd only recommend this to those with high experience and balance. The hike back was a bit more advanced but overall an easy trail and absolutely recommend!

Great views even though we were stuck in a cloud at the top. Really fun hike. Slippery in a few spots.

This is a nice, relatively short hike that is very doable for kids. I went with my 3 and 6 years olds, and there were only a few spots where I felt the need to hold their hands. About half way up, it turns into a gorgeous bamboo forest! The wind is usually strong, so the sounds can be a little intimidating, especially for younger kids. But they’ll get used to it quickly.
The last leg starts once you climb a steep portion with steps that leads to a paved service road. Follow it straight up the hill, then curve to the left after the two transmission buildings with graffiti. It’s a bit of a winding path up for less than 5 minutes, and there is a cool little stone section you can sit or stand on to get a gorgeous view of the surrounding peaks!
It has a very isolated and natural feel to it!

Great hike with great views. Take a camera and some water. a lot of steep parts but they dont last to long. Not to bad for anyone in decent shape

Nice, easy and very quiet hike. Kid friendly. We enjoyed going off the trail down to the little waterfall towards the top of the trail.

3 days ago

Anywhere else in the world, it would get 5 stars, but in Hawaii...well... We saw whales, beautiful water splashing against rocks, and great scenery. We even snuck into the Ritz Carlton for bathrooms and a bit of sunscreen.

3 days ago

Did this hike today with my infant on my back in a backpack and my 4 year old. my wife and mother in law also made the trek. my gps had the distance of this hike at 1.2 miles so not sure about the 1.9 listed on this, maybe the trail went further but I thought I hit the top/last pillbox. very nice views, very close to the edge of the cliff, keeps your kids in arms reach.

Fun trail, not too difficult for someone who hikes occassionally. I went the day after it rained a lot, so there was a fair amount of mud when I got to the steps at the top so be prepared to step in puddles. View from the top is phenomenal, and it was seriously windy when I got up there. I took some shortcuts through the switchbacks which can get a little confusing, as I got away from the trail a couple of times. Took about two hours total start to finish. There was ample street parking.


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