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Kid friendly easy hike to the Kaniakapupu ruins. 10-15 minutes to get to the ruins. Muddy and lots of mosquitoes.

This was actually a great site to see but the trailhead in this app is very very misleading. A hidden gem if you can find it!!!

Okay so my husband I went to check out this trail for an easy hike. It was not too hard to find with the instructions of past reviews, we made it out to the ruins quickly but couldn’t seem to find where the trail continued from there. There’s a more open field to the right of the ruins and many areas that could lead to possible continuations of the trail, but we decided to turn back due to us feeling overwhelmingly bad vibes or “juju” as we like to say, as well as hearing what sounded like gun shots and we didn’t want to risk getting lost on out in the middle of the forest. Come to find out, this trail is actually known to be haunted!! Google it!

20 days ago

GPS lead you to street parking. If you use google maps the trail is marked near it at the top of Manaiki st. Pleasantly surprised. To me it is a hidden gem. Im an amateur photographer and this place was really neat for the stairs and the water tower. I saw some cool flowers and a couple of tree frogs. So it was a cool experience for me.

24 days ago

lots of vehicle break ins in this area.

One of the worse Ridgeline trails yet. Views are ok. You just never get the satisfaction that the hike was worth the end result. Better off doing another ridge

1 month ago

becareful of leptospirosis esp if you have cuts or open wounds

1 month ago

Did this hike yesterday with my family of 6. My 12 yr old enjoyed it a lot and stayed ahead of is for the most part, was not to difficult for her. it was extremely muddy. My 3 and 5 year olds came out covered but they enjoyed it it there was some parts that's were a bit difficult for them due to how slippery it was from the mud. I was wearing our 3 month old and I slipped twice (no one got hurt). The falls and stream were pretty brown so it wasn't "pretty" so to speak but it definitely was fun. But..... not fun enough to do it again. lol

Short and decent hike, pretty flat. Little hard to find the opening, luckily had read other helpful comments so was able to find it. Basically you pull off the Pali as if you’re going to Lulumahu, but instead of parking in that lot you drive down the side st (Nuuanu Pali Dr) all the way down until the trees clear up and you see the dept of water building on the right side. Find parking. Nearly across from the water dept building is a small clearing in the bushes with a sign that says permit required - that’s the entrance. Two forks in the trail, keep left at both. Soon enough you will be at the ruins. Highly recommend mosquito repellent, and NOT the organic kind. I got bit a few times just while applying sunscreen and walking to entrance on the main road! Couldn’t wait to get out of the trail as I must’ve gotten bit like 25-30 times despite wearing the organic repellent and reapplying! Little muddy with stagnant water. Bring shoes with traction, some of the roots on the ground are slippery.

1 month ago

Very muddy when we went and my kids kept tripping over all the roots. Nice swimming area and overall nice hike, but I’m not sure I’d do this one again. If you do go, bring bug spray.

1 month ago

Lots of mud

1 month ago

The trail starts off at Pu’u Pueo park near the top of Alewa drive. Enter the park and head toward the water tower you will see the trail split 2 times, take the right side of both these paths as it will take you to a descending portion of the trail. The trail will hug the mountain side and ascend back to the ridge line to a fence area. There are lots of pine needles that can make it slippery as well as deep muddy pockets toward the top of the trail. There are a few rope sections (I’d say about 6) that are a blessing on wetter days.

The middle of the hike seems well manicured with a stretch of wide grassy patches to walk on . The hike gets more and more beautiful as you rise above the Honolulu skyline. The green valleys of Nu’uanu and Kalihi become deeper as the ocean becomes more broad with every section. There are about 4 false peaks that are not bad when you are going in, but you definitely feel as you come back.

The last ascent is thickly overgrown with Uluhe ferns that are a blessing for hand holds if you have gloves and a curse if you don’t have long socks.

The Peak offers a beautiful view of Honolulu on the south side of Oahu while the northern / eastern side offers breathtaking from Kualoa to Mount Olomana with the iconic H3 freeway bowing at the base of the Koolau right at your feet. There is also a view of the Haikū Tower on clear days.

Besides the gnats at the summit, sliver grass a(my term for the grass that cuts you and delivers a painful /itchy sensation once you touch it) and the uluhe piercings, it is very scenic and only miles from Oahu’s busy downtown district. This beautiful peak is a moderate to moderate-hard climb depending on conditions, but the views are spectacular.

This trail seems to go on forever on the return but be aware when returning to look left for the ribbons to get back to the park as I ended up in the back of Kamehameha schools......

Safe climbing.!!!!! Oh and Bring lots of water 2-4L and some snacks . The Humidity can get bad and the last 1/3 of the trail (like most Koolau ridge hikes) has minimal overhead coverage/shade.

1 month ago

Near lulumahu falls, quick stop through here on our trip. Neat things to see. Picturesque

Quick and easy not really So much a hike just a quick walk down an old roadway

3 months ago

A new fav! Loved the inclines to include the 196 stairs at the onset. Added a new rope near the completion point/summit.

Elevation gained 1624ft.
Distance to turn, 2.10 miles

Be advised, several areas are shear like along the ridge with a narrow margin of trail. Also, you'll acquire some friends in the way of burs that stick to your clothing.

3 months ago

Its a pretty basic short loop trail with a very small waterfall that kids like to jump in. The best waterfall on the island lulumalu falls is right next to it though so while the trail is certainly nice, based on Oahu standards it is pretty mediocre but if you are a tourist you will like it. Still there are much better trails. If you want to join up as a group on a real one my email is justindavidsands@gmail.com

Kind of over-cast day today with the sun playing some peek-a-boo... Lots of mud but passable. Need to watch out for the roots which criss-cross the path. The steeper portions can be slippery. Had to weave ourselves over a few fallen logs. Overall, a very pleasant and short hike. Enjoyed the ruins.

Very easy and pretty! A sign tells you a bit about the history. Cool spot to just sit and do a little meditation or take a break for a while.

Short hike leading to beautiful ruins followed by a steep drop to get to the river & the waterfalls. Cute & worth it!

We skipped the dirt lot due to some 'shady' activity and drove up the road a bit to a small pullout right by the entrance for the trail. The trek is quite overgrown an the waterfall to the right is a bit of a pain to get to and not worth it. The Ruins on the left were quite peaceful and interesting. If you decide to go be respectful. They have made this off limits due to vandalism and people littering.

went to do this trail the first time and had trouble finding it , the second time I tried to find it I couldn't believe I had missed it lol .

followed the other comments directions, keeping left along the trail, and found it with ease.

beautiful place and glad to have experienced it, was a little hesitant at first due to it being a sacred place but we were respectful.

went to try and look for the waterfall but my friend started hearing noises and we saw a seat pad like thing nailed to a tree and we got creeped out and made our way briskly to the exit.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail that opens to a grove of large pines! Muddy and rooty- of course!

4 months ago

Trail totally overgrown. Made it in a little ways then totally lost the trail and gps didn’t help. Trail is gone.

4 months ago

Completed with a "newbie" so the trek was slow and with the recent rains some definite slick spots.

Decided to take the road back since the trail was a little slick.

Ended up being 2.5 miles.

4 months ago

Completed a portion but then switched to Nuihana. Other portion to follow later....completed today( a month later) - good 2.6 miles lots of elevation change, little mud since no real rains lately.

Nice canopy for shade when it's hot out.

Good for families and kids.

4 months ago

Definitely a cardio workout! Beautiful views up top. Wouldn't recommend beginners to do it.

4 months ago

Nice trail, easy to moderate based on root structure and elevation changes.

Couple spots to swim with off shoots of the main trail.

Stumbled upon the ruins while hiking to Lulumahu Falls, cool trail through some think bamboo forest, very peaceful and tranquil. Definitely recommend especially since you can go by the ruins and waterfall in one trip.

5 months ago

Great little hike. Nice little waterfall and awesome trees

Almost 200 stairsteps lead off this very nice ridge hike. We managed to complete in just over 3 hours and only 1 fall. There is a likely turnaround point about 2/3 of the way. Go to the end before turning around, it’s worth it.

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