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went to do this trail the first time and had trouble finding it , the second time I tried to find it I couldn't believe I had missed it lol .

followed the other comments directions, keeping left along the trail, and found it with ease.

beautiful place and glad to have experienced it, was a little hesitant at first due to it being a sacred place but we were respectful.

went to try and look for the waterfall but my friend started hearing noises and we saw a seat pad like thing nailed to a tree and we got creeped out and made our way briskly to the exit.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail that opens to a grove of large pines! Muddy and rooty- of course!

13 days ago

Trail totally overgrown. Made it in a little ways then totally lost the trail and gps didn’t help. Trail is gone.

14 days ago

Completed with a "newbie" so the trek was slow and with the recent rains some definite slick spots.

Decided to take the road back since the trail was a little slick.

Ended up being 2.5 miles.

14 days ago

Completed a portion but then switched to Nuihana. Other portion to follow later.

Nice canopy for shade when it's hot out.

Good for families and kids.

22 days ago

Nice trail, easy to moderate based on root structure and elevation changes.

Couple spots to swim with off shoots of the main trail.

Stumbled upon the ruins while hiking to Lulumahu Falls, cool trail through some think bamboo forest, very peaceful and tranquil. Definitely recommend especially since you can go by the ruins and waterfall in one trip.

1 month ago

Great little hike. Nice little waterfall and awesome trees

We had a hard time finding it, but if you park right off the Pali walk down the road that’s next to the parking lot, follow it down through the tunnel of trees. When the road bends, there will be an opening on the left. You can’t see the sign it’s in the bushes. After your on the trail a minute, take a left at the first fork it goes up slightly. After another 5-10 minutes there will be another fork. Left again and it will be shortly after that. Be mindful, don’t touch or stand on structures. It’s a historic site. Be respectful and remember it’s a quiet area.

Fun hike to do in the rain. Once we got to the top of the waterfall, we headed back out. No need for us to take the much more difficult route to get to the bottom. We enjoyed the adventure overall and it was very manageable. We had an 11 year old and 5 year old hiking with us as well.

Does anyone know if there is flowing water/springs on this trail that you can use for purifying?

Really great for baby wearing! Easy and scenic.

3 months ago

Awesome, very unique hike! If bringing kids or pets, it would be much advised to wait until the weather has been dry for at least a few days. We did it the day after a small rain storm, but after about a week of a swell. The river was extremely high! There were actual rapids, making the crossing fairly difficult for adults. My son, aged 3, had to be carried across and the water reached to my stomach and was very fast moving. It was absolutely worth it, though!
With the extra high waters, it was hard in two spots to find the path. The map had a hard time pinpointing my location, so it was a very loose guide.
We LOVED it! Definitely recommend

3 months ago

It was so peaceful and beautiful! It’s a little hard to find at first but I found some good directions online. If you know of the Pali highway the dirty parking lot for lulumahu falls you can park there and then the road to your right is called Nu’uanu Pali Drive you can either walk down there and at the very end you’ll see where it is or you can drive down there and park next to the water pipeline building. Which will be on your right side. It’s a little up the road to the right hand side across the street from water pipe line building. Be very respectful and don’t throw trash it’s a very quiet peaceful Hawaiian sacred. Grounds. If you posted pictures of mine give directions as well as it’s hard to fine

3 months ago

Very kid friendly, easy hike. Mosquitoes and mud, so come prepared with bug spray.

4 months ago

Easy hike with bamboo trees, captain cook pines, and stream with waterfall. Kid and pet friendly.

Beautiful trees, you have to walk through the water at the beginning. The trail gets pretty muddy in spots, bring bug spray and wipes to wipe your hands if you need too. Our family had a great time!

Be respectful of the land and history that is here. It really is beautiful! Once you find the trailhead it is a short and easy walk. Bring bug spray. We tried to find the falls but gave up.

4 months ago

Easy hike with geocaching, only negative is the pig hunters with dogs.

It is recommended that you are quiet, stealthy, and respectful if you come to this strange and beautiful place, not only because you are trespassing, but because there is some non-corporeal entity watching you. It is not recommended that you leave your trash behind on the trail, but if you decide to, it pleases me to remove it for you.

4 months ago

It was ok. There was a chance to go through a creek and interesting to see the different types of tree.

4 months ago

Great easy hiking with options to connect to other trails. Shaded and interesting change in plant life as you move along. Only downside is no parking lot but you can park on the road and walk to the trailheads. Just be careful because the road is winding and narrow with limited shoulder space.

nature trips
4 months ago

Very easy hike. Absolutely beautiful foliage.

5 months ago

street parking and walk around the elementary school grounds, up a walk, and cut through the playground along the fence and the trailhead is pretty obvious. quick ascent up to radar road and then a fairly monotonous up and down ridge hike until near the end. the sights along the way are ok. lots of scratchy ferns. the final ascent is where this gets a hard rating. definitely more fun at the end and probably for more experienced folks. took 7 hours total including breaks at an easy pace.

Super peaceful. Great scenery.

Tourists...respect the area and make sure to clean up after yourselves. Locals, it’s never enough to just show aloha, we must also show them how...let’s lead by setting good examples.

Nice little hike. Parking on the street, take mosquito spray! Has a river crossing, my kids 8, 10 loved hopping over the slippery stones in the water. Path a little muddy but overall ok. Beautiful forest walk with very small waterfall. Took us about an hour but we walked VERY slow.

7 months ago

8 months ago

Took a quick hike in the Nu’uanu Valley. Definitely a rooty and slippery hike, but a beautiful forest hike which included crossing Nu’uanu Stream and then hike down to the waterfall and around. Circular trail has a branch which leads to a 3 mike trail to Manoa Falls. That was not in the plans for today...especially when it started raining and getting dark. Maybe another time. Still in shock someone left a dirt diaper behind for the trail cleanup crew. Gross!

The ruins are amazing and so is the bamboo forest, but the falls aren't really accessible as they are on private land.

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