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Hiked this trail today. Would rate it high end of moderate because of overgrown uluhe, etc in the last mile plus covering the single track and very muddy trail. Bring a few liters of water and some snacks. Had a few ropes but not really needed. GPS showed 8.04 miles.

We had a hard time finding it, but if you park right off the Pali walk down the road that’s next to the parking lot, follow it down through the tunnel of trees. When the road bends, there will be an opening on the left. You can’t see the sign it’s in the bushes. After your on the trail a minute, take a left at the first fork it goes up slightly. After another 5-10 minutes there will be another fork. Left again and it will be shortly after that. Be mindful, don’t touch or stand on structures. It’s a historic site. Be respectful and remember it’s a quiet area.

Fun hike to do in the rain. Once we got to the top of the waterfall, we headed back out. No need for us to take the much more difficult route to get to the bottom. We enjoyed the adventure overall and it was very manageable. We had an 11 year old and 5 year old hiking with us as well.

Does anyone know if there is flowing water/springs on this trail that you can use for purifying?

1 month ago

It was so peaceful and beautiful! It’s a little hard to find at first but I found some good directions online. If you know of the Pali highway the dirty parking lot for lulumahu falls you can park there and then the road to your right is called Nu’uanu Pali Drive you can either walk down there and at the very end you’ll see where it is or you can drive down there and park next to the water pipeline building. Which will be on your right side. It’s a little up the road to the right hand side across the street from water pipe line building. Be very respectful and don’t throw trash it’s a very quiet peaceful Hawaiian sacred. Grounds. If you posted pictures of mine give directions as well as it’s hard to fine

1 month ago

Moderate hike with some nice views. Best to park on Kalihi Street and walk to trailhead. About 2.1 miles out to turnaround area. Looks like the trail goes further through some uluhe, but saved that for next time.

Be respectful of the land and history that is here. It really is beautiful! Once you find the trailhead it is a short and easy walk. Bring bug spray. We tried to find the falls but gave up.

2 months ago

Easy hike with geocaching, only negative is the pig hunters with dogs.

It is recommended that you are quiet, stealthy, and respectful if you come to this strange and beautiful place, not only because you are trespassing, but because there is some non-corporeal entity watching you. It is not recommended that you leave your trash behind on the trail, but if you decide to, it pleases me to remove it for you.

2 months ago

Great easy hiking with options to connect to other trails. Shaded and interesting change in plant life as you move along. Only downside is no parking lot but you can park on the road and walk to the trailheads. Just be careful because the road is winding and narrow with limited shoulder space.


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2 months ago

Very easy hike. Absolutely beautiful foliage.

To find this trail, you need to walk all the way up Manaiki Pl. When you reach the end of the street, look for a white mailbox to your right. Take the stairs right next to the mailbox. While it looks like the stairs to someone's home, continue on until the stairs become a trail. You will know you're on the right track when you reach a grafitti- covered concrete water tank. The ridgeline trail end when you reach a breezy cluster of pine trees, despite the GPS map saying you are only halfway. Enjoy!

3 months ago

street parking and walk around the elementary school grounds, up a walk, and cut through the playground along the fence and the trailhead is pretty obvious. quick ascent up to radar road and then a fairly monotonous up and down ridge hike until near the end. the sights along the way are ok. lots of scratchy ferns. the final ascent is where this gets a hard rating. definitely more fun at the end and probably for more experienced folks. took 7 hours total including breaks at an easy pace.

Super peaceful. Great scenery.

Tourists...respect the area and make sure to clean up after yourselves. Locals, it’s never enough to just show aloha, we must also show them how...let’s lead by setting good examples.

Cross the street from Nalonieha Street and go past the water pumping station to the end of the street. Take the steep steps into the woods and you are on the trail. We enjoyed the trail: hiking sticks are recommended.

6 months ago

A great hike which is a bit tedious in the beginning but the views are worth it.

The ruins are amazing and so is the bamboo forest, but the falls aren't really accessible as they are on private land.

Ruins are an interesting bit of history and easy to to get to, but inding the falls is a bit tougher. Take the main trail until it appears to end. Step over logs and weave through until trail gets better. You will hear the water fall. Keep going and you will begin to descend to the stream. Cross steam and look for red ribbons to take you on an easier path around and down to base of large falls.

good for all skill levels.

Beautiful site of old ruins. Not really much of a hike

Nice walk through a bamboo forest, tricky to find the way to the waterfall! Anyhow its a very short easy walk ... but I don't recommend it because you cannot reach the fall from upclose!!! You'll be 100ft way or more because ...this fall is on a private land ( there us a house build close io it)... and for thoses reasons I would have not gone for it if I knew that.

Getting to the ruins was insanely easy: turn left at the first fork in the bamboo forest. Getting to the falls was another matter entirely; keep in mind that the bottom of the falls is definitely on private property so enter at your own risk. Very pretty though!

8 months ago

Parked at the Na Pueo Park, and headed up the Kapalama Trail to the Lanihuli summit. Pouring rain today for the first couple hours and clouds at the top...will have to do this hike again when it is clear. Even with all the rain, the trail was not muddy at all which made the hike more enjoyable.

8 months ago

went two hours in and two hours back. only got about 2 miles through. beautiful trail. great time. easy to follow, just lots of up and down.

Great easy hike with an amazing reward at the ruins location! Stay to the left when you reach the first fork in the bamboo forest and follow to trail to the ruins. The other way takes you to the falls. The falls trail isn't kid friendly. Bring lots of bug spray because mosquitoes are everywhere. Make sure you respect the ruins because this is a sacred place.

Hidden deep in the heart of Nu'uanu Valley, at the end of an unmarked trail, lies a sacred site, forgotten by time, The Temple of the Singing Long Shells.

It’s worth noting that, since this was the king’s residence and a heiau site, it is considered by some to be kapu, meaning off-limits or forbidden. Among those who think this way is the State of Hawaii. Though rarely patrolled, trespassers are subject to citations and fines, though the little sign at the trailhead doesn’t make this explicitly clear.

The actual hike to Kaniakpupu is short. It’s an easily traversed tunnel through an invasive bamboo forest; the only real obstacles are a web-work of roots and mud, so you’ll want to watch your footing. But what the trail lacks in distance and hills it makes up for in sheer expansiveness and history. The entire site of Kaniakapupu consists of a network of trails in and around the Palace and Heiau complex. Some of these trails are quite new, cut through the forest by recent visitors to the site. Others are very, very old. Everywhere you look there are rock walls, and ancient pathways cutting through the area.

The left-hand path will take you to the Palace ruins, where you can easily kill a few hours just looking around if you like history. But if you go to the right you’re in for a very different, road-less-traveled kind of experience.

Labelled as an access trail the Luakaha Falls, this trail swings south around the ruins toward Nu’uanu stream.

This trail will take you to the top of Luakaha Falls. Yeah, that’s one thing the trail reviews we read failed to mention. This trail does not go to the bottom of the falls, you will not get pretty waterfall pictures, unless you're willing to risk your life.

The trail to the bottom of the falls is steep and muddy and -not at all- safe.

Read full review and get a history lesson here: https://astephengetty.wordpress.com/trail-blog/heiau-o-kaniakapupu/

10 months ago

Steady gain in elevation to an OK view at the top. good trail for running tho its a bit narrow and with other hikers / runners you end up stopping a lot. Some rocky parts tht are good foot placement practice, and a few muddy spots. Good trail for kids and dogs are welcome.

10 months ago

Great trail with good elevation change. Dogs welcome and good for all ages. mostly shaded so that helps keep you cool. You will need to park about 15 yards / meters from the trail head at one of the pull offs. This is a connector trail that links into several other trails in the Makiki Valley, most notably as the top portion of the loop that includes the Maunalaha Trail.

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