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Aloha from Alex from Switzerland. Doing this trail for a first time tomorow morning, Friday 20th. Starting at 7AM.
Anyone want to join?

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This was a gorgeous hike! Did it this afternoon on my own. Very muddy so wear shoes you don’t mind either tossing or getting extremely dirty then washing. Got a bit off trail by accident and started rock climbing with a handful of others and then realized we must not be on the trail. When we got down we went over a log and it was literally right there

The views are totally worth the drive. The road was EXTREMELY wash-boarded the first 2/3 of the trip. I was in a JEEP Wrangler (the best there is IMO) and it was nothing for it. I saw people in minivans do the trail/road. However, there are some parts of the road that a 2WD would be iffy on. The closer you get to the end, the sandier it gets and the more puddles in the road there are. Some of them are deeper than you expect and make quite the splash. If you are in a 4WD it is a piece of cake. The views from the beach were gorgeous, you could see the catamarans from the local tour businesses and you could also see the island of Ni'ihau (at least on a clear day). Overall, next time I go I am totally going back.

Aloha! Hiked the last 4 days and will be hiking both days this weekend too! Had an awesome time hiking this past weekend and last week as well. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! It is often windy and/or rainy but we never have issues as we always have the right gear when we go. If you're looking to hike and want to link up or get some ideas of what this trail looks like feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @mike.karas or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.

Aloha! Hiked the last 4 days and will be hiking both days this weekend too! Had an awesome time hiking this past weekend and last week as well. I have hiked most of the hikes on this island many many times! It is often windy and/or rainy but we never have issues as we always have the right gear when we go. If you're looking to hike and want to link up or get some ideas of what this trail looks like feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @mike.karas or mikekarasphotography@gmail.com. Bring plenty of water for this hike and other hikes out here in Hawaii.

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It's difficult although it is amazing. We start around noon. There is no any others but three of us on the trail down and up. Two is early 50's and one teenage. There has few cover and I got sunburned on my shoulders. I would not hike down more than the tree lines if I had to do it again. I got bitten by mosquitos and out of water at last 0.5 mile (three bottles for two). 3 and half hours for two adults and 3 hours for teenage total. Good hiking boots, poles, plenty of water, really plenty.

I have been looking at good hikes on Oahu and this one kept coming up. Had nothing planned today so I decided to hike it in the morning.

If I had a chance to do it over again, I would have brought micro spikes. I fell on my butt no less than 6 times. The steep portion of the climb (up and down) was wet clay that was slick as snot. The micro spikes would have helped. I passed several groups with spikes and they made it look easy.

I also might have brought gloves. Never hurts to protect your paws especially when you’re holding onto rope.

Please dont attempt this hike unprepared. I.e. not enough water, or wearing sandals, or an inexperienced hiker, or if you are afraid of heights.

Great views at the top. Worth the sweat and sore bottom.


amazing - awesome views

one of my favorite spots in maui

Perfect combination of ocean (Napali Coast) views and stream crossings with an amazingly beautiful waterfall at the end. I was lucky regarding the weather. It took me about 5 hours in and out (including half hour stop to swim by the waterfall and replenish the calories). But I’d have done it faster if it weren’t for my not experienced friend hiking along. She fell on almost every stream crossing and was all bruised up at the end. So be aware that this isn’t a hike for unexperienced hikers or people who aren’t physically fit. There’s a lot of up and down and a little climbing on slippery rocks. It’s a moderate to advanced hike due to, also, the necessary weather knowledge and proper planning. When I was about 30 min to the end I saw a couple heading in with a baby on the carrier (about 6 months old). I hope they made it out safely since it had already begun to rain on top of the mountain and by the waterfall and the risk of flash flood was evident. Pack a lot of water (I finished up my 3 liters). At points, a walking stick might be helpful and cleats would be necessary in case of rain. It’s muddy and very slippery at many parts of the trail. I’d definitely go back!

Thinking about going for the first time tomorrow morning dm me pls if your going! @fast.fit.fuel

The trail is wonderful and not very technical at all, but it is long (22 miles) and often very slippery. If you like long beautiful hikes this is the way to go. I would recommend to leave super early so you can make it back before dark. Take a Lifestraw with you to save dragging water with you. At the half way (11mile) mark, before turning around, make sure to dip in the creek - it is magical.

By far the best hike I’ve done! You instantly start the hike in the beauty of the rainforest. A few back and forth a over the river, climbing, and finally you get to the first waterfall. From there the ropes are your best friend the rest of the hike. It was raining so we were definitely muddy and wet and we’re still able to climb safely. There and plenty of foot holes and places to rest if needed. The 3rd waterfall is the longest but worth it! We only went partially up the ridge due to wind and low visibility. It’s very slippery on the ridge as well. That plus finishing the loop trail, it took us 5.5 hours. I will definitely be back. It is a full body workout! If it’s raining I suggest shoe spikes for the ridge.

Beautiful!!! The beaches and lava rocks are amazing. Not a hard hike at all. amazing to experience!

Awesome hike. Finally went around the whole crater which made it a nice loop instead of out an back. Worth it for sure.

Had my garmin watch following on GPS. It recorded the entire trip as 6.54 miles. It was 2.6 to get to the crater once you climb up the third waterfall. It was about another 2 miles around the crater. We rejoined with the main trail after coming down the ridge from the crater at 5.8 miles.

It took me and my gf about 5.5 hours. We did it at a leisurely pace stopping at all the waterfalls and also took dip in the stream. It was raining at the top which made it super slow going. It gets a little slippery at the top with all the mud.

Really fun experience. Make sure you have enough time to finish. Shoes with tread help. I skidded twice in my worn out running shoes. Wouldn’t wear them on this hike if I went again. Upper body strength helps if you’re planning to do the crater.

My family did this hike today. The 4x4 road is no joke, so park at the hunting check in station. it was beautiful in the trees with the mist. We set off around 0900 and were very comfortable. We saw 4 other people throughout the hike. A solid moderate hike with some elevation changes and slippery loose lava and leaves. The trail is maintaned very well. My kids are 8 & 4 and completed the hike with only minor complaints from younger one. We stopped at the Kula farmers market on the way back for some treats. A good break from the beach.

Really great trail if you want to hike through jungle a few hours. Some fallen trees made the path more of a challenge but nothing major. The road that the trail joins to is having work done to it. There was a ‘no pedestrian access sign’ but the workmen let us through. They are stabilising the road I think. Looks like they are going to try and make the road operational again.

Don’t expect too many amazing views. You get some good view points to see the rainforest but that’s about it. This trail is more to immerse yourself into the heart of the forest.

I felt like I was in Fern Gully!!! It was gorgeous, surreal, and a good hike! Can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes and be ready to be in awe!!!

Did this with a large crew of people, organized parking cars ahead of time in Waimanalo. I was a little wary of the trail b/c I have a moderate fear of heights but ain't no thang - there are no steep drops if you stick to the main trail. It's pretty well defined the whole way, fun to mountain goat your way up to the top. Make sure you bring sunscreen bc you're exposed pretty much the whole time to the hot hot bright sun. A guy did this trail in a kilt, no shirt and... he was lobster red when we saw him at the end. Yikes. Those of us who slathered ourselves with sunscreen and wore hats were fine. Lots of ups/down, I would rate this trail as on the harder end of moderate but not advanced. Bring plenty water, wear long pants so you don't get scraped on the thorny plants that thrive in the desert-like terrain and climate.

Fun, moderate trail to the ridge. The final stretch has rope work and is fairly steep but only for a short little while. We started with a group of about 14 but then only 5 of us made it to the very end. Even if you don't hike the full length, the views are worth the hike and you can turn around at any point since it's an in/out trail. This trail connects to Ka'au - would love to come back one day to go up this trail then come down Ka'au side. Final note: keep an eye on the weather in the days before doing this hike, there are parts that would essentially turn into mudslides after heavy rains.

This trail is gorgeous, long, challenging - my favorite kine :) Make sure you have waterproof shoes as there are 17 streams. We ended up doing this on a whim with 5 people as we *ahem* got turned away by the popo's at 3am on Saturday from the Stairs so we decided to go the legal way. This meant my shoes were not waterproof but lightweight trail runners. I got sick in the ensuring days from hiking 9 hours in wet shoes but it was WORTH IT! The trail is quite overgrown at some parts (I'm pretty short and the grass was taller than me). It takes you through the valley then up along the ridge to the back part of the stairs. Thankfully I packed a windproof jacket, which was necessary once we made it up about 6 miles, the last 2-3 miles have strong winds. I should also note that one of the girls with us stepped on a bush on one of the ridges and dropped down the side. Thankfully she hung on and the ridge wasn't razorback so it was sloped and we pulled her back but please, please stick to the trail and make sure your footing is solid. Now that you've read all the cautionary parts, GO HIKE THIS TRAIL! It's breathtaking early in the morning when the sun is just coming up and the views at the top are insane. Insane. Can't wait to do this one again as soon as I find people who are down for 10 hour hikes lol

Hardest hike I have done...1 ridge climb. Made it to the top which was socked in... very muddy today. But a great day!

Nice trail but really muddy . . Beautiful view of h3. . Took us about 2 hours going at a casual speed . . Definitely better with hiking shoes . . Not a hard trail but narrow paths might make it difficult for young kids . .

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This hike is closer to 10 miles. Be prepared for passing showers and a slippery, sometimes precipitous trail. The Waimanalo end of the trail is too narrow for bikes.

Awesome views, short hike, not as hard as people say. Did it with my teenagers, we took plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, the trail is well maintained, make sure you make it to the end.

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It’s starts beautiful as there are amazing views of the rainforest and it’s fauna, but as the trail continues it gets tight with far too many people on this trail and the views never live up to the opening scene. We found our family standing and waiting 8-10 minutes due to traffic on the trail, yikes. I find the trails of Lyon Arboretum far more rewarding just above Manoa falls trailhead.

Not writing a review. I’m heading to oahu on July 30 to August 6. If anyone is doing this hike on the dates I’m there please contact me and let me join your adventure. Been visiting the island for quite some years and always wanted to do this hike. Email is chefvito671@gmail.com. Subject it as hiking stairway to heaven so I know what to look for.

Hello all! My wife and I would love to do this hike with a guide or anyone with experience. Willing to pay for your time. We will be on the island from August 5-11. Please email me at bpochoa@hotmail.com.

Wanting to do this hike within the next few weeks while I’m in town for work. Has anyone done this route for sunrise? Is it possible to hike in the dark considering the narrow ridges?

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