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Great trail for all levels! Lots of people but not crazy crowded (I hiked this Jan 3,2019) Easy to hike but it was a great workout! I’m in good shape but was out of breath by the time I got to the top.

Hiked part of this yesterday. Definitely a good idea to wear running shoes or hiking boots. It was also quite windy so my wide brimmed hat was constantly an issue and I had to hold the sides down for most of the hike.
Started off nice and there was some shade but once on the lava part it was hot. We did see some spinner dolphins in the bay when we first started which was awesome. We turned around probably 1/2 way as some other hikers told us the pools were too shallow to snorkel in and the end beach was anti climatic and that they’d lost where the trail went.
Did see wild goats several times on the lava fields as well as remanants of ancient Hawaiian civilizations. .
All in all had fun at a slow pace and not sorry we turned around.

Nice drive along the Mauna Loa slopes. Lots of orchards; macadamia and coffee mostly.

Completed the South Point leg the day prior.

Several scenic lookouts historical points, and parks along this drive.

Access road, Chain of Craters Rd, was closed due to the Dec 18 partial govt shutdown.

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19 days ago

Interesting route....the museums and planetarium are neat.
The Mokupapapa Discovery Center was closed due to the partial govt shutdown.

I went to watch Pipleline, but the surf was no good that day. Watch out for sudden high waves if you walk along the waters edge, especially in winter.

Stair master with great view. It can get hot so make sure you have water and maybe a shave ice at the end.

Great hike for the family! It is moderately difficult because it is all uphill to get to the top, but if taken slow and steady it is for the whole family. Shaded in many spots, hot and sunny in others. Paved, but not even in most of the trail. Would not recommend strollers bc it is uneven and there are 99+ stairs you take to get to the top. The views are breathtaking though! Very heavily trafficked, but the flow goes pretty well and it wasn’t bothersome.

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1 month ago

A great drive.

My favorite trail on Maui! I truly feel like I am walking back in time with every step.

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes with ankle support and bring lots of water.

There are a few small “off shoot” trails to the right of the main trail as you get to the open cliff area. Taking one or two of these will lead to the best views of the cliff edges. Also found a small and safe wading pool.

But for me the real beauty is the end ~ the Olivine Pools are so interesting to me. Amazing color and mossy vegetation.

Leave snorkel gear in your car, and after the hike, take a dip in a very shallow cove on the North side of La Parouse Bay. As you pull into the parking lot, facing the ocean, that snorkel spot is far right. Trail is off to the left.

Nice and interesting trail through lava field. If you go to the old lighthouse, there are two pools on the way that are worth to stop and swim in them. Just go to the lighthouse and when you see small path leading to the right side, go for it and you will find them! Enjoy! :)

The road is a 4x4 road, for most people. The hike is pretty cool, in the redwoods and it was foggy the whole time. Which is cool, what I was looking for, except I did not know there were redwoods on Maui LOL. Any way, it was a definite moderate, I looped in the ridge trail and was more than i needed. No views, but great forests.

Loved this trail! It was mostly flat but navigating through the lava beds created a great workout. The olivine pools were beautiful, as was the rugged coastline. Make sure to take the spurs off the main trail to see the rugged, but gorgeous, cliffs along the ocean. A bit of rock scrambling on the spurs, but well worth it. Also there was a special viewing of some wildlife. I did not think the trail was as hot and sunny as stated, but I would recommend a hat and sunscreen.

Easy. Exceptional view on lava field. We have seen a monk seal and her baby.

To say the “road” to the Ainapo trailhead is rough, is like saying magma is hot. Having said that, I could not imagine hiking from the highway to the trailhead. The trail itself is beautiful with both lava types and beautiful scenery. Very well marked with blue ribbons in the trees. We continued up the Ainapo trail to the Mauna Loa summit cabin after a one night stay at the Halewai cabin. That was very arduous. Two-thirds on Aa lava, through fog, rain, and snow. The descent much worse than ascent. Not sure I would recommend this portion of the trail because of the difficulty of the hike and the elements.

No good for a trail run. First mile is nice and smooth, couples of beaches and trees along the way. Then rolling rocks for the entire trail. Easy to hurt yourself. The kind of trail to wear down your hiking boots.

Beautiful coastal views! During hide tide there are view small blowholes. While the trail is wide and flat, closed toed shoes are a must. The ground is lose stone and lava.

Little dry/hot if you start late. Some good views near the coast before going in towards a bunch of volcanic rocks. Some wild goats along the way tagging along. Might be better during early morning but not a whole lot to see. Casual workout

Awesome views and great shrimp trucks!

The 4 Wheel Drive Rd. to the Trail head is very rough, but the trail is very beautiful up to the cabin. I would highly recommend this trail.

great morning hike. good shoes, sunglasses, and water are a must.
well marked, moderate hike.

4 months ago

Did this as a leisurely morning walk and helps when getting there to get your bearings and know where different things are to come back too. Actually walked back in the water on the beach which was nice to take in the views and watch all the activity on the water.

Great to run as it’s a good workout with the hills, but not that interesting to walk around.

love this trail!!! get a good workout in! if you run the trail you can do it in maybe 15-20 minutes maybe less! it gets pretty congested with people though

Fairly easy, entirely paved. The only thing to consider is the fact that there’s no shade and you can climb another extra 99 stairs to the top. Beautiful views, but if not reached very early, it gets hot and crowded. Parking by car $5 or walk-in $1/person. Drop off at entrance is also possible.

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5 months ago

Did this with e-bike. Awesome environment, passing through garden of the gods. Rough, diverse. Green going to red dirt to neverending switchbacks leading to the most isolated beach I’ve ever seen. This would be cool with crossmotor!

5 months ago

This walk circumnavigates the Diamond Head Crater. There are several cool views and 2 beaches that are worth checking out. Good for a afternoon leg stretch.

5 months ago

There are lots of sights and sounds along the Beach drive. People watching is pretty fun and the variety of stores and eateries make this a neat night walk.

6 months ago

It's a fun walk through the main shopping district and restaurants. There are pretty views of the Palm trees lining the Beach so you will get some nice sunset photos if you time it right.

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