Photos of Pupukea Trails


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1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I started this one in clear sky's and about a third of the way into the hike it started to rain which is not a bod thing as the rain kept me cool and helped my body regulate. This hike turned into three different trails, at the dividing point on the long portion of the trail you can take the turn to the Summit look out, this trail is over grown but is a short hike to the clearing. When you get back to the dividing point the trail to (Koolau Summit) is a lot longer and just when you think you have reached the end of the trail you have not! The final portion of the trail is hard to find (mother nature works fast) and you have to go through thick bush to get to the very end of the trail.

On my way back to I decided to do the final leg of the trails (Kaunala Trail) this trail is well marked and easy to navigate. Over all the trails offer a lot of up and down and present a few challenges. I enjoyed this hike but would like to point out a few things.

The road portion is the only easy portion of the hike, goes with out saying.
Once you are off the road the trails are easy to navigate and well marked except the two final legs.
If you tackle this one in clear sky's and on a warm day take lots of snacks and water this hike will take the energy out of you fast.
A good pair of hiking shoes/boots should be used.

If you tackle this one in the rain or after it has rained the trails get muddy fast and become very tricky to navigate as the trails get narrow in several places.

There are a lot of places along the trail, if you slip it is a long way down until you stop tumbling.

Expect to get muddy, very muddy.

I would not advise a novice to hike this one alone, even some intermediate hikers would be best advised to take someone along with them. I did not come across anyone once I turned off the road so if you get hurt on the trail you could be sitting on the trail for a long time before anyone finds you.

Rock slides are vey common, portions of the road get washed out easily and regular.

Finally there are a few places along the trails that present a few photo opportunities other wise you get to see a lot of tree top canopies, interesting trees, overhangs and a good overall view of mother nature at work.