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4 days ago

USE A WALKING STICK! I don’t know how people did it without one. Super muddy. Super slick. But WORTH IT IN THE END!!

Awesome site to come play in.

Very slippery, prepare to get muddy!

cool short trail down muddy, slippery root filled trail. maybe challenging for those concerned about trips n falls or uncomfortable with unsure footing. found it easier to walk in pot hole puddles on way down, although some are almost knee deep. way up was able to rock n root hop pretty easily. coast n breaking waves very scenic and easy to scramble left at bottom a short ways to queens bath, but too high surf to swim. although I'm tourist, several tourists made me nervous for them as they wandered out to edge of breaking waves for a picture. several waves breaking could easily have swept them out had they watched the spot they were posing for a few minutes.

nature trips
17 days ago

Great hike with my 12 and 9 year olds.

Nice payoff at the end! Wish we could have gone swimming but with two little kiddos it didn’t seem prudent. Beautiful though and we saw sea turtles.

Trail is definitely slick and messy! My 7 and 5 year olds are experienced hikers but it was challenging at points for them.

Snapped this pic of a fellow hiker (bearded brunette with red pack) and forgot to tell
Him! Will post here!

nature trips
18 days ago

The parking only has 11 spots, so plan accordingly. Do NOT park on the street or you will get a ticket and possibly towed.

The trail down is awesome. Only about a 10-15 minute walk but it gets pretty vertical and slippery. We recommend good shoes. You may need to use the ropes going up or down.

Once on the beach, if you’re adventurous, you can climb the rocks to the right and get to your own secluded beach but it’s dangerous. Do NOT go on the rocks if the waves are big.

Great snorkeling and lots of fish and turtles. For videos go to: YouTube/TheAdventureTravelers

Can’t wait to get back when there are lower tides. The trail can be slick but just be careful

Getting down and up is an adventure. Using ropes on steep, slippery ground. Wouldn’t take anyone with bad knees on this one. I used my Vivobarefoot hiking/water shoes and they worked well. Not sure if I would use flip flops, although people were walking down in theirs.

At the steepest points I used the ropes and climbed down backwards as if I was repelling and that was fun!

Beach is not as crowded which was nice. The parking lot is small, and parking is very limited. We just got lucky and on our second attempt someone was leaving so we got their spot.

A handful of people were snorkeling, and when I went out to join them I noticed a giant sea turtle.

It hung around for awhile, and I kept my distance; noticing it eat, and watched all the beautiful fish swim around it. Would definitely come back!!

1 month ago

This is not a strenuous trail. Little children go up and down it in flip- flops. When muddy, the first portion can be slick, but it is brief. Once at the bottom, just follow the rust- colored trail on the black stones to the bath. The pool is about 10 feet deep under the jumping rock that is about 6 feet high. If the surf is up, be smart and stay away, otherwise, enjoy a dip in the protected water.

1 month ago

Absolutely breathtaking views, and the pool at the end makes the very difficult trek worth it. The first half is extremely muddy and slick. It’s not maintained and while lots of people of all ages and ability make the trek, its not for those just looking for a simple nature hike. But once you get half way, the trail opens up to the coast and things become much easier.

Pay attention to the surf report, and take the first half slowly and you’ll be well rewarded.

Pretty steep and slippery, but there are ropes to hold on to. Overall the beach is awesome.

Loved the hike and be sure to swim in the second water area!! Went there the first time and didn’t know!!

1 month ago

Awesome hike and swimming pools at the end! Great waterfalls as well!

It was really calming and a treacherous walk... but worth it 100%

Amazing snorkeling, swam upon 3 green sea turtles and psychedelic fish.

1 month ago

Extremely muddy and slippery - just plan to get muddy and get it over with early on! Only difficult due to the mud and slipping. On a dry day it would be moderate.

Once you reach the main bath go a little further and there is another bath. We had it all to ourselves for about 30 minutes.

Refreshing ending to a difficult (slippery) hike by taking a dip in the bath, enjoying the rugged waves crashing while taking in the view.

Highly recommended.

Very muddy and slippery. The queens bath is worth it though. Take your time you'll be fine.

Great hike with kids. After you cross the initial creek the trail will take you to the right...to a very steep drop off. Do not go that way...go to the left. It kinda looks like a clearing but it’s the “true” trail that’s a moderate downhill hike that takes you to the ocean. When you get to the ocean, follow to the left a couple hundred yards and you’ll see the private beach.

It is definitively muddy and slippery...you have to be very cautious, but it is definitively worth it!

rock climbing
1 month ago

There’s no rocks to climb here... worst “crag” I’d ever been to. Big time disappointment.

1 month ago

Decently muddy trail if you happen to go after a rainstorm. There’s a few creeks/creek beds to be crossed. Bring shoes with good traction. My Vans did the job. There’s a homeless man camped out on the beach, he does not bite. Say hi and give him a beer. Overall, fun little hike. Bring the kids, but leave grandma behind.

Get out there!

It was wet and very slippery. But the view was fantastic and there were sea turtles!

amazing and not so hard

Not really a hike, but a nice beach. Took us 7 minutes down to the beach. There are short steep parts, but there are ropes to help you go down. Snorkelled two times and saw a seaturtle each time!

the most beutfule pool in the island

Hard but not too dangerous. Just be careful hiking down, its very slippery when wet. But swimming in the pools is worth it. Took us about 30 minutes to get to the pool.

2 months ago

It was raining all day when we attempted the hike. It goes downhill and the trail is overgrown with roots. I saw many people slip in the mud and injuring themselves slightly. We were about 10 min in when others came back up warning us that the tide came in, the sun is about to go down and it would take another 30 min to get down. Long story short: don’t attempt this trail towards sunset!

2 months ago

Short hike to a gorgeous beach. Trail can be slippery if there's been recent rain, but totally doable even with kids and beach gear. Also, if you head to the right at the shoreline, then scramble across the rocks for a couple hundred feet, there is an easy to find waterfall and a nice freshwater swimming hole. All in all, this is a rare gem of a beach, a nice short jungle hike, and a great way to avoid the crowds.

Fairly easy hike to a really beautiful beach with great snorkeling! Make sure to bring water shoes as it's quite shallow with rocks/coral when getting into the water. Also wear good shoes as it's muddy & slippery on the trail going down. Ignore the big rock saying 'wrong trail' half way down and just pass it and keep walking along the black lava rocks (trail leads you parallel to lava rocks) until you get to the beach! There are 7 parking spots marked 'trail' at the Sealodge 1 building where you can park. We went there on a Saturday at 11am and there were only 2 other couples there. As it got later more people started arriving. This hike/beach is definitely worth it!! ;)

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