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It is like nothing else you will ever do. You will be hiking on old lava flows and come across an opening where you can see the old road and a stop sign. Other times you will see the glowing lava beneath coming up through the cracks over which you are walking. Once you get to the end you see lava tubes pouring out from the side of the cliff into the ocean creating a lake of lava that is constantly battling with the incoming surf for where the land ends and the ocean begins. It is a sight you can never forget.

Also try to be aware of your surroundings. The park service will have light beacons every mile to help keep you on course, but when the terrain is uneven the next beacon might not be immediately visible. When we hiked out there, on the way back we saw a flashlight off in the distance start waving at us. It was a guy that had become disoriented in the dark and was wandering for about an hour trying to find his way back. There are other instances where people have been lost for days. Be careful on this trail because the ways you could get injured or die are different from other hikes. There aren't many other trails where you could fall through an active lava tube and instantly perish.