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Lots of people but well worth it with the views at the top. Plus the bunker walk through is a trip to the past.

Easy hike but heavily trafficked. This hike is definitely a good start of you are planning on coming to Hawaii to hike. Great views from the top. If you aren't used to hiking you will get tired and the stairs may seem like they can beat you but you got this.

Short easy hike, very crowded.

4 days ago

Worth the 3 miles there and back. Went at 8am and had the beach to ourselves. Left at like 11 and there were wayyy too many people on the beach, walking down, hitching rides and parking. Go early if you want an experience and not a fight for some sand!

What beautiful view from the top. Make sure you bring water if hot.

The hike was great although crowded. Everyone was so happy...must be because we’re all in Hawaii! Can get steep, but an overall easy hike. The views from the top are spectacular and worth the 1 1/2 hour round trip (although we spent an hour at the top taking pictures!)

Nice easy hike, but way too many people

7 days ago

Great hiking but watch out for the off-road vehicles. Look for whales on hike. Albatross nests at point and monk seals on beach.

This was a super fun, easy hike if you hike a lot of trails. I hiked around lunch time on a Saturday which was still pretty packed. It was around 80° and humid so bring lots of water since there's minimal shade towards the top. It's definitely worth it. I wasn't aware of a tunnel which might be a little scary if you get claustrophobic but it's super short and quick. There's also 2 ways to get to the top. If you go left, it's the easier route and looks out to the ocean. If you go right for the steep stairs, it might take a little longer depending on how packed it is with people. There's also a cool bunker you can go through. It's quite a scene when you get to the top.

7 days ago

A good distance. I did get dirty but it was well worth it...the area is pretty. The weather was amazing and the elevation isn’t bad at all; almost flat compared to other hikes I’ve complained.

7 days ago

This was a great trail. A lot of it was on a wide path through interesting vegetation. The narrow downhill toward the beginning was muddy and slippery, but we found a couple walking sticks to help us navigate that part. The views are fabulous at the end. Make sure to stay for awhile and soak in the beauty of the islands!

10 days ago

I hiked it but I also rode it- pure magic on a clear day you can see big island from the top

10 days ago

beautiful spot, would have given it 5 stars if it had some more shade.

Great hike. Ends at one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever visit.

Easy hike with a beautiful view. The only bad side is that the trail is very crowded. Also you need to pay 1$ to access the trail.

on Polipoli Trail

11 days ago

This is a really interesting hike because it takes you through so many different types of forest. We also saw a pig! A little bit of mud but easily done in low-top hiking shoes. We went in afternoon so fog was in but I’m not sure you’d get huge views anyway as I think it’s trees in most of the time. Really enjoyed it!!

Absolutely beautiful and not too challenging. Me and the family loved it!

13 days ago

This was the hardest trail I've ever done and I was notably unprepared. It's really not anything you can physically train for in my opinion. Its not a muscular thing, its definitely and elevation thing. I did this hike yesterday and today my muscles feel great, so its not that kind of strain. I've been doing 4000 footers in New Hampshire and some US high points, where you gain 4000+ feet of elevation, but let me tell you, elevation sickness is no joke. This was my first time breaking 10k feet and I noticed even at the visitors center haha. I felt out of breath, dizzy, nauseous and exhausted the entire hike. Breaks help but only a little. I usually dont even drink the 2 liters I bring on other mountains but I drained 3Ls half a mile from the summit. Bring more food and water than you think you need! It took me about 5.5 hours to reach the summit, be prepared for cold and wind! That being said, I learned the hard way that elevations effect me, hopefully you're luckier than I am :)

1/6/2019-Started around 0840 and encountered at least 5 groups of hikers on our trek. Weather was ideal: sunny but not too hot because of the shade from the mountains and a breeze. Didn’t see any monk seals today but did see some whales playing in the ocean which was awesome!

As a tourist I think it’s worth doing once, but be aware! There are tons of children, people that don’t pay attention and it’s overall a busy place. On the bright side, not expensive to park, nice views at the top, and an ocean breeze.

Nice, fun, crowded.

Did this trail on a Saturday just to say I’ve done it. It was full of other tourists of varying levels of physical ability. If you’re in any reasonable shape, you’ll be fine but you’ll also probably be stuck behind people who aren’t as you meander up the narrow walkway. View from the top was nice but hard to enjoy because there were so many people.

a lot of traffic but it's a fun super easy hike.

Very crowded, add humidity and heat and it should classified as hard.
Saw several older people exhausted and unable to continue.
long stretches of upward stairs and dark tunnels which would be fun if it wasn't so packed.
Take lots of water and be prepared.

Great hike with awesome views (& tunnels!) but very overcrowded & many tourists block the path to take pictures thereby holding up everyone else. Lol

Great hike but be prepared for lots of foot traffic as this is a tourist spot.

15 days ago

Just FYI, I’m not a pro hiker.

I did this hike solo and trail is mostly easy to follow but got a little off trail at the last ~1mi, I didn’t see where the trail resumed after ‘Park 3’ (probably bc I’m not great with directions and I took a quick detour ~.25mi to take a peek at the mysterious lake, pretty cool, no swimming). Its mostly uphill, so it’s not for the weary hearted/minded. I went in January and was welcomed with clear skies and crisp wind to keep you cool throughout your ascent. It even stayed clear throughout the night +nearly new moon which was clutch for observing the Quadrantid Meteor shower. BRING LAYERS/BEANIE/GLOVES for the summit if you plan to be there after 3pm! I started in a tank and added a layer probably every 2,000’. At first summit will be refreshing but it gets cold up there. I’m not much of an experienced hiker so I took plenty of breaks (this is my first hike breaking 10,000’), but it’s definitely a doable struggle for the able-bodied and strong-willed. Altitude sickness didn’t hit me, it was mostly my endurance that slowed me down. I got a late start and I t took me about ~<7hrs (you can probably crush it in 5 if you’re badass) and I made it right before sunset! If you love astrophotography, the VIS is a good place to stay after your hike to observe the cosmos. I recommend the picnic tables off the side of the building to minimize cars/headlights distorting your view. I did this hike to test my abilities. Im glad to say that I did it but I’m on the fence about doing it again (definitely not alone though).

Lots of tourists. Pretty views at the top but definitely my least favorite hike on the island.

15 days ago

This hike wasn’t terribly difficult but very busy. We went when the park opened for the sunrise and that’s the only way I would do it again! Still a lot of people and tourists at that time but not as bad as going during the day.

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