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Enjoyable and picturesque trail to hike. Took us about 2.5 hours to complete, and the final trek up the steep grade took about 30 minutes. The stream outlet was in the center of the beach and water was flowing fast at least one foot deep and about 20 feet across as it was a rainy day, so be careful if you decide to ford it. We recovered afterwards at Big Island Brewhaus in Waimea and enjoyed an award-winning local brew with homestyle pub meal.

Beautiful hike to the point. The hike is along a flat, dirt road/trail, but you are exposed at all times. Remember your sunscreen and water. Enjoy!

As the locals say “1 mile down-10 miles up”! Worth the leg burn down. Beach and waterfall views are awesome. Think Stairmaster going up! Pack water, snacks and wear good shoes. Go earn that beer! Recommend the nachos at Big Island Brewing in Waimea for post-climb refuel.

Yes absolutely should you rent a bike, and I command you to rent it from Stretch, the gentle giant with plush spirit animals tied to his bikes for half the price of the competitors. No, you do not need no stinking map, it will be obvious where to go, there's smoke. You will want to mark the location of your bike on your map though, as you'll be hiking back to it in pitch darkness, unless there's something wrong with you and you don't want to see lava in the dark. You want to see it in the dark. From the bike ditch point we hiked about 2 miles to the north east towards the slopes, there was no flow into the ocean that day. After your hike at dusk over crispity crunchy newly formed earth, you will come upon an the active area, active with lava and active with people. At this point you will start to notice many people freaking out as they realize their feet are burning. This should alarm you, especially if you're wearing Converse Chuck Taylor's (humanity's greatest hiking shoe), as you soon become aware that your feet are practically on fire because you just ran right up to lava and locked eyes with it, unable to look away. There is a simple trick: Move to a cooler rock. Yes, there are cool rocks right next to the hot ones, they are typically the ones that don't look like there's a BBQ underneath them. Another trick for not dying: try to stay upwind of the lava. Death tends to occur when one is standing near the lava, it begins to rain, and POOF! a beautiful hot cloud of sulfurous death envelopes you! Now that's what I call fun. Certainly someone has died trying to cook a hot dog over the stuff. Some people deserve it, hot dogs are bad news. Be sure to have fresh batteries in your headlamp, the hike back to your bike will take longer since you're not racing towards sexy magma in the daylight, you're stumbling around in the dark and giggling. Stretch had already closed up by the time we got back, but we ran into him the next day and he was thankful we put the bikes away under the tarp. What a guy. Thank you Stretch. Thank you Pele.

10 days ago

My wife and I enjoyed this hike quite a bit. While the trail itself is a bit rough (rocks, uneven terrain, mud puddles), the views on both sides are great: green mountains on your left and ocean to your right. The hike ended up being a little more than 6 miles once you walk around the point a bit. As noted, sunscreen and water are critical. Also note there are no facilities here. The closest bathroom is back at Mokuleia Beach which is about 3 miles up Farrington Hwy. we also saw whales, monk seals and baby albatross nesting by the path (look for the orange/pink ribbons).

Did this hike yesterday. Road was a little muddy but the detour took you along the coast down by some of the reefs. Nice tide pools to spend time in if weather had been warmer. In the nature preserve we got to witness some albatross chicks and 2 resting monk seals. Swung back outside the fence of the preserve up on the highway for the walk back, much quicker, much less mud, great views, less reef interaction. As mentioned it is in total sun the whole time. Bring sunscreen!

Good hike. Easier than the southern hike. Took about 70min each way.

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15 days ago

Wow! Amazing! We biked to see the lava flow into the ocean. Be sure you lock your bike and hike inland to see the surface lava flow if possible! Dangerous but I you’ll never see something like this somewhere else...

We hiked (walked a gravel road) to the US Park boundary and then another 2 hours up towards the mountain and found a small area of lava. The lava fields are expansive and deceptive in size. 6 hours roundtrip with 20 min oooh and ahhh.

3/4/2018-Started our a little after 0800 and crossed paths with 21 groups/solo hikers. The weather was pretty good but the road was closed to vehicles due to the large mud puddles. (But easy for people to walk around without getting muddy.) There were a handful of albatrosses out and about, 1 young monk seal hiding in the rocks, and at least one whale spouting (possibly 2) that was being followed by a small boat.

Beautiful! So glad we came. Must wear hiking shoes and bring water.

Really pretty, hot and sunny though. But way too many people out on the trails in trucks and jeeps.

Not worth for the effort.

It was a good morning walk. Not strenuous but wear shoes that have some protection- the lava rock can be brutal on the feet. It gets crowded mid morning. Don’t mind the campers when you get to the end- go explore.

This is less so a hike than a walk along the coastline. Some nice views of the mountains and ocean, with chances to see whales and other wildlife. I believe it's closer to 6 miles round-trip. The trail and access roads can be pretty muddy if it's just rained. Like everybody else has said, bring a hat, water, and sunscreen. Overall, pretty nice walk/hike along a rugged and wild-feeling section of Oahu coastline.

Nice hike, flat all the way. No cardio. Beautiful view of the ocean & the rocky lava beach

Beautiful walk to a gorgeous green sand beach. The dirt road is grass on one side and rocky/ lava rock coast on the other. There are tide pools along the way with intense green sand and the payoff of great swimming at the larger green sand beach. Not a hike as much as a walk. Well worth the trip. The walk in took about an hour

Loved this hike! Quite muddy on the actual trail. We hiked down by the water most of the time. Beautiful coral and shells. Finished out hike with 2 playful monk seals! So much fun. Can’t wait to go again.

The trail has great views of the bay. It is strenuous on the way back. Tallest waterfalls in Big island is visible on the hike when you follow hike along the back waters. Black sand beach is very nice too. Should visit in the morning hours as later than noon gets very hot in the valley.

Beautiful beach! We hiked in the morning (10:30am-12pm or so) and were happily in the shade throughout. The sun was starting to appear over the road as we were reaching the end of our return trip out of the valley. The steep ascent would have been much more strenuous in full sun so recommend visiting in the morning.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as it is exposed to the sun the entire way. Mostly flat but beautiful hike. We also saw a monk seal relaxing on the beach!

It’s a nice a nice walk ...if you need extra adventure, try heading up the mountain towards the pillboxes.

no more than a moderate hike to follow the very steep county road to the valley, then to follow along the valley floor to see magical vistas of a waterfall, wild horses, and walk along the amazing beach. we checked with the warden - so long as you are on the county road and beach you are not on private property. got busy by the time we were coming up the road - be careful for cars and stupid (not local) drivers who don't know what they are doing. we hiked the length of the beach and far enough up the (otherwise overnight) trail on the far side of the valley to look back from another angle - highly recommended. please respect the private property of others who live here so that the well behaved public can continue to enjoy this sacred valley.

One of the best light hikes on Oahu. Wild life, ocean, corals, beautiful coastline. No shade and it is very hot so bring water and wear a hat.

It was really flat and long but it is totally worth it!! The view is amazing!

Beautiful hike. There is no shade at all so it definitely gets hot I suggest to go early and bring lots of water! At the end you go into the bird sanctuary and at the end there are lots of tide pools. It’s gorgeous.

Really pretty 2-3 hour walk, ocean views, wild life (albatross/seals/whales), seashells, corral, etc... just lovely!

There's no shade, bring plenty of water & sunscreen and don't leave valuables in car! A lot of break ins!

2 months ago

PPS -- the "Dirt Every Day" episode is available for streaming on Netflix. If you want to see what this trail is really like, it's a really great episode.

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