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1 month ago

Nothing wrong with the coordinates and the track. The trailhead is behind a farm. There are no signs. You have to look for an opening. Follow the track and it will take you to your destination. Just be aware you are crossing private farm lands. Parking is also a bit difficult. There are only 2 recordings and one is mine. The other takes you past Kaua all the way to Makakilo. Walk for 1.5 miles past a farm, heading towards the hill. Pu’u Kaua is quite prominent so you can head towards that general direction. Once you past a small towards the back, there will be an opening into the forest. Follow it and soon there will be old signs that tells you about the reserve. Also, it looks like there are quite a handful of people who completed the trail to Kaua.

I also uploaded a video of this hike and it can be viewed here --->

If you go with a group like HTMC, they allow you to drive up to the trailhead without having to walk across the farmland.