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5 days ago

Not sure why it has a difficult rating. It’s very easy. There’s a small part where you sort of have to scramble up some rocks and butt scoot down but it’s only for like 20 feet.

12 days ago

Great views at top. It is between moderate and difficult hike just due to the rocks and insecure footing a lot of the hike up and down. Just take your time and def wear shoes!

17 days ago

Good hike with a nice view, make sure to check out lower cave across from parking lot and the history behind it.

Awesome day, awesome views!

Wonderful hike to get your blood pumping. Short and sweet. Fantastic views of kaena point!

The Ohikilolo Adventure Park cannot block you from accessing the trail as the Keaau Makua Public Hunting Area is owned and managed by DLNR and they must allow public to access it. You should call DLNR and tell them the situation.

This is through private property and I couldn’t access it. They have two huge dogs that came chasing me and thankfully I was able to get back outside of the gate before they were able to catch me. I also called the ohikilolo adventure park which owns the land and the operator said that unless I had a tour booked with them, I couldn’t get in. Waste of my time since I drove over an hour for it and had spent time planning this hike for two months now. I really wanted to do this hike and came solo. Such a bummer :/

1 month ago

Certainly concur with the scope of the description, difficult to navigate and very indiscriminate trail.

Barring those issues and the recent fires in the area, the valley is not very appealing now. As vegetation and regrowth rebounds over the coming months in the rainy season the valley will likely change and the trail may cease to exist completely.

2 months ago

The view from the top is worth the steep climbing. Would be very difficult (seemingly impossible) if it were wet.

2 months ago

We parked at the beach area and started before the 25 mph sign. You definitely want to start the trail AT the 25 mph sign and follow the tree line (there’s three or four trees) up the dirt trail. You’ll stay right and the trail will go alongside the mountain/cliff and lead to a small cave. Around that is the bigger cave. Awesome views, but if you get to a part where you’re literally rock climbing and hanging on for life, you’re going the wrong way. We climbed straight up and then saw the trail and had to climb back down. It’s easy to get lost because of all the water runoffs which look like trails.

Drier side. First mile has lots of horse abuse. Beyond the pasture it’s a steady climb through low trees. Lots of goats and grouse. Nice views. Very few other hikers.

I got to makua caves in under an hour. There's a path right at the sign and that's what we took. While there are crumbly rocks, for me it was easy, just take it slow. The path will eventually open up more and lead to a fork, go right until you're on a dirt path on the side of the mountain looking at the ocean. You'll run into the 2 caves

fun hike up a dirt trail that turns steeply uphill (45degrees) before becoming a nice bouldering/climbing ridgeline to the top. great views. caution the exposed hike is a lot of sun. the gate at the bottom doesn't open until 7-8 am so be prepared to street parking and hop a couple fences. 4 hours for an experienced hiker at a moderate pace

It’s a beautiful view..... but it’s not a cave at the top. At least we didn’t find it.

DANGEROUS. The loose gravel is no joke. Very steep with nothing to help keep you stable coming or going. I do agree the views are spectacular, but definitely not worth risking if you are a novice. Not for children.Begin the hike thru the speed limit sign entrence. Don’t trust a single rock whether big or small. Keep some space between yourself and anyone ahead of you, again gravel is very loose.

5 months ago

It’s a short but steep hike. Go early because there’s no cover and it gets hot. Keep going up but be careful not to overshoot. You’ll see the path veer to the right. There’s a lot of loose gravel and sand so I used hands to crawl up and then on the way down, I practically crab Walked down. Wear shoes with good grip or you’ll be sliding.

It was a short hike with a beautiful view at the top, this hike you really need your shoes. one part of the hike is just rocks and it was a bit hard to climb up because it was loose rocks. other then that part the trail is easy, depending on your level.

Quick short hike. Although, very steep and sketchy. I wouldn’t recommend going pass the second cave. My buddy and I attempted to climb up top but ran into a dead end. Going down took forever because we had to be extra cation.

7 months ago

Very nice hike with an amazing view. It is not as difficult as rated. Although there are some airy spots on the ridge, nothing is too challenging, and the trail is easy to follow.

7 months ago

Wow, the upper cave area is a steep climb and not for the novice. Wear good shoes, NO flops. The views are awesome. The lower cave is really fun to explore, gotta have your wits about you if going in the belly of the mountain.

This hike is great as long as you go in the correct trail! We accidentally went in the first trail but it’s the second one!! Rewarding views for a fairly short incline...put our spikes on halfway up and it made all the difference in gripping the crumbly ground and rocks! Highly recommend for that part!

AllTrails rating is incorrect. It is short but very steep, with loose rocks and (in places) slippery mud. It is,actually, dangerous if you are not careful. All that said, once you get to the upper cave, the view is phenomenal. Just be very careful, ensure that the rock you are grabbing or using for a foothold is secure, use roots and trees for support but they are not to support full weight. Trail would be easier if it was dry all the way. Proper footwear is a must. Did I mention the fantastic views from the top? Glad we did it!

8 months ago

Walk to the cave is easy and very cool. The trail to the left of the entrance is very sketchy. Would not recommend to anybody. The earth is loose and the towering cliffs above look like they could shed rocks at any moment. Not worth the risk, just check out the cave and go elsewhere for an elevated view.

Beautiful view at sunset

9 months ago

short but steep!

9 months ago

Eden Hansing, there is no Air Force gate. You don't need a hiking permit. I believe the one you are talking about is the Satellite Tracking Station at Kaena Point. Those who gave 1 star for this track,you were most likely on the wrong one.

The views were phenomenal once we got to the Caves; however, I would not describe this hike as easy. Although it was a short hike, the terrain was anything but easy to traverse. There are tons of loose rocks and not many places to grab a hold of and place your feet for stability. Definitely do not recommend taking your kids on this one.

not ok for kids or pets. very steep and mostly loose gravel.

10 months ago

Great views, but upper cave is definitely NOT kid friendly and not super easy. Short hike and worth it, but very steep and lots of rocks to slip on and tumble down.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

This trail is closed by the Air Force and you won't even be able to get to the trail unless you fill out the hiking permit and get it signed before you come. From the armed gate you're about 2.6 mi away from the trail so you can't even try to walk in. I'm turning around now and going south to the Kaneana Point state park

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