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I do this hike weekly. Nice and easy a lot of people usually stop at the pillboxes but the hike continues on I say stop enjoy the view get pictures and then continue on.

Done this hike several times Easy and fun muddy but very rewarding at the end for a dip in the waterfall it’s a most go!!!

Wanted to go further but it was slick and the weather was unpredictable.

What a great day! Easy drive to the trail head and easy to find. My wife and I are mid 50 and active but this hike is still a good challenge. Like others have said on their reviews: take more water than you need, wear hiking boots, protect your skin. Going there was about 2.5 miles and we took a loop that had us going over large lava rocks for a great distance. This was a fun challenge and it seems to go on forever. We took the trail straight back which knocks of almost three quarters of a mile and almost an hour.

The path is almost all rocks so it can be hard on the feet after a day in the sun. We went to the end to find a beach but were disappointed in not seeing swimming holes. The options are not real clear. If you get lost follow the white rocks in the lava field. It really is like being on Mars I would assume.

There is no place like this on Maui. A must do.

Such a nice hike up to the waterfall. The distance to the waterfall itself is short, but you can explore so many trails that veer off the main path. We ended up walking around about 4 Miles. It was awesome!

The trail is extremely muddy right now. I would keep an extra pair of shoes/towell in your car for the ride home. Bug spray wouldn't hurt.t was a very beautiful hike.

Amazingly beautiful hike! Completely doable with small children! Super muddy and slippery after or during rain.

feels like your smack dab in the middle of the jungle, what an awesome hike, jumping off a cliff was the best part, A+

The trail is like being on another planet. Not difficult, but prepare yourself. The hot weather can quickly become dangerous if you’re not prepared. There are two parts of the trail that run parallel to each other. They connect at clearly marked spots. They also connect in some not so clearly marked spots. Watch for the white coral marking the “paths” through the lava fields. These “paths” are difficult and dangerous, but they are what make this a 5-star trail.

14 days ago

Bonne randonnée mais nous nous sommes un peu perdus car les indications dans la trail sont absentes. Nous avons pris un chemin dédié aux 4 roues! Finalement on a marché presque 15 km. En descendant les roches sont glissantes lorsqu'il pleut.

Pretty steep at beginning and the end (out n back trail). But fun hike. Almost got hit with someone’s drone tho. So that sucked. But I weaved and dodged like a bobcat

This trail is technically closed right now. Out and back through forested ravine. Avoid on rainy days.

15 days ago

Did the trail on a sunny day after weeks of rain before. It was still very wet especially in the morning. As others have mentioned it is very slippery and the descent is steep. Fell once and had many close calls in first 2 miles that are in the in jungle. It took us significantly longer to go down than come back up because of how slick it was. The last mile or so towards the lookout opens up and is dryer but still steep. The views are incredible and saw a total of 10 people, we were the 2nd car in the lot, arriving just after 8am. I would suggest waiting for the trail to dry out to avoid mud and slippery slopes.

Just the right amount of scrambling to make this hike super fun.

One of my favorite views and environments

Did this one about a month ago. Pretty good hike, even better views. If you can climb up on top of the pillboxes, you get a nice view all around. A little steep and tricky coming down, not too bad though. Definitely one of my favorites during my visit.

Beautiful views of Kailua but you should probably be prepared to go uphill a lot and it can be slippery so be careful. I really loved this hike because the views are gorgeous but it is a very popular hike, and with that comes a lot of people. So if you are wanting to get away from it all, this is not the right hike for you.

I enjoyed this hike but be prepared for slipping and sliding if it’s wet, which is a big possibility, and if you do not have hiking shoes. I will admit, we did not come prepared as we should have and we both fell a lot and were covered in mud, so I speak from experience. All that said, I thought it was a beautiful hike that I could have enjoyed even more if I had the right shoes.

Maintenance has been postpone till further notice.

This is one of our favourite Oahu hikes. Lots of birds and beautiful views and scenery....ending with a refreshing dip into the lagoon or jump from the rocks into the lagoon. Great for anyone of even moderate fitness. One hour to falls when not muddy, 11/2hours when muddy. If it hasn't rained in 5+ days, it'll be dry.

23 days ago

3/30/18-Started about 0715 and came across 23 groups/solo hikers. (Read in the news yesterday that the maintenance work was postponed.) Actually found a relatively close parking spot near the trail head but there were signs posted warning that all street parking is closed from 3/30 - 4/1 from 1000 to 1500 or 1700 (I can’t recall which). The trail was dry and the view was nice from the top!

Kayaked out from Lanakai today, much easier than going this route. .8 miles each way. 2 beautiful monk seals and plenty of sea turtles. I recommend hiking around the back of the island (to the left) and jumping in the amazing pool at the far back side. Such a fun little hike and swim. Be careful if you’re not an experienced swimmer though; it takes good timing for the jump and the exit from the water due to the currents and the swell.

Good sunrise, million people with speakers blaring though.

The trail will be closed for 60 days starting today for maintenance.

24 days ago

Awesome hike, trail was sunny and clear today until the top. Not much mud but well worth the hike for the views. We would have had a much different experience if it was muddy and the sun wasn’t out. Be prepared for the knee jarring start and steep climb halfway through.

on Ahihi Bay Trail

25 days ago

Gorgeous views of sandy cliffs, small ocean breakers, and breezy coastline. Nice relaxing walk more than a hike, but really gorgeous spot. Well it is Maui

on Kealia Trail

27 days ago

Amazing views and very little traffic. Definitely recommend!

28 days ago

3/25/2018-Started in the late side at 0820 and came across 29 groups/solo hikers (some had their dogs with them too). Also came across 3 suvs driving on the road so be aware. Definitely a good cardio work out and the trail was a little muddy but not too bad. The view of the Makua Valley was pretty nice but we opted not to hike the whole ridge. Most of the trail is shaded but would recommend sunscreen anyway.

great views every step of the trail, beware that they close the gate at 7 pm
a fact that I did not know, I have arrived there at 4pm just on time.
totally recommend this trial

1 month ago

The trek itself is definitely one to take while visiting Maui. Today however was one of the muddiest days the trail has ever had. Be prepared to trek through a bit of mud; it makes the climb down just as challenging as the climb to the summit. Start your day either early morning before the fog settles in or a little later in the afternoon once the fog burns off. The views are well worth the hike.

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