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the trail head starts near the end of the paved/ dirt road, which has many no trespassing signs. the warning signs are marking private property on both sides of the road, not the road itself. the trail is easy to navigate and is frequented by motorcycles. the top of the trail is muddy. the hike/ run is better than the falls which are small. don't expect waimea.

all in a great run.

The best you'll love all the guava and all the different kinds of trees.

Love this hike, doesn’t even feel like 7 miles

Way to wet and dangerous

I loved this hike. Not too long, not too short. There were interesting adventurous parts, but not too much where I felt unsafe or exhausted after the hike. I was interested in what I was seeing and doing the whole time. The mud doesn’t start till about half way through, and is not bad. The waterfalls were fun to explore. The pools are just deep enough to swim around in. I really enjoyed my overall experience. I would do this one again!

Good hike to strongbody thru. Nice being at the top of the summit

The hike to the summit is challenging. The waterfall is so so.


As everyone else has noted, it is so muddy, but so much fun. Even though it was hot, I made sure to wear a water resistant long sleeve layer to fend off mosquitoes as they are everywhere! This hike is technical, so bring some trail running shoes or hiking shoes with some sort of rubber grippy part on the bottom. You will get muddy and wet, so maybe step into some mud to start your hike off right!

Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you choose to jump in the swimming hole :) If you want to take pictures of the waterfall, I recommend bringing a wide angle or fish eye lens to really capture it!

Awesome beautiful trail. The waterfall was big and beautiful. Varied hiking terrain, wonderful views, very cool different type of trees. The trail is well maintained in terms of no underbrush however it is very very muddy. Expect to get muddy and you will be fine! We used hiking poles to help with the slippery muddy trail and we super glad we had them with us! We used the ropes to hike down to the bottom of the falls. Don't forget to get your permit! Overall a wonderful hike..would do this one again!

Amazing hike and beautiful waterfall at the end. Super muddy but so much fun! I decided to wear water shoes...and it was a great idea! Definitely a long hike...so be prepared! We had plenty of snacks and lots of water! I would definitely do this hike again!

Greatest hidden gem on the island. Also secluded and extremely lightly traveled. My fiancé and I were the first ones on the trail for the day and it had just turned noon when we started. So we definitely used the privacy for some “honeymoon” time when we got to the waterfall.
-Tarzan and Jane

It was a nice hike with lots of different terrain. It does get muddy in some spots and slick in others. We didn’t really encounter many fruit flies and they were pretty much for only 10 seconds at the most at a time. Plus, they were very small like gnats so nothing to worry about. Waterfall is small, there are a few biting mosquitoes when you get down there. All in all an interesting hike with nice views. The views weren’t breathtaking but beautiful with ocean in very far distance. It was an easy enough hike and the trailhead has a small rectangular sign so it is easily missed but is after a farm and has a gate to it. Enjoy the serenity!

It’s a long hike up, bring water! And watch out for the fruit flies.

This trail was super muddy when we went. Also, the brush got thicker once we passed the falls sign and I got scratched up anywhere I wasn’t covered. The trail is pretty especially with the orchids that dot the trail along the way. Worth doing, but maybe in the summer months.

Laie Falls was pretty great. The beginning of the hike was not so pretty but once you hit the woodline it was just so beautiful. The falls itself was quaint, it's the awesome people you are with that makes it fun.

Beautiful, if sun is out, take a lot of water and snacks , great views

This is about as long as some of the ridge hikes I've done, so I was skeptical about the 4 hours. We totally did this in 4.5 hours, which included a half hour at the falls and a few detours on the way back. The fruit flies were horrendous so if I go back, I'll take the other reviewer's advice and go in the spring.

We went after reading several reviews. The permit was easy (and free) to obtain at Hawaiian Resources, if I remember correctly. This is the second hike we did on our honeymoon, but was double the length of the pillboxes hike. We both agree--well worth it!!

It was somewhat muddy when we went but it there were a few pop up showers throughout the day too so it never really dried out.

Although I'd say we are more novice than accomplished, and I am 25 weeks pregnant, we found it challenging but certainly not impossible. Take more time if you need to, take lots of water and some snacks, and just be careful. Also, bug spray and sunscreen are a must!

The views are breathtaking, the pools and falls are lovely and cold (perfect for taking off your shoes to soak tired feet whether they are preggo feet or not). We did run into the fruit flies but it wasn't unbearable.

We'd say the hardest part was the part closest to the falls just because of how narrow and muddy some parts were. It was a long one for us but, again, well worth it!

Enjoyed the falls, nice and secluded taking about 2 hrs up and 1.5 down. Spent a good 1.5 hrs at the falls eating lunch and exploring.

Note: If you do this hike say Sept-Nov prepare for rotted fruit on the ground and lots of flies. This occurs the last leg of the trail about 15 mins from the falls.

Also, you must have a permit to be on the grounds as it is private property so stop by Hawaii Reserves Inc in the Laie shopping center for your permit. It's right next to Ace. See picture for contact info.

Great hike. About 2.5 - 3 hours. We did in it just over 3 but took some off shoots. Markings were pretty sparse but still easy to find your way around. Great workout depending on your pace. About 60% shade. Need permit to park close by. We parked by the basketball court along the fence. The water fall was fairly slow and water too muddy to swim. We had a great time.

Beautiful hike!

This isn’t a easy hike, took us about 3 hrs in and out, you walk thru bush, and cross 11 creeks of slippery rocks. This was definitely a challenge, it was so worth it! Waterfall was flowing and great pond for swimming. Definitely recommended.

Beware of the road walking to trailhead - a pitbull ran out of one of the house and bit two other hikers walking by. Luckily she was able to put her foot up to block him. Just a heads up! Trail was good - definitely a little rough in some areas as you got closer to the falls where it really narrows.

About 2 hours up and 1 hour down. Definitely worth doing once or twice. Great views and a refreshing swim once you reach the waterfall.

11 months ago

I love the summit hike! Beautiful view of Laie, Haleiwa, and Mililani side. Passed 3 hikers the entire time. Go on a dry day because it is muddy without rain! Skip the falls though because there won't be much to see when its dry.

We left at 8 am and parked at the church-owned park at the base. We hiked fairly quickly and it took us about an hour and 20 mins to reach the waterfall. Beautiful views and varied terrain along the way. The only big negative was the massive amounts of flies the last quarter mile of the trail. Perhaps we hit fruit season (Sept 6?), but all the little fruit that had fallen on the trail was fermenting and attracting swarms of fruit flies. Hold your breath and go quick through that part! Waterfall was refreshing and lovely! Overall, it took us a little over 2 1/2 hrs, but we also jogged out the last bit.

Fun tough terrain, took me 1:45 there and back

mountain biking
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hiked up for about an hour, hour and a half with my mountain bike. Took about 15mins to get back down. Really fun and fast trail. Take caution to hikers going up.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Didn't get too do it today because it requires a permit I was un aware I needed...


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