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We did this trail starting at Mike marker 38. it's called Acid War Zone to the Blowhole. It has some rock scrambles, but we enjoyed it. Much less crowded than from the other side (mm 38.5 or 39?)

This was a bit of a climb down. I would wear hiking shoes or something stable. I saw plenty of people in sandals, though. The scenery at the bottom is beautiful and well worth the little trek!

Great views.

No view but a good hiking

Enjoyed this hike. We will do this one again.

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16 days ago

Not closed, just overgrown. With that said, it’s definitely not a “comfortable” hike. You’ll have to walk through rough shrubs but there are established dirt paths you can walk on. The trail head is easy to find—to the right of the Respect Da ‘Aina sign. We didn’t walk the whole trail since we were only there to swim in tide pools. Walked for about 1000 feet or so (right when the sound of crashing waves becomes apparent) then took a left into a shrub jungle. There are multiple paths to go in but all involve prickly plants so just be careful. The tide pools were great! Super fun to swim in. The waves can get crazy so be careful of those as well. We saw a couple of groups while we were there, some with kids. It’s a great secluded area to enjoy the view. We also got to hang out with a couple of sea turtles!

Walk to the beach. Nice beach.

Highly trafficked. Some rocky navigation involved. Beautiful views. Highly recommend.

17 days ago

Beach walk. Cliff jumping optional!!

Nice walking routes through an old golf course. Not exactly “hiking” and not a lot to see.

For being less than a mile, this trail is harder than I thought it would be! The way down is more difficult because you have to scramble down rocks almost the entire way down. Good shoes are a must! Great views all around and the blowhole is fun to watch. Don’t miss the heart-shaped rock that is to the right of the blowhole.

1 month ago

Get here early. Catch the lady that sells warm banana bread. Wear hiking shoes. Check tides if you really want to see the blow hole explode. Watch out for sharp rock. Please dont leave trash around! Respect the land!

Breathtaking views, a heart shaped rock and an amazing workout! it’s very rocky and steep so be sure to wear sneakers! But it is a must go to!!

Fun, sweaty, trail with lots of nature. Good weather. A couple of steep hills but beautiful none the less. The ducks are cute, they enjoy there bread.

2 months ago

Not really a “hike” but definitely an easy climb down to the bottom to get way better views. Don’t just stop at the top, the journey down and back up is not bad! I saw a woman in flip flops doing it... slowly, but still! The blow hole is pretty cool to see, as well as the waves crashing off to the side. There are huge boulders that probably are not recommended to climb on, but we did! And the views were awesome! Very beautiful down there with the sound of the crashing waves and looking at all the volcanic rock. Even the drive to and back was so beautiful!

This trail is marked as Moderate . While it is completely paved it is uphill for 1/2 the loop, whether going clockwise or counter clockwise. And can be a challenge in the heat of the day. But worth the trek

2 months ago

Walked this trail at 6:30 a.m. with a large group of folks with varying ages all the way to Black Rock and back to the Ka’anapali Beach Club. Running or walking shoes are recommended. Mostly exposed to the sun but for a few stretches of shade from trees, so definitely wear a hat and other protective wear if you’re sensitive to the sun. Enjoy views of the resorts along the trail, ocean, beach, and take in all that fresh island air.

Must go spot! The views from the trail are amazing. The path down to the blowhole is very rocky and you definitely need good shoes. The views from the bottom are even more spectacular. When we went, the blowhole was not that impressive, but it is dependent on the tides.

The hole was cool to see. It’s Not really a hike, my wife crossed the rocks in her flip flops without much trouble. It’s worthwhile to take the short walk to see the hole close up, but don’t get too close, you may end up swimming with the dolphins!!!

Well worth the trip. Very rocky. Make sure you have good footwear.

Great little adventure. Really not a hike as a climb down and then back up. You can still enjoy views from the top if you are unable to climb down. I’d suggest good shoes as it is rocky and the dirt can be slippery. Despite the warnings and crosses people were still standing right there next to the hole. Anyways beautiful pictures. Could feel the mist from the ocean. Very very windy. We were all “salty” after we left.

I wouldn’t classify this trail as a ‘hike’ but it is an amazing “must do” if you are in the area. Don’t just park and view from the top - venture down to the blowhole and you feel like you’re on another planet. It’s an easy walk down but maybe not in Flip flops as it’s very rocky and some of the lava rocks are sharp ... Don’t get too close to the blow hole and stay off of the wet rocks. The walk back up is quick and fairly easy! Don’t miss the experience by staying in the parking lot! My daughter recently re-located to Maui for a job and this was a wonderful little adventure we did before her work day began. Extra tip: go early and beat the crowds which makes for better photos!

Steep and rocky in most areas, very rewarding once you reach the blowhole.

Quick and easy trail down for you rock climbers out there. Love me some of that eye to foot coordination. The hike up is a climb but well worth the views, unique rocks and blow hole of course! Second time visiting Maui and this blow hole ❤️

3 months ago

Nice area. Make sure to go on high tide as it won’t “blow” at low tide. Bring lots of water it can get hot and hiking shoes or at least tennis shoes. You can go just to the overlook which is not difficult. But if you climb down be sure to have the right footwear. There are other coves beyond that are really nice as well. Be respectful and do not get near the blowhole. Keep your eye on the sea as I have heard some have been washed away or fallen into the hole.

All paved trail around an old golf course. Very good incline to the midway point. A few good view points from higher areas of the ocean

3 months ago

Short and fairly easy trail down to the Nakalele blowhole. There are a few steep areas that may cause you to slip if you are in flip flops so be careful. Bring some water and a change of clothes if you wanna get wet from the blow hole. Be careful and don't fall in!

Nice walk. I wouldn’t say it’s moderate but it’s probably rated that way because of the short uphill to get back to the parking lot. The blowhole is small but nice. Beautiful Hawaii views.

Not really a hike, just a more difficult walk/ billy goating to the blow hole. Great views, unique terrain - the rocks are unusual and fun to look at, blow hole ok.

3 months ago

Great hike! Very rocky and steep going up and down. Be prepared for a foot and eye coordinated hike. Views are worth it when inconsiderate people aren't pushing past you for a better view. :)

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